Tory MP sparks furious backlash by blaming ‘chaotic parents’ for sending children to school hungry

Tory MP sparks furious backlash by blaming ‘chaotic parents’ for sending children to school hungry

10/29/2020 3:42:00 PM

Tory MP sparks furious backlash by blaming ‘chaotic parents’ for sending children to school hungry

A Tory MP sparked backlash by blaming 'chaotic parents' for sending their children to school hungry. John Penrose, husband of Test and Trace chief Dido Harding, sought to defend himself for voting

In a lengthy letter to a constituent, he wrote:My personal view is that we need to focus much more on tackling the root causes of poverty, rather than the symptoms. If we focus too much on income inequality, it is at best a poor proxy for disadvantage and lack of opportunity, and is particularly dangerous because it leads swiftly to the idea (beloved of the left) that the answer is simply to hand out more benefits and tax credits to level out incomes. But that doesn't necessarily improve life chances - in fact it can increase dependency - and is more of a 'sticking plaster' solution which treats the symptoms of the problem rather than its causes.

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The Weston-super-Mare MP went on to write:Practical measures which made a genuine difference to the causes of poverty include things like the Pupil Premium, which gives schools extra funding for disadvantaged pupils; breakfast clubs, which help children with chaotic parents who send them to school without breakfast so they can't concentrate properly; and steadily-improving teaching [...].

The letter was called"despicable".Penrose was criticised for being"remote and arrogant".Some of his constituents even protested his vote against extending free school meals– although this appears to have been before he sent the letter.

According toThe Mirror, Penrose responded to the backlash by saying:I’m afraid this says more about the silly anti-Tory prejudices of a couple of local Labour activists than about what’s really in my letter, which is clearly about how breakfast clubs can be a valuable way of dealing with one of the causes of poverty, not about everybody else who uses breakfast clubs too.

Indy100has contacted the MP for further comment. Read more: The Independent »

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Disgraceful, inhumane, totally uncomprehending of the huge damage toryism, neoliberalism, austerity have done go the social and economic fabric of our country. Mr Dildo Harding. Says it all really. Disgusting, but expected! Why are people still supporting these clowns?! I think Mr. Penrose will find breakfast clubs are also utilised by 'chaotic parents' who start work early; eg, some of those keyworkers in public facing roles during the UK's lockdown. He is also welcome to ask a Midwife, Doctor, Nurse or Dentist about the chaos of malnutrition.

Why not give up your £25 per day food allowance you greedy thieves Typical Tory, can't see beyond his middle class bubble. He is correct, in most cases These people don't give a shit about you yet the fuckheads in this country vote for them anyway. Best country 👍 ToryScum I suggest they look at their PM who has now many children with how many woman! Or are we saying wealthy chaos is ok?

That face needs a good slap 😂😂😂 He either comes from a non-hard working family or clearly lives on a different planet! 1st, more than 50% of families in the UK depends on both parents salaries to afford a living. 2nd, it is by law the school duty through government to insure children wellbeing including food!

And he's right. The Left approves of Children having Children.

John Penrose: Tory MP and husband of beleaguered Test and Trace boss blames 'chaotic parents' in free schools meals rowA Labour minister says John Penrose should look at the Test and Trace system if he wants to see 'what chaotic really is'. Typical out of touch Tory! Everything is everyone else’s fault! Coming from a guy who has probably never had the indignity of going hungry or had to decide whether to eat or feed his kids or needed to chose between making breakfast or getting to work on time or not get paid! What a fucking shambles Every MP who voted against FreeSchoolMeal should have to demonstrate how they would survive and feed their families when living on minimum wage or benefits, for a minimum of a week to see how they cope with the budgeting challenges.

Tory civil war EXPLODES - Boris Johnson confronted by northern MPs over COVID shutdownCIVIL WAR within the Conservative Party is 'inevitable' as divides over Boris Johnson's handling of the coronavirus pandemic deepen according to a senior Tory. The northern Conservative MPs are wrong. Britain quarantined travellers from countries with 20 infections per 100,000. The norther cities have 500 plus infections per 100,000. Do the northern Conservative MPs want their constituents dead? The pennies dropped they have finally seen the total farce it is. Are they supporting their constituents or is it they realise they won't be re elected next time. There is more to this, than Covid . These MP’s , many of them in seats that have always been Labour , realise that if the government choose their southern strongholds over these northern areas when it comes to repairing the economy, their jobs as MP’s will soon be over .

Rebel Tory 'power base' aims to tackle UK north-south divideJohnson faces backbench bloc of Northern Research Group demanding investment ‘to level up north’, transPennine railway and local tax powers What Tory nonsense. These people are interested in their own future and care nothing about feeding children or levelling up. Just find out about their background, what they say and how they vote. ToryScumbags squirrel. Narrator: they failed miserably. Haven't we had enough of 'research groups' ?

Parliament could get legal powers to summon witnesses, MP saysCommittee chair Chris Bryant says plans being drawn up after several high-profile battles Our parliament doesn't even have a useful instrument for getting ministers to appear before the house. Nor to deal with ministers blatent lies to the house.🤷‍♂️ They should get legal powers to arrest anyone that disagrees with the handling of COVID. It is time for the COVID deniers to be silenced forever Oh cool I didn't know that they had wizards in parliament.

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