Tory MP Andrew Bridgen called ‘village idiot’ by protester on Newsnight

1/18/2022 2:18:00 PM

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen called ‘village idiot’ by protester on Newsnight

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen called ‘village idiot’ by protester on Newsnight

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen was heckled on live TV by a protester who called him a “village idiot.”

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Tory MP brutally heckled during Newsnight interview by ‘village idiot’ protester'The village idiot is in front of the camera!' Tory MP Andrew Bridgen has been roasted by protesters during a live interview on Newsnight. It was that bloke that loves the EU, still taking money from Remainers ? A professional protester ? 🤔🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺

Prince Andrew 'cried' as he discovered Queen had stripped him of titlesPrince Andrew was reportedly left devastated after learning his mother The Queen decided to remove his honorary military titles, despite 'expecting it' to happen Oh dear He should be crying for what he’s done to those poor girls 🤬🤮 As I'm sure his victim's have many times, the universe will never forget to give you what you deserve

Andrew would 'shout and scream if maids messed up teddy collection' cop claimsPrince Andrew used to 'shout and scream' and throw a tantrum if maids messed up his collection of 50-60 teddy bears and toys that were piled high on his bed in his private quarters, a royal cop with access to the apartment claims And yet the media insists on highlighting his sexual assault charges. Andrew should claim he was not mentally stable when he met that woman and he didn't knew she was minor that's it. And? Try reporting some real news for a change

Grenadier Guards warned not to lobby for their favourite royal to replace Prince Andrew🔴 NEW: The Grenadier Guards have been urged not to lobby for a specific member of the Royal family to replace the Duke of York, it has emerged

Karren Brady wades into Queen's 'excruciating' dilemma after 'cutting Prince Andrew' looseKARREN BRADY has defended the Queen's decision to 'cut Prince Andrew loose'. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her Diana_Massangi Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success

Prince Andrew accused of ‘victim blaming’ over tactics in sex assault trialExperts have called the move one of ‘the lowest forms of tactics that can be used’ В. ГАЙФУЛЛИН, МУРАШКО: ТЕПЕРЬ ГИНЗБУРГУ ВООБЩЕ ДЕЛАТЬ ПРИВИВКУ НЕ НАДО У НЕГО 'ТИТРЫ' ПОЯВИЛИСЬ ПРЯМО С ЖЕНОЙ ‼️👌😂 Would a polygraph test help in Andrew's case or has a mock one already been taken with results that are not favourable? I am sure if a polygraph test was of benefit to Andrew he would jump at the chance to let the world know!

The North West Leicestershire MP was appearing on a BBC Newsnight interview with host Faisal Islam where he was discussing his letter of no confidence in Boris Johnson when anti-Brexit campaigner Steve Bray interrupted.A Newsnight interview went awkwardly haywire when a protester savagely heckled a Conservative MP during a live segment.Prince Andrew was said to be “tearful” when The Queen made the decision to remove his honorary military titles and feels “he has let so many people down”.Prince Andrew would fly into a tantrum and "shout and scream" if his teddy bear collection was knocked out of place by royal servants, a former royal cop claims.

Noticing the heckling in the background, Mr Islam remarked: “Looks like you’ve got a distraction,” to which Mr Bridgen replied: “I’ve got a village idiot here.” Steve Bray then heckled: “The village idiot is in front of the camera”. At one point, the Tory MP stated: ‘They’re questions that Sue Gray needs to ask Mr [Dominic] Cummings,’ but he struggled to get the sentence out as a nearby protester began shouting anti Tory Government sentiments. Sign up to our free newsletters by . Prince Andrew has been accused of sexual abuse by Virginia Giuffre, which he has denied, in the civil lawsuit.