Tories vow to scrap licence fee in five years as £2bn cuts imposed on BBC

Tories vow to scrap licence fee in five years as £2bn cuts imposed on BBC

1/16/2022 4:31:00 PM

Tories vow to scrap licence fee in five years as £2bn cuts imposed on BBC

Next charter renewal would move Corporation to subscription or share model

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Bye BBC you won't be missed Underfund. Point to low quality. Appoint private sector to rescue the situation. Standard Tory practice. Incidentally, who says they will have 5 years? NadineDorries BorisJohnson The people will vow to scrap the Tories in less time I hope BBC news ups it's game now and becomes impartial

ConHome Conservatives BorisJohnson 10DowningStreet cabinetofficeuk BorisJohnsonResign BorisMustGo BorisJohnsonMustGo ToryLiars torylies DominicRaab michaelgove pritipatel OliverDowden RishiSunak Jacob_Rees_Mogg trussliz NadineDorries SaveOurBBC Let's hope the Tories are gone sooner.

Yeh you have destroyed everything else that we used to be proud of so why not It’s time to get them out then, General Election time wow party gate comes and now it scrap the fee all be find we love you last week close the BBC down think this is call ass kissing If you sup with the devil you get consumed by the devil.

After corrupting the Management and News structures of the BBC in their own image, the Fascist Conservative party softens the BBC up to be their full time propaganda Channel.

Funeral worker's tears of regret at enforcing Covid rules while Tories partiedA funeral worker at the West London Crematorium says he now wishes he allowed devastated family members to pack out services in the wake of the government's latest partying scandal

So government dont like what they're saying about them... as the BBC is paid for by the people maybe it's about time they start putting the government's feet to the fire. They're reminiscent of Islamic State in Palmyra Agree Chumland I don’t mind paying but the shows and repeats are rubbish time the bbc closed down for good

More Neo-Liberal Capitalism. I look forward to reading about in in the next Conservative manifesto (which of course means it’s unlikely to happen). Channel 4 is next on the hit list I guess. ToryCorruption The BBC keep pointing out how shit we are. Abolish it!

‘Riding its hobby horse!’ Fury as BBC accused of breaching impartiality over partygateTORY MPs are up in arms against the BBC after Britain's national broadcaster reportedly broke its impartiality while covering Boris Johnson's partygate scandal. The BBC has not been impartial for years. Anyone still paying a licence to watch that crap is a mug! All eyes on NadineDorries to end this madness. The BBC is guilty of covering up Tory crimes against Britain. It has helped with 180k austerity deaths, Helped to starve kids and put millions into poverty. It has allowed the incompetence that has led to the worst covid death relate in Europe. It hasn’t been impartial for decade Fury as Daily Express are constantly biased and face no repercussions.

Five-year-old British girl is killed in ski crash horror in the AlpsThe five-year-old girl from the UK had been taking part in a lesson on a ski slope in the French Alps when a skier careered into her at high speed yesterday morning. Rest in peace … little princess.

BBC to show Murray's ATP final in SydneyThe BBC will show Andy Murray's first ATP final in three years on Saturday as he faces Aslan Karatsev.

‘Dumbing down’ row as GCSE language students to learn fewer words than five-year-oldsThe Department for Education has become embroiled in a “dumbing down” row after asking GCSE foreign language students to learn fewer words than the average five-year-old

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