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Top scientists accuse Boris Johnson of ‘behaving like a clown’ over research funding

Top scientists accuse Boris Johnson of ‘behaving like a clown’ over research funding


Top scientists accuse Boris Johnson of ‘behaving like a clown’ over research funding

The prime minister’s Brexit policy is sacrificing the UK’s science reputation – and billions of pounds in EU grants

Sir Paul Nurse, the Nobel prize-winning geneticist and director of the London-based Crick Institute, the biggest biomedical research facility in Europe, says: “Colleagues abroad think the UK has lost its senses. The prime minister behaves like a clown and the world has noted that. Our reputation has plummeted.”

Smits, the commission’s research chief between 2010-2018, says that although it would be legally possible for the UK to join the Horizon Europe programme even after no deal, it would require tough negotiation and could only happen if there was residual goodwill on both sides.

He is similarly pessimistic about the short term. “The government has said it will honour any existing commitments under Horizon 2020, but as they have been promising money everywhere I think we have to take that with a pinch of salt. I think they are flying by the seat of their pants.”

“Science is a highly international, outward-looking activity. Brexit is driven by the opposite. This is not the way to attract the best brains in the world. We will lose people but it will also become much harder to recruit,” he says.

Gero Miesenböck, an Austrian who is Waynflete professor of physiology at Oxford University, also says many scientists are voting with their feet. “Basic research is the foundation of everything. And the UK is extremely good at it, which is why I am here. But I worry that no one is paying attention to the damage about to be done,” he says.

Sir Alan Fersht, a pioneer of protein engineering and one of the most lauded chemists at Cambridge, says: “The EU has been the best thing for British science for decades. The European research council has provided support that didn’t exist, like starter grants for young scientists and advanced grants for senior scientists to do novel work. It has been transformative.”

“We are really quite frustrated that we are still waiting for details of how the underwrite will work. The Cabinet Office needs to get on with it,” Stern says.

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Was Sir Peter Ratcliffe, of the University of Oxford, Nobel prize yesterday with two American scientists funded by the EU? Yes but doesn't he get those special 'I'm a world leader' powers now? LiarJohnson StopBrexit StopTheCoup He's behaving like a clown full stop. That’s not exactly a fair comment given that Boris is doing the best he can, he simply isn’t up to the job

Are these the same scientists who told a teenage girl that the world will end in 12 years time? Why waste money on science funding when we are all going to die? What getting out of a car that falls to bits, big floppy shoes ,big hands , red nose Why would a nihilist be interested in funding scientific research?

This just seems SO out of character? 'behave like a clown'? what a scientific analysis Wait - he isn't a real clown? he has no other ways to behave.....

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