‘Too much too soon!’ Dr Hilary blasts Boris's ‘horrifying’ bid to end Plan B restrictions

‘Too much too soon!’ Dr Hilary blasts Boris's ‘horrifying’ bid to end Plan B restrictions #GMB

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1/20/2022 10:46:00 AM

‘Too much too soon!’ Dr Hilary blasts Boris's ‘horrifying’ bid to end Plan B restrictions GMB

DR HILARY JONES fumed on Thursday's Good Morning Britain as he discussed Boris Johnson 's decision to lift Plan B Covid restrictions.

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But he also blasted a consultant who quoted some recent government released data... I think that Hilary should publicly apologize and admit that he didn't/doesn't/couldn't understand the data Dr Shillary at it again 🙄🙄🙄 Well he's plain wrong He's on the big pharma payroll as of March 2020, what else do you expect from him 🙄

The guys Britain's biggest tosser. Would he let a young lad suck him off with covid. You bet Speak to ofcom. This guy is worse than Boris. He wouldn't be so keen if it affected HIS Salary DR DEATH

Rebel Tories launch plan to oust Boris as ministers turn on him over 'partygate'Rebel Tories are said to have launched an operation - called Operation Rinka - to oust Boris Johnson after it was reported he plans to sack officials in order to save himself. not nice Good luck 🤞. Oust him before he turns this country into total ruin and laughing stock

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Covid: Boris Johnson expected to ease England's Plan B measuresThe decision on Plan B is 'finely balanced' but current data is 'encouraging', the government says. Is this the plan for the public, or the one for Downing Street? Time to realise covid is not as dangerous as they making as believe

Boris Has Scrapped Plan B But Scientists Think It's An Awful IdeaSoon you won't need to wear a face mask, work from home, or show a Covid pass. Thoughts? Yes. No Probably but anything to take the heat off Johnson....

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