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Tommy Robinson, Contempt Of Court

Tommy Robinson given nine-month jail term for contempt of court

Tommy Robinson given nine-month jail term for contempt of court


Tommy Robinson given nine-month jail term for contempt of court

Robinson, 36, was found guilty of breaching reporting ban by livestreaming footage of defendants in ongoing trial

After deduction for time served, the sentence will amount to 19 weeks of which he will only serve half before being released.

Aiden Eardley, barrister for the attorney general, who had made the application for Robinson to be jailed, began by outlining the sentencing options, adding that complicating factors included time already served, which amounted to 68 days in custody.

He said: “Notwithstanding the seriousness of what has been found to be proven against him, in terms of actual harm to the trial of the criminal defendants in Leeds there is no suggestion that the criminal defendants in Leeds did not have a fair trial, notwithstanding his conduct outside the court.”

After he had finished his submission, Furlong was asked to make a number of other points, including that he was likely to be held in solitary confinement for his own safety.

Robinson meanwhile issued an appeal using Telegram for supporters to protest outside prison on Saturday.

Robinson was found to have committed contempt by breaching a reporting restriction, risked impeding the course of justice and interfered with the administration of justice by “aggressively, and openly filming” the arrival of defendants at court.

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Most of this is so petty The day gang rapists are having a good laugh with compliments from the failed British justice system. To think this arrogant thug has supporters beggars belief. Help me, Mr Trump - you’re my only hope. His name i Stephen Yaxley-Lennon! Laters tommy Excellent!!! Hahahahhahahbabababbabababbhhahhaha

nooouch Go down to your archive section and read some old copies of your paper. Thats what you used to be. What you are now is a disgrace. Maybe someone might lose the key that is used to lock him up. Racist b-st-rd. Lots of compassion on here I see

Tommy Robinson faces jail at sentencing for contempt of court - follow live updatesLive updates from Old Bailey hearing Tommy Robinson and his entire family should be given asylum in the USA by realDonaldTrump He is being imprisoned for speaking the truth. He is a political prisoner. The racist Nazi's calling the police Nazi's, pot and kettle. 😆 Tommy Robinson arrives late to court for his sentencing. 'It's not a very good start,' says Dame Victoria Sharp. Follow live updates here

giftedrascal Thoughts and prayers. 😂 Strangely, ALL the 'media' stood by, like cowards, while he was railroaded in an attempt to silence his reporting. Who will stand up when the same thing eventually happens to you? Government jailing journalists for reporting the is already too late for the UK.

And you get 6 years for murder? I’m sure his fellow prisoners will help him come to terms with his sentence and explain why many disagree with his extreme views. I’m sure it will be a very helpful experience for him. Live footage of Stephen integrating into prison life The media should only refer to him by his real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, not by his stage name

...and nothing of value was lost. Speak about yr experience when released. Trump rejected yr asylum request ya.

Tommy Robinson JAILED for contempt of court over grooming trial videoTOMMY Robinson has today been jailed for nine months after being found guilty of contempt for live-streaming a video outside a child grooming trial. Supporters booed as the sentence was handed down… That'll give the sh**y little c**t something to cry about 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 It’s 9 weeks get ya facts straight Hahahahahaha good!! Deserves longer tbh

Did the child rapist he was exposing get off with raping children ? Not enough time. How sad Please use his real name...the name he's ashamed of because it doesn't make him sound like a 'man of the people' Getting ready for holiday, don't forget factor 50, vaseline & condoms, enjoy Mr. Tommy. Let's see if you survive while planning USA travels.

Our court system no longer serves as it should, scary times.. The media and courts work hand in hand.. Reading the comments on this article by the people who read this complete trash of a news outlet. Leaves me so sad that I have to breath the same air as your disgusting human beings. Bad publication worse people.

Hope he drops the soap and becomes Big Frank's bitch. had me at cont.

Tommy Robinson declares being jailed would be a ‘win’ for his cause as he appeals for donations‘My support will be stronger than ever ... either way I win,’ activist said before sentencing Well lock the scumbag up for life and let him win for a long time He was crying a couple of days ago You on the left use that tactic all the time. Boo hoo.

It’s a disgrace. Thomas is the last bastion of free speech in this seemingly growing police state. Who is going to stop the rapists now? You? Exactly. FreeTommy QAnon pizzagate CORRUPTION FreeSpeech He must be so relieved. He though he was going to be sentenced to death! I feel sorry for him. I mean, there are loads of total arseholes like Trump and Johnson etc who get to say and do horrendous things and they don't get any punishment. Poor Stevie.

His look of Jesus before Pilate. Out in 4 months with a bigger following I expect. Me: Looks on Twitter, joins in celebration. Sky said he is jailed for 7 months. Which is which? How's his asylum claim going? Maybe he can have Assange's shit covered room for a few years. Judgment on the commit application is at

Hands up those who support secrecy for Muslim child rapists. More trials coming up.

Tommy Robinson encouraged vigilante action, judges sayFull high court ruling explains reasons for finding former EDL leader guilty of contempt nahh the judges do that themselves with the lenient sentences they deliver. Spot on Any chance he”ll take up the cause of grooming little girls by Epstein & his fans Trump & prince (chortle) Andrew

What goes around Well well well Lucky that prisons are nothing more than holiday camps, he'll be living in the lap of luxury and will be out on pretence of good behaviour in a few weeks. That's how it is, isn't it? The judges involved should be fired. No doubts. It's clear we need to DrainTheUkSwamp. You only have to look to the USA to see what has happened here; people brought up on made up charges, losing careers, jobs, families, friends, all for non crimes. Its corruption to the core!

Why we don’t believe in laws Let’s hope he learns his lesson. Fucking idiot In years to come he will be remembered as the personification of the horrible state of affairs that british politics is in. The stinking irony of this skidmark-in-the-pants-of-the-UK pleading to the orange pig POTUS for political asylum was lost on his followers

No he hasn't. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has

Tommy Robinson is begging Trump for refugee status and everyone is making the same point Tommy Robinson has launched a public appeal for Donald Trump to grant him asylum in the United States as he faces being jailed in the United Kingdom and, of course, everyone is making exactly the 'A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.' United Nations Stop the lights! The absolute state of him...

Guantanamo might be a good place for him... Hahahahahahahahhahahahaha. Aaaaaaaahhahahahahahaha. Can you use his actual name! justice4aretommy outrage brexitnow No, he got ten weeks. 🍸🍾🎉😄👇 Oh the humanity Hahahaha, the tit

Tommy Robinson admits being jailed would be a ‘win’ for his cause as he appeals for donations'My support will be stronger than ever ... either way I win,' activist said before sentencing 🙄🙄🙄 Gaol is an ideal place to write a book. May I suggest a title : Mein Kampf. Anyone who gives to this thug is a fool! There are numerous people in dire need who would be greatful for help - a penny to Tommy is a kick in the teeth for the starving, the sick, the homeless!

World's_smallest violin.gif He was expecting death sentence lol It is a sad day for the UK. Expose the Pakistani grooming gangs and you get locked away. Couldn't he be jailed for life for being a contemptible human I feel sorry for the poor blokes he'll be banged up with. Prisons are already overcrowded without having to accommodate his outsized ego.

Only nine months - pah - soft justice system, they should have thrown away the key :) That’s not his name, but I am glad he has been sent down I will no longer sit back and allow this establishment attack on an innocent man! My RAGE is through the roof!

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