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Tommy Robinson, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon

Tommy Robinson declares being jailed would be a ‘win’ for his cause as he appeals for donations

Tommy Robinson admits being jailed would be a ‘win’ for his cause


Tommy Robinson admits being jailed would be a ‘win’ for his cause

‘My support will be stronger than ever ... either way I win,’ activist said before sentencing

Crowds gather to support Tommy Robinson at the Old Bailey

– organised by US think tank the Middle East Forum last year - donations poured into numerous crowdfunding accounts claiming to be raising money on his behalf.

Ms Ebner said Robinson’s supporters have also capitalised on the case, with his former employer Ezra Levant – of Canada’s Rebel Media website – repeatedly launching crowdfunding campaigns to send “reporters” to court.

“They find common ground on their support of Robinson and what they think is freedom of speech. Then they can use it as a rallying point and a springboard to reach new audiences.”

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How much he converts to Islam 🤣😂 There is now an army of Tommy Robinsons a million strong. FreeTommy So much of a win, he was begging a foreign power to grant him asylum a few days ago.... Big Kens favourite cell mate as I type........ sleep tight PRAT! His name is NOT tommy r. Stop it! And it won’t be milkshake .....!

And with all the donations it's a win for his bank account!!!.....wake up yer mugs!!....he has become a extremely rich man thanks to your donations!!....he is a com artist!! yer money...or better still donate to our fallen soldiers!!..not this con man!!👎😡 Rock on tommy.🥊🇬🇧 From America 🇺🇸, fight the good fight, we are with you. 🗽🦅

Tommy Robinson encouraged vigilante action, judges sayFull high court ruling explains reasons for finding former EDL leader guilty of contempt nahh the judges do that themselves with the lenient sentences they deliver. Spot on Any chance he”ll take up the cause of grooming little girls by Epstein & his fans Trump & prince (chortle) Andrew

Hahahahaha Lock you for ever and throw the key into the sea. We need to stop publicising this no-one. it be a holiday camp for him. he would be worshipped in prison. Everyone is happy then. 50yearwinplease 'I'm not mad. I'm laughing actually' What’s his cause? Still a mud on what he is after other than trumpeting white supremacy in disguise

Does he also admit that he is a massive bell end, which is ironic really……… Well, I hope he wins for a long time then. I hope he keeps on winning and winning. Well if he likes it that much just leave him there, he is just a waste of oxygen.

Tommy Robinson is begging Trump for refugee status and everyone is making the same point Tommy Robinson has launched a public appeal for Donald Trump to grant him asylum in the United States as he faces being jailed in the United Kingdom and, of course, everyone is making exactly the 'A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war or violence. A refugee has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.' United Nations Stop the lights! The absolute state of him...

Silly boy A true politician.. Can even swing this into his favour. So, doing nothing regarding a contempt of court, an action that almost underminded a court case and allowed evil abusers of young girls to go free, would not be helping his cause. Methinks, he's wriggling....if you commit the crime... If it was a win for his cause, why did he try to get Trump to grant him asylum?

A win. Yes. That is why he is begging the Americans to grant him asylum. Subscribing to the Trump way of thinking I see 🙄😂 Great so the longer the sentence, the bigger the ‘win’. Good give him 10 yrs then. Don't pick the soap up in the shower TommyRobinsonBackToJail , although what happens in jail usually stays in jail.

Let's hope little Tommeh Gammon keeps on winning! Probably why he appealed to realDonaldTrump for asylum then...

Love Island’s Lucie Donlan teases potential romance with Tommy FuryLucie Donlan attempted to win Tommy Fury’s affections on Love Island.

Let’s add a further 10 years to make the win more sweet The fool would name himself a martyr. 🥺 No life without problems, no problem without solution. You had a problem: (Financial, Love, Protection, Happiness, Glory, Healing, Urgent Emotional Return, Magic Money Multiplier Portfolio per day without risk and inconvenience. whatsapp: +33756868845 Thank you

Yer right... Wasn't it Stephen Yaxley-Lennon who was prosecuted, or does the British legal system allow offenders to appear under an alias these days? Money's no good once you've been murdered? What a sad man Please mr president boo hoo I love America Wah Wah boo hoo bigbaby If that's the case would a life sentence be a big win? Here's hoping the awful, thuggish fraudster is locked up for as long as possible

Just like being in an overdraft would be a ‘win’ for my bank account...

Tommy Robinson admits being jailed would be a ‘win’ for his cause as he appeals for donations'My support will be stronger than ever ... either way I win,' activist said before sentencing 🙄🙄🙄 Gaol is an ideal place to write a book. May I suggest a title : Mein Kampf. Anyone who gives to this thug is a fool! There are numerous people in dire need who would be greatful for help - a penny to Tommy is a kick in the teeth for the starving, the sick, the homeless!

He's realised that his asylum plea was going nowhere, now he's trying a double bluff, in the hope that a judge won't turn him into a martyr... Is he looking to get asylum in Epirus? In that case I'm sure he'd be happy to stay in jail for a longer sentence. Is that why he was shitting his pants and begging for the very asylum he’d deny others who hadn’t broken the law and tried to undermine prosecution because they’re pathetic racists?

What exactly does he need millions of pounds in donations for. If all his cultists are so worried about children being groomed and raped there are well established charities to support victims. Put him in a cell with a couple of Muslim body builders, Who’s the daddy 😆😆 So, he doesn't need that asylum after-all? His dumb supporters will make him richer. Go ahead, send him your money.

That’s some coping mechanism Strange. He was wetting his pants about our prisons being run by “jihadis” the other day. He was calling it a death sentence and begging Trump for asylum only a few days ago 😂

Ofcom dismisses hundreds of complaints about controversial Love Island episodeLove Island: Ofcom dismisses complaints Maura Higgins 'sexually harassed' Tommy Fury

Sounds like Trumps knocked him back Hopefully you can start reporting on the industrial scale rape so he doesnt have to in future.. He’s trying to convince the justice department this isn’t punishment but really he’s shitting his kecks Stephen Yaxley Lennon is the name on the criminal record and would be the name of the inmate.

Let’s make him a Perpetual Winner & lock him up forever! It will be great to jail some sense into tommyrobinson a hard sharp shock is all these types learn from. Don’t hurry back Tommy. Make the most of your free holiday Good luck Tommy, everyone except paedo sympathisers are praying for you. You on the left use that tactic all the time. Boo hoo.

He was crying a couple of days ago

Love Island's Lucie still thinks she will get together with Tommy and doesn't think Molly-Mae relationship will lastLOVE Island’s Lucie Donlan is refusing to give up on a romance with Tommy Fury after being dumped from the villa. The 21-year-old surfer caused controversy when she repeatedly told the 20-yea… Now that the man who Brexiteers said was going to save us has helpfully reminded us he has the best military in the world (a threat?) because our ambassador hurt his feelings, and economic disaster now guaranteed, how can anyone seriously give a s**t about Love Island? Lucie is fit! 😊

Well lock the scumbag up for life and let him win for a long time

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