Tommy Fury's ex-Millie issues stark warning to lookalike Molly-Mae

#LoveIsland’s Tommy is ‘controlling and aggressive’ and will ‘cheat on Molly-Mae’ says ex


LoveIsland’s Tommy is ‘controlling and aggressive’ and will ‘cheat on Molly-Mae’ says ex

LOVE Island favourite Tommy Fury has been accused of being “controlling and aggressive” by his ex-girlfriend, who says he made her life a living hell. Student Millie Roberts, 22, who was in a relat…

Student Millie Roberts, 22, who was in a relationship with Tommy, 20, for two years, says the boxer banned her from seeing her friends, stopped her from sitting next to male passengers on planes and sent her menacing messages.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Millie said: “He’s really controlling. Whenever I would go out and if I wasn’t home by midnight he would text me ‘We’re done,’ ‘It’s over, on my mum’s life’ ‘

“If another guy looked at me on a night out it would be a big kicking and screaming situation and if I stayed late at work he would accuse me of sleeping with someone.

Tommy's ex issues a stark warning to Molly-Mae Hague

“He said to me ‘You’re just a f***ing scruff from Salford, ‘don’t think you’re one of them’ ‘when you come back home you’ll come down to earth’ ‘you’re a nobody Millie’ – all because I was on this trip and getting attention.

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He’s playing a a game it’s so obvious I can imagine he’s a cheat and a liar he acts all smooth I’ve met men like him b4 he’s in on love island for his career to get ppl on his side for his next fight!!! He’s a cocky bastard like his brother LoveIsland They climb out of the woodwork, wonder how much she got paid for this

Sarah_EmilyP Well obviously... Just look at the dudes background Sarah_EmilyP Crazy how much money people sell their dignity for. Can’t believe the writer studied 4 years at uni for this. Someone obviously had a decent pay out for this bullshit

Love Island's Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae to spend night in HideawayLOVE Island’s Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague will tonight spend their first night together in the hideaway. The couple will finally get some alone time after making their relationship officia… well jel 😣 lucky Molly

My son died decades after the mad cow disease scandal – and others will too'I will not rest until those with responsibility take some accountability for what they’ve done to my family' Regrets

Tommy Robinson wore a T shirt saying ‘convicted of journalism’ to court and people were furiousTommy Robinson was today sentenced to nine months in jail for contempt of court at London’s Old Bailey. The EDL founder formerly known as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has 11 convictions, including a Fact Check: True. 🤡🤡🤡

Tommy Robinson's worst misdeeds from punching 'migrants' to targeting teenagerEDL founder and far right extremist Tommy Robinson has been jailed for nine months after being convicted of contempt of court 'punching migrants' ~ it was free range Montessori Boxing ~ nuffsaid TommyRobinson Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong. Jean-Jacques Rousseau “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” ― Isaac Asimov, Foundation

Tommy Robinson sent back to jail for contempt of courtTommy Robinson has been sent back to jail for contempt of court over an online broadcast featuring defendants in a criminal trial of course sky and the bbc do the same thing but dont get jailed for it He been on association now. Tommy Robinson was in contempt of court. The trial did not collapse. Discuss

Tommy Robinson fans flood parliament, hurl smoke bombs and bottles at policeAngry protesters tore down EU flags as they marched to Westminster, with some later seen burning the flags in front of the Houses of Parliament. Dock one days benefits for anyone arrested. I know KTHopkins there way hasn’t she reported on this group of thugs in London ... ah I know white Waaaaay. The dick heads are out in force today... Ooo-rah 😂

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