‘Together because it feels good’: French man who goes everywhere with a pigeon

‘Together because it feels good’: French man who goes everywhere with a pigeon

6/18/2021 9:08:00 AM

‘Together because it feels good’: French man who goes everywhere with a pigeon

Brittany resident Xavier Bouget, 80, has a constant companion in his rescue pigeon, Blanchon

Last modified on Fri 18 Jun 2021 06.58 BSTWhen 80-year-old Xavier Bouget goes for a ride on his bicycle, a majestic white pigeon rides on his hat. When he tinkers in his workshop, she pecks at the drill bits and nails. And when he waters his garden, she observes from his shoulder.

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Bouget, a retiree from the north-west French region of Brittany, befriended the bird, who he named Blanchon, when it was a chick and now it tags along with him everywhere, sitting on his shoulder or walking along beside him.Xavier Bouget poses with Blanchon in his garden in Gommenech, Brittany.

Photograph: Stéphane Mahé/Reuters“There’s a desire to be together, because it feels good,” said Bouget, who before retirement worked in the building supplies trade.The pair first met when Bouget was out near his home and saw a tiny, “almost featherless” pigeon fall to the ground as it tried to escape from a cat. He returned home thinking, “another living being that is going to have a bad day”.

Xavier Bouget rides his bicycle with a pigeon called “Blanchon”on his head.Photograph: Stéphane Mahé/ReutersBut when he mentioned what he saw to his wife, she asked him why he didn’t pick up the bird. So he went back.“I came home with Blanchon in my pocket,” he said.

Read moreHe is often asked by people how he managed to train the bird to be so tame, he said, but he replies that there is no trick, just mutual respect.Any human can build a relationship with an animal, he said, “once they respect the animal for what it is, that is a living creature that shares the Earth with us.”

“You just need to be patient, to understand how they live and adapt to their life, because they will adapt to yours.” Read more: The Guardian »

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Yep we're few in France but pigeons are awesome companions! Here my Cesar, I raised him. And Marius, our white girl who began her life in the streets of Paris. BEEnnis Closet pirates everywhere, just come out and be proud. Thought it was Biggins 🖤 love is love even when it doesn't make sense to others.

Another Onion headline, because Onion - Guardian = on guard or en garde! aha. If I had a pigeon on my shoulder, I’d go everywhere with it too I bet he's trained it to steal people's chips. Doesn't the bird fly? I hope he doesn't clip its wings. His wife is the hero. awe we all need some companionship hey... 🧡


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Why can’t the headline be: Pigeon who goes everywhere with a French man NuitsdeY

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