Thursday briefing: Trump walks away from Kurds with Normandy jibe

Thursday briefing: Trump walks away from Kurds with Normandy jibe


Thursday briefing: Trump walks away from Kurds with Normandy jibe

‘They didn’t help us in WWII,’ fighters who stopped Isis are told … England v France cancelled due to typhoon … and Johnson to meet Varadkar

Hagibis causes rugby havoc – Scotland’s World Cup remains in doubt with tournament organisers saying a short time ago that they must wait until Sunday morning to decide if their final and decisive pool match against Japan can go ahead. England and France will not play in Yokohama on Saturday evening, their match cancelled as large parts of Japan await the arrival of a powerful typhoon. Both teams have qualified for the quarter-finals with a game to spare. New Zealand and Italy also will not face each other. The matches will be treated as 0-0 draws and each team awarded two points. The stakes are high for the Scots, who would be eliminated if their match against Japan was to be cancelled, assuming that Ireland beat Samoa in Fukuoka on Saturday. Australia v Georgia and Ireland v Samoa are set to go ahead.

Real price of tea in your china – Poor pay and punitive working conditions are common on farms and plantations that supply fresh fruit or tea to UK supermarkets including Lidl, Aldi, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons, according to Oxfam. The charity says a “relentless” drive to maximise profits is fuelling poverty and gender discrimination in the supermarkets’ supply chains. Oxfam interviewed workers in India and Brazil and conducted a survey in five other countries. Workers on tea plantations in Assam said cholera and typhoid were rife because of poor access to toilets and safe drinking water. On fruit farms in north-east Brazil, women with children said they were forced to rely on relatives or government support to feed their families outside harvest season. Oxfam found that out of the 79p price of 100g of black Assam tea in the UK, supermarkets and tea brands receive 49p while workers get 3p.

Lunchtime read: Why Nixon defenders are silent on Trump Veterans of President Richard Nixon’s administration and members of his foundation – normally faithful Republican loyalists – have found little to say when approached by the Guardian about whether Donald Trump should face impeachment. The Trump presidency poses a number of awkward challenges to the Nixonian worldview, writes Andrew Gumbel: “For all his willingness to lean on the FBI and the IRS to do his political bidding domestically, Nixon never – at least as president – sought to extract political favours from overseas allies or client states.”

Joey Barton, manager of Fleetwood Town, will stand trial after pleading not guilty to a charge of assaulting Daniel Stendel, his Barnsley counterpart, when the teams met in League One last season. England manager Phil Neville says he can take journalists and fans questioning his methods and his team’s performances, but he does not seem able to handle the criticism, writes Suzanne Wrack. And the former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech has joined British ice hockey team Guildford Phoenix.

The Times and Metro say eating and drinking must be banned on public transport to tackle obesity, according to the outgoing chief medical officer: “Ban food on trains, says top doctor” is the headline in the former. The Telegraph says the EU will grant a Brexit extension only if a fresh referendum is held, while the i focuses on a Tory party rift over the hard line being taken on Brexit. “Tories risk being torn apart by no-deal manifesto” is the i headline. The Mail launches a vaccination campaign, calling for ministers to convince the public that vaccines such as MMR are safe. “Give them a chance ... give them their jab” is the headline.

Read more: The Guardian

So is it official, Trump is working for the Russians? Trump, the Draft Dodger, never served his own country & his treatment of Kurds is disgraceful. The Kurds have supported US, UK and western interests for more than a century. A common coward, who wouldn't serve US defence, is a coward for abandoning Kurds. He is now a war criminal

Does he still blame the Brits for burning Washington? Trump KurdsBetrayedByTrump Normandy ErdoganGenocideofKurds ErdoganRegime Erdogan Trump is unbelievably ignorant. He knows nothing of Middle East history. He is an embarrassment to the USA. Also, where were they at Waterloo? If Trump was an entree he'd be a toasted douche.

There might be a good reason the Kurds weren't at Normandy. They might have had bone spurs. He is a disgrace, nothing new though, he has been from day one. This man shows the moral bankruptcy of the US. The democrats do not have a credible leader so prepare for four more years of this crap. Trump: Worse than that, I spoke to King Kurd, and you know what- they gave me squat on the Bidens.. - Thursday briefing: Trump walks away from Kurds with Normandy jibe

realDonaldTrump can’t walk away from God’s judgment for this murder of six yr old boy today and the rest of the murders he caused by betraying g the Kurds and the atrocities that he continues to commit at our Southern border. TrumpBetrayedTheKurds TrumpGenocide

Donald Trump says Kurds ‘didn’t help us with Normandy’ – videoUS president Donald Trump defends his decision to withdraw support for Kurdish allies in Syria by saying they did not help the US during the second world war *Inside the mind of MendacityMan our cartoon president* GreatAndUnmatchableWisdom realDonaldTrump KurdsBetrayed Did they help us with ISIS? GFY!!!!

'We do get along great with the Kurds. We have to help them…Tens of thousands of Kurds died fighting ISIS. They fought with us. They died for us and with us and for themselves…they're great people…I don't forget.” — Trump, 2018 Hypocrisy Trump is a traitor period, & these are decisions he made while spending private time with Putin & other dictators

Not from Kurds. From pkk/ypg/sdf terrorist org which are listed bu usa un eu as terrorists. Usa should have done this before.

Turkey ready to send troops into Syria after Trump abandons the KurdsTanks have arrived at the Syrian border 24 hours after President Trump revealed that US forces would pull out of the area. Read more on this story here: realDonaldTrump the blood is on your hands FakeNewsMedia

Turkish troops advance into Syria as Trump washes his hands of the KurdsCivilians flee as airstrikes and artillery hit border region as Trump says about Kurds: ‘They didn’t help us in Normandy’ 'They didn't help us with Normandy.' Trump definitely has a whey with Kurds. Not right. Dear Lord, what a fiend.

Expect more policy lurches like on Syria's Kurds unless Trump is called to account | Michael H FuchsThe president took a complicated issue and made it dramatically worse by acting on impulse – making the US again look incompetent and unreliable Look how everyone is literally wanting our American men and women in uniform to go die in another meaningless war. As a combat vet I am very happy we are withdrawing troops but it isn't good enough. We need to withdraw troops from the world and watch it burn.

Trump has handed over Isis fight in Syria, Turkey says, as offensive loomsAnkara says military will cross border ‘shortly’, and claims US president gave green light, contradicting US denials quit warmongering, Guardian. He's turned a blind eye to the coming genocidal action against the Kurds, is what you meant to say. Right?

Pelosi hits back over letter and warns Trump: 'You will be held accountable'House speaker says Democrats will push ahead with inquiry and efforts to stall investigation ‘will be regarded as further evidence of obstruction’ Sure, sure. IMPEACH THAT POS ASAP! If the GOP THINKS WHAT TRUMP IS ACCUSING BIDEN OF IS SO BAD! BIDEN DIDNT BREAK ANY LAWS! BUT HOW COME THEY ARE OK WITH TRUMP DOING ALL THE CRAP HE IS DOING! IS TRUMP BLACKMAILING THE GOP? greatweet You will be held accountable. hold/held/held Now it's available on Kindle! esl english ingles books ebooks kindle KindleUnlimited

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