Three women among dozen publicly flogged in Afghanistan - Taliban official

11/24/2022 5:21:00 AM

Three women among dozen publicly flogged in Afghanistan - Taliban official

Three women among dozen publicly flogged in Afghanistan - Taliban official

A crowd of about 5000 people watched the lashings, a punishment for 'moral crimes'.

Taliban fighters holding Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan flags in August 2022.The average Enviroenergy customer in Nottingham will see their yearly energy bill rise by £86 after the city council decided to increase the price of its tariffs.An estimated 26 homeless people died in Lancashire in 2021, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics.Ghulam (centre) says he gives his six hungry children tranquilisers to make them sleep By Yogita Limaye BBC News, Herat Afghans are giving their hungry children medicines to sedate them - others have sold their daughters and organs to survive.

By Mattea Bubalo BBC News Twelve people, including three women, have been flogged in front of thousands of onlookers at a football stadium in Afghanistan.The group were guilty of "moral crimes" including adultery, robbery and gay sex, a Taliban official told the BBC.The network provides heat and hot water to more than 5,000 homes 120 commercial businesses across the city.This is thought to be the second time in a month the Islamist group has carried out public lashings.The number of estimated deaths has risen 333% from six since 2013, when records began.The move could signal a return to the hard-line practices seen in the previous Taliban rule in the 1990s.The costs of this is estimated to be in the region of £17.Omar Mansoor Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman for Logar region in eastern Afghanistan, where the lashings happened, said that all three women were freed after they were punished." He lives just outside Herat, the country's third largest city, in a settlement of thousands of little mud houses that has grown over decades, filled with people displaced and battered by war and natural disasters.

Some of the men were jailed, he said, but it is not clear how many.Council documents say Enviroenergy has seen increased costs from the wholesale markets for utility supplies, the cost of materials and increased maintenance costs, and therefore the cost of each tariff must go up to match.READ MORE: 'Truly beautiful' mum and retired nurse killed after being hit by double-decker bus In Lancashire there were 16 identified deaths of homeless people in 2021.The men and women received between 21 and 39 lashes each.The maximum number a person can receive is 39, another Taliban official said.” For those on the most common domestic heat tariffs an extra three and a half pence per day will be applied to the standing charge and one and three quarter pence per kWh on the unit rate.Nineteen people were also punished last week in a similar flogging in Takhar province in northern Afghanistan, reports say.The average age at death was 45 for men and 43 for women.The flogging in Logar province comes a week after the Taliban's supreme leader, Hibatullah Akhundzada, ordered judges to enforce punishments for certain crimes in line with the group's strict reading of Islamic Sharia law.73 per week, matching the equivalent Energy Price Guarantee ‘all-in’ price offered by Government to national domestic gas users.Image caption, Five alprazolam pills now cost the same as a piece of bread Ghulam has six children, the youngest a year old.

This interpretation of Islamic law includes public executions, public amputations and stoning - although exact crimes and corresponding punishments have not been officially defined by the Taliban.Afghanistan: What is Sharia law? The supreme leader's order is the latest sign that the Taliban is taking a tougher stance on rights and freedoms; after promising to rule more moderately when they took power last year.This is a 75 per cent increase, at an additional average weekly cost of £4.Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: “A freezing doorway, a bed in an emergency hostel, or a flimsy tent are no substitute for a home.During their rule from 1996-2001, the Taliban were condemned for regularly carrying out punishments in public, including floggings and executions at the national stadium in Kabul.The government also vowed that they would not repeat the brutal repression of women; but since the group's return to rule women's freedoms have been severely curbed and a number of women have been beaten for demanding rights.Commercial heat and commercial electricity tariffs will also rise in line with inflation, according to the council.Media caption, Watch: Taliban fire shots to stop rare Afghan women's protest in Kabul in August earlier this year Related Topics.This is going to be one of the toughest winters yet as so many people battle rising rents while housing benefit stays frozen.Image caption, The men in this area outside Herat are struggling to find work At a local pharmacy, we found that you can buy five tablets of the drugs being used for 10 Afghanis (about 10 US cents), or the price of a piece of bread.

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I Women got flogged with 38 lashes with their veil & covered. Men also got flogged. After that they are done & there is no such thing as prison. This is better rather you have to locked up prisoners & spend tax payers money to feed the prisoner So these 3 woman are more important and newsworthy than the other 9 men who were publicly flogged?

Hey POTUS Congratulations 3rd world religion of peace. That's what happens when the west interfere with there country by encouraging woman to be like feminists Don't steal and shag about , simple as that . They must’ve been very naughty. Savage regime The clock is ticking, tick, tock... tick, tock... And people whine because they can’t have a holiday and these women are getting terrorised daily 😒

5,000 Enviroenergy customers to see tariffs rise by up to 75 per centEnviroenergy was recently brought back under the full control of Nottingham City Council

Lies prove it woke channel 27 who died in Channel were pregnant mum, 3 children, 7 women and 17 men Time to take all the women and girls out of there. Then men can then see how valuable women are over there its sad but still west continues to impose their values on others. West must look in the mirror. They support pedos, anti-christianity groups, trans, criminals, lazy welfare recipients, bad schools, wars( 1000s dead in ukraine from continuing war from west's money) , etc. etc.

Wow so so much sexual discrimination. Only 3 among dozens. Needs to be addressed. What 💩reporting So who left them some good weapons, gears, vehicles after fighting with them for 20 years? Hmmmmm...... 🤔 What a vile patriarchal misogynist theocracy Fake media keeps the locals in a delusional world of invented enemies and holier than thou .


The homeless people who died on the streets of Lancashire last yearEight homeless people died in Blackburn with Darwen along with five in Blackpool, three in Burnley, three in Lancaster, three in Preston, two in Pendle, and two in South Ribble

This is wrong on so many levels!!!! Yet, we are so oppressed here in the states. People get your shit and priorities straight. You have no idea what suffering is!!l Big fucking deal. No one really gives a shit anymore about the plight of women in either muslim or conservative Christian societies. The US Supreme Court strikes down RoeVWade ,the west pulls out of Afghanistan & the Taliban subjugate women once more - oh & don't forget Iran. 🖕

This is the Conservative Christians wet dream!! So that's 9 men... It’s likely it will resort back to its old routine it’s what know growing up in Afghanistan it’s the taliban there known for the dangers in puts on there public No one cares anymore about that dust bowl.. Religion is garbage 🗑

Afghanistan: 'I drug my hungry children to help them sleep'Afghans say they are also forced to sell kidneys and their daughters to get money for food. Terrible! Intrigued how you got an actual country to speak, let alone give a statement She should have taken contraceptives herself

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