Baby Carerelationshipssex

Baby Carerelationshipssex

Three in the bed(room): how to handle having your baby in your room

Three in the bed(room): how to handle having your baby in your room


Three in the bed(room): how to handle having your baby in your room

Having your baby snoozing nearby can be wonderful for bonding, but may mean your relationship habits need some tweaking

‘Think about other ways you can enjoy time in there together,’ says Christine. ‘These can involve your baby so it becomes a new family space, as well as be just for the two of you.’

If you feel like you’re forever tripping over nappies, lotion and toys, get organised.

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My husband and daughter walked in on me having a naked lesbian kissDEAR DEIDRE: MY husband and daughter walked in on me and another woman naked and kissing. I am 38, my husband is 40 and our daughter is 12. We rented a villa in Spain for a summer holiday with my h… MarcherLord1 We’ve all done it .. Her husband isn't angry, euh? Bet he's having a right good w**k with that image playing over and over in his mind. MarcherLord1 As you do ....🤔

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