Three Beauty Experts On Why They No Longer Eat Meat

Considering going vegan?

1/22/2021 8:10:00 PM

Considering going vegan?

Considering going vegan? Three beauty pros tell us why they made the transition, what skin benefits they've seen and their best advice. Read more on Grazia.

, the number of vegans in the UK quadrupled between 2014 and 2019, rising from 150,000 Brits to a staggering 600,000. And with demand comes supply - 2020 saw every top UK supermarket stock their own vegan range, while every top UK restaurant now has a vegan offering on its menu. The market is booming, with more choice and options than ever before. But the question stands – why are so many of us making the change in the first place?

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‘Human beings are frugivores by design,’ saysNichola Joss, celebrity facialist and skincare expert, ‘our bodies are not designed to break down animal produce.’ After falling seriously ill in 2017, Nichola made the decision to convert to veganism. ‘I’m now vegan 85% of the time and I’m convinced that adopting a plant-based diet is what healed my body. But with that said, I’m not a preacher on veganism – I just think it has to work for you.’

Nichola is not alone here, market research firmMintelfound in a survey that 49% of those interested in cutting down on their meat consumption said they would do so for health reasons. Other big drivers include animal welfare as well as the environment. To find out more about the reality of going vegan, we caught up with three beauty experts to discuss why they made the change, if they've noticed any health and/or skincare benefits and what their top advice is.

On Going VeganAndrew Gallimore, adopting a plant-based diet (although Andrew doesn’t eat animal produce, he admits he’s not 100% vegan) was a transition from being vegetarian. ‘I’d always thought about it but said the obvious and very common “I can’t, I love cheese too much”. I then worked with an amazing animal rights activist called Sharyn David (

on Instagram) who was so passionate about ending animal cruelty and being a vegan that I couldn’t not be inspired by her, so a short while after, I took the plunge and haven’t looked back since.’It’s a similar story for skin and laser expert,Debbie Thomas

who made the switch from vegetarian to veganism six years ago. ‘I had a number of reasons, but animal welfare was definitely top of my list.’ Making the transition in two months, Debbie allowed herself time to find alternatives to the foods she loved. ‘Going fully plant-based wasn’t a struggle, I managed to do it quickly while maintaining a nutritionally-balanced diet. Other than no animal produce, I try not to restrict myself – if I fancy pasta or chips, I'll have it – I just try to ensure that 70-80% of my diet is good for me.’

Any Health And Skincare BenefitsBoth Andrew and Debbie haven’t noticed any major health changes since being vegan, which they put down to the fact they were vegetarian before and already consumed a nutritionally-balanced diet. ‘Those who will notice health benefits may be lacking in fibre and nutrients that lots of plants, fruits and vegetables pulses can give us, ' says Debbie. ‘The only immediate change I saw was in my skin,’ she adds, ‘dairy made my acne flare up so once I cut this out, my acne really calmed down.’ Putting dairy down as the main culprit when it comes to acne breakouts, Debbie explains this is due to the lactose and hormones within the milk that throws our own hormones out of balance.

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Nichola also noticed a huge shift in her skin – ‘prior to being vegan, my skin was more disruptive, congested and just not as radiant. Now, it’s thicker, bouncier and glowing.’ On the subject of her clients, about 70% of them have made the change to a vegan or vegetarian diet, reporting amazing results. ‘Not only has it improved their gut health and energy levels, but they’ve also seen a difference in their skin health.’

On The Best Advice For Those Considering Going VeganDebbie emphasises the importance of balance – ‘there are always people who try and take dietary trends to the extreme to be “so healthy”, but they actually limit themselves and lose out on the enjoyment of being able to eat yummy foods.’ If you’re making the change for health reasons, Debbie recommends including those fun foods – ‘don’t put quite so much pressure on yourself in terms of a perfect plant-based diet but rather focus on really reducing down your animal base consumption and increasing your whole food plant-based consumption then slowly over time increase your plant-based more and more.’

Nichola seconds this, suggesting a slow and steady transition is key - ‘start with say one day a week meat-free and slowly transition to only eating meat once a week. Otherwise, your body will have a shock at the change and can become sick.’'If you’re doing it for ethical reasons, there is no easy way of doing it you just have to bite the bullet as they say. There are so many forums and pages you can join that will give you great advice on recipes, your diet and lifestyle choices. You just need to find people who have a similar viewpoint to you, who can support you through your journey with helpful tips and advice,' adds Debbie.

If you're looking to make the change and go green with your beauty stash as well, discover Andrew Gallimore's favourite vegan beauty products below. Read more: Grazia UK »

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