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Sudan, Africa

Thousands rally in Sudan’s capital to demand military rule

Thousands rally in Sudan’s capital to demand military rule

10/17/2021 4:41:00 AM

Thousands rally in Sudan ’s capital to demand military rule

Protesters say they want the government of prime minister Abdalla Hamdok dismissed and replaced by the military

Saturday’s protest was organised by a splinter faction of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), a civilian alliance which spearheaded the anti-Bashir protests and became a key plank of the transition.“We need a military government, the current government has failed to bring us justice and equality,” said Abboud Ahmed, a 50-year-old protester.

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Protesters said they would remain in the streets until the transitional government was dissolved.Photograph: Ashraf Shazly/AFP/Getty ImagesOn Saturday evening, demonstrators set up tents outside the presidential palace demanding the dismissal of the government of prime minister Abdalla Hamdok, a former UN economist whose IMF-backed reforms have hit the pockets of many Sudanese.

The government’s supporters charged that the protest was orchestrated by sympathisers of the Bashir regime, which was dominated by Islamists and the military.Protesters chanted “one army, one people” and “the army will bring us bread.”“We are marching in a peaceful protest and we want a military government,” said housewife Enaam Mohamed.

A protester holds up a sign demanding the government address hardship in the east of the country.Photograph: Ashraf Shazly/AFP/Getty ImagesAbdelnaby Abdelelah, a protester from the eastern state of Kassala, complained that the government has overlooked other states beyond Khartoum.

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