Thousands flock to Neverspoons pub app

Thousands flock to Neverspoons pub app

7/10/2020 5:01:00 PM

Thousands flock to Neverspoons pub app

An app designed to highlight independent pubs has risen to the top of the Google Play free app chart.

Close share panelShane Jones & Ned PoulterImage captionNed Poulter and Shane Jones, pictured in pre-lockdown times, want to help smaller pubsA man who built an app in his spare time that highlights independent pubs close to Wetherspoons venues, says he has been amazed by the response.

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The Android app Neverspoons has been downloaded nearly 18,000 times in its first week - more than Shane Jones expected from the first six months.It is currently top of the free app chart on Google Play.The name is a pun on the pub chain Wetherspoons but Mr Jones said he just wanted to give smaller pubs a boost.

Mr Jones admitted that"a handful" of other chain pub venues had already crept on to the app and he said he planned to"weed out" those people had complained to him about - including one from the Slug and Lettuce chain and a few Greene King and Firkin franchises.

"It's not easy to manually vet thousands of pubs," he said.Mr Jones has uploaded details of 2,500 pubs from around the UK so far and a further 971 have been submitted by drinkers and landlords.One single contributor nominated 50 different pubs in Birmingham, he said.

Mr Jones, who is now working on the app with his friend, Ned Poulter, is attempting to vet them all by looking them up online - he is unable to visit any personally as he has an underlying health condition that requires him to shield.He said:"The whole premise is, Wetherspoons is a massive chain and they don't need as much help."

Mr Jones was inspired after visiting a village near his home in Newton Le Willows - midway between Manchester and Liverpool - before lockdown and seeing lots of shuttered pubs.In 2018 The Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) warned that18 drinking establishments in the UK were going out of business every week

and the pub trade has faced even more difficult times since before the pandemic.Wetherspoon has 875 pubs and 58 hotels in the UK and Republic of Ireland and about 44,000 employees. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

We are creating the SHOPS version of neverspoons. Come and create a store on our website and sell to customers who want to support Independent Shops! blEUfrenchbird Never been, Never going. 0.03% of the population downloading an app is news 😏 tobyjamez NEWS FLASH millions flock to weatherspoons despite this new app. G ok as I could help 👍👍👍

Great for the economy this 🙄🙄 snowflakes matt_davies Let us know when it's 17.4m. Excellent! Pssst - this isn't 'news'. I'm all for kicking Wetherspoon's twat of a CEO but please remember the thousands of INNOCENT staff who work for him, who worked and continue to work very hard to make Wetherspoons so popular in the first place. Choose wisely.

The irony is the photo is taken at WestRidingLRR in Dewsbury, Wetherspoons are closing their only pub there. T4lkinape Thanks for the reminder 👍 No iOS version? Any idea when it’ll be available? johnsweeneyroar Won’t punters just use it to locate their nearest Spoons? All those dumb people are people that would never visit a Wetherspoons Pub, so where's the story? FakeNews DefundtheBBC ScumMedia

🤣🤣🤣 That's so sad. But a marvellous tracking mechanism for wets. Once you know who has downloaded that app, you know exactly who they are and where they live! Defund the BBC DefundTheBBC johnsweeneyroar As soon as it’s in apple store is going on my phone What a crooked vessel of left wing shysters the BBC has become! 43,000 people are employed by Wetherspoons.....43,000!

More covert negative image setting of BREXIT by the BBC paid for by you and me. Excellent work. Always use proper old school pubs anyway. Help this nhs worker get free beer. Good job! Fuck wetherspooms and Tim Martin What is all this wizardry and pointlessness.. Ran past the one in Putney yesterday and was reminded just how miserable the people are who go there.

BBC using money demanded with menaces to promote anti Brexit propaganda. DefundTheBBC BorisJohnson Is that the best woke PC news you can come up with. Stop being petty and start reporting like grownups.🤬 DefundTheBBC Weatherspoons, the most depressing pubs in a town near you. Drink where the fuck your want

Good idea (i have nowt against spoons but if youre in an unfamiliar town often spoons is the easy option) but a lot of suggested ones are big chain owned too though. DefundTheBBC I have. Spoons are shitholes, never getting my custom Typical for BBC to promote this NickDuGard1 Wankers Great work 👏 Thousands but there are millions in the U.K. what percentage are you stating 0.00000002% 😂

This is all because he supports Brexit through his chain When the lie came out weatherspoons were not paying there staff through furlong the Beeb knew it to be a lie but ran with it anyway Time the licence fee was abolished Cool. I might be able to get a table now Drinking where you don't want to drink or probably never did drink there in the first place. ScumMedia DefundTheBBC

slugandlettuce don’t ever go in one, one of the worst experiences of my life (I saw my Dad killed when I was 17) that bad..... I guarantee these people on the app have never been to a Wetherspoons anyway Try reporting actual news eh? Pathetic. Stupid vindictive BBC I just cancelled my TV licence over sh/t like this article we will hurt your finances

If possible and not breaching data laws is if people could log on the app a visit to a independent pub, just a ping so people can see how many people aren’t going to a Wetherspoons in that area. A window sticker aswell. The BBC don't like the owner of Wetherspoons, That means we should all drink there more often

I’ve got it Is this appropriate use of License Fee money? The BBC trying to sabotage Wetherspoons because their owner is Pro-Brexit. The BBC engaging in their own bit of cancel culture. DefundTheBBC I bet old Tim is at home bawling his eyes out😏😏😏 💦💦💦 I bet his employees really appreciate this... you deluded virtue signalling tits!

DefundTheBBC Love independent pubs 🍺 also love a Spoons curry now and then so what? matilda_w_ Good I’m glad it’s doing well. Looks like the BBC have stuck a nerve with the small minded little Englanders. Cummings Bots and trolls immediately blocked ! Remember when you spent millions covering up your in-house paedophile ring?.... Good times

Thousands didnt too The state of them two. Give me Tim Martin any day. Yea you will do it for a week then go back in for cheap pints. If you’re that desperate to go to a pub, you’re probably a whetherspoons regular anyway. An app for people that need an app to find a pub. I didn't think 2020 could get any more stupid but there we go.

Steve_Lyons_ Should be millions Well if I fancy a pint and Wetherspoons is there........ Blatant political bias from the BBC. DefundTheBBC Corporates taking short term, answering to shareholder decisions, are they really for the good of the uk? I say, get bent British_Airways, BootsUK, jlandpartners, Airbus and many more, your people made you who you are today and your actions contribute to a longer recovery.

But what will they do for their cold food & filthy to the point on lethal toilets? Europhile BBC engaging in a vendetta against Brexiteer Martin. These tens of thousands of Wetherspoons staff the BBC want to throw on the dole, I take it they will make an app that lists all these perfect jobs with perfect employers so they can walk right in to employment bliss?

Desperate for an iOS version good luck getting drunk at triple the price ...looking like guys who have been brought a free pint Another one just joined. 18,000 have downloaded an app set up for people to avoid giving money to Wetherspoons and you report it as 'news'. My question therefore is, why haven't you reported that 85,000+ have followed a Twitter account which has been set up for people to stop giving money to the BBC?

Weirdossssss. clf_chris what did I tell you? Don't give that twat anything. Excellent! Just close all the pubs and allow us to make progress in the fight against the virus. The more people go to pubs the more lives are placed at risk. wait till they find out the beer prices.. most independent pubs I know (but ok rip off SE of England, so most would expect it) have jacked up their prices.. increased distribution costs.. the reality is that most independent pubs aren't independent if fixed into stock contracts

BBC promoting people joining the neverspoons brigade, a brigade which has probably never stepped foot in one in the first place. The BBC came to some use at last. Currently download NeverSpoons as we speak. Who and why has this app been created to accommodate? First time pub drinkers What a load of bollocks!

DefundTheBBC scumedia Floyd_da_barber 👏👏👏 Chain or franchise pubs are the work of the devil. This is fantastic! Well done guys! 🍺 Angel41527796 Most popular app this week. Support small local business Hardly surprising. I remember his tweet basically telling his staff to feck off and get a job in Tesco.

'never see me in wetherspoons' WTF you all remoaning about then Wetherspoons is cheap £2:10 a pint loads to choose from but if you want to be cool pay £6 a pint in some avant garde micro brewery mixing chocolate with sage then crack on tossers🥴 Haha....Downloaded! I am all for supporting independent pubs. But supporting independent brands from an Iphone wearing high street brands...

I am sorry if I sound snobbish but I have on a few occasions mostly on the the obligatory works outings be in whetherspoons, to be frank i found them to shit holes full off unpleasant little englanders , i now allways arrive late, for the last ten minutes be for move on to eat It's a free country so jump on the bandwagon sheep can do what they like. Where's the Neverboots chemist app or the Neverryanair flights app? Don't exist? Yeah thought so.

Never forget what that Oaf did to his staff at the start of this pandemic. GetAJobAtTesco The independent pubs are the worse with these safety rules, download a QR code, no cash, no standing, keep your noise down, photo id. They can fuck right off, give me a Wetherspoons any day with cheap good beer, cash payments accepted and relaxed rules.

miffythegamer best bit of news for a long while xxx I dont normally drink in Weatherspoons, I will now. Beeb, is still sore about Brexit This is TRUE Free Market Capitalism. The right to supply alternatives to the consumer for real competition and to provide a better service to clients. ANYONE who criticises this is against True Capitalism.

The sort of people who care about this have never even considered going to Wetherspoons so I can’t see it doing that company much harm. 😂😂😂 thousands?😂😂😂 lefty losers😂😂😂 CabinetofClowns Great app. Helps you stay away from shit pubs. Use it. And most wont be as cheap, you want more small type pubs you will go to them anyway

so putting Wetherspoons staff out of their jobs ? Have been in a Wetherspoons once and that was enough. This is very good. Always support the independent pubs and businesses in general. AlwaysSpoons ! Great Brexiteer Tim Martin. How the BBC loathe the majority of the UK who voted to Leave the vile old EU. How is this news BBC? Anything to deflect from those grooming gangs eh?

northernBetrail Badly Drawn Boy seems to be enjoyin his beer I am not a drinker, why has Weatherspoon got a terrible reputation ❓ Save the Spoons workers Then fuck Tim This isn’t news, this is the BBC promoting an App because it suits their agenda. Where was their news report when DefundBBC attracted 40,000 followers in 20 hours?

🤣🤣🤣 LewisIWhyte Isn’t that just Untappd ? Most of them most likely never went to Wetherspoons in the first place. So it doesn't mean much. To me it’s not about the beer, it’s the atmosphere, sadly Wetherspoons have no atmosphere, there’s no buzz unlike a lot indepent pubs I visit I would Neverspoons all day.

sarajcox This has nothing to do with giving business to other pubs, more taking away custom from Wetherspoons because it’s upset the unwashed, BBC can dress it up anyway they want. Stand up for the workers at Wetherspoons by trying to make them unemployed. CancelCulture Why is it weatherspoons staff can't praise the company enough but non customers hate it?

I assume Mr Jones is a remainer Fantastic, remember the firm that wanted to compromise its customer and staff safety ! BBC giving free advertising to a competitor to the company with a Brexit-supprting owner. Who’d of thought! defundBBC DeFundTheBBC millions don't sarajcox Apple ones please This must cheer up the boys, a chance to have a go at Spoons because the owner is an avid leaver. What a sad bunch of no marks.

DefundTheBBC Well if people need an app to find there local pubs ,then I imagine the pubs won’t be making much money out of it as the users can’t really be pub goers Let’s be honest , the type of people on the app would never go into a spoons anyway 😴 People download app. Slow news day? What an utterly tragic endeavour. Middle class snobbery at its best 🙄

Whilst hundreds of thousands go to spoons Wethers is beige as owt. Brilliant Cheapest pint wins I'm actually quite happy with a cheap pint, that's why wetherspoons is my first choice boozer. BBC reporting this non-story is in no way suspicious. Could they make a track n trace app? This is so good, hopefully soon there’ll be an iPhone app 😊

DefundBBC Is that really news Al Beebo. Don’t worry I expect that there will be more customers heading to weatherspoons whilst these unemployed free lancers discuss their beards and bike lanes Our local Spoons was the busiest pub in town this week can you get the location of Newton-Le-Willows correct please it’s part of St. Helens ! Get some journalists that actually know geography

Brilliant, top fella to put a wrong right! People are free to spend their money where they like, I don’t go to spoons but a load of people who would never go now still not going is rather futile Space for everyone .. Two scruffiest b******* as the thumbnail as well They are probably using it to find the near-by Wetherspoons

18000 wokes. I bet Wetherspoon are shaking. defundBBC Conservatives it is using the tax paid to try and damage companies.

Introducing 'Neverspoons' – a map that shows independent pubs near WetherspoonsMany pub-goers warned that they would neither forgive nor forget how the pub chain had chosen to treat its staff during the pandemic It's about Brexit isn't it? Also that! Not a decent thing from Wetherspoons really Let the stupid idiots belive want they want , all staff were furlgoehd and paid the whole time

Shocking moment man punches Wetherspoon worker in face after being refused drinkA pub-goer is seen on CCTV punching a manager at The Berkeley Wetherspoon pub in Clifton in an incident that left customers 'shocked and disappointed' Always on the cards. The government must be mad if they didn’t factor in collateral damage.

'Left in limbo': Leicester fears local lockdown will go on until mid-AugustPubs, restaurants, hair salons and non-essential shops complain of lack of clarity on reopening

Pubs and restaurants in England trade at half their pre-virus levelsTrade in line with expectations, with restaurants less likely than pubs to open their doors Really If is half is not that bad ... But without proper regulations and inspections, and pubs and restaurants will create a 2 wave that will destroy the sector . Just not true of our situation. Very few chains reopened. We are actually trading on par with last years figures minus the tables taken out for social distancing.

Gym Group to reopen most branches in England from 25 JulyCovid-19 safety measures such as ‘busyness’ app and spacing out of equipment will come in It’s about time. The barista who served me this morning lives in her car and hasn’t been able to shower since they shut.

BBC Breakfast viewers slam 'car crash' Rishi Sunak interview: 'Show some respect!'BBC BREAKFAST viewers were left outraged earlier today when Naga Munchetty grilled Rishi Sunak over his recent mini-budget announcement and flocked to Twitter to slam the 'car crash' interview. Why should government people be given respect when they have shown one to the U.K. people This interview says that Sunack had no respect....misleading headline. Who needs to show respect ? RishiSunak needs to respect the citizens of this country justsayin