This might be the most perfect photo of Trump ever taken

This might be the most perfect photo of Trump ever taken

7/13/2020 1:05:00 AM

This might be the most perfect photo of Trump ever taken

What's the one picture that you think of when you hear the name Donald Trump?

?All of those are good examples but we believe that the best picture, that sums up his entire presidency was taken this week as he held a roundtable meeting with Hispanic leaders in the White House on Thursday.The picture was taken by freelance photographer Samuel Corum and features nothing but Trump sitting in front of a wall light in the White House. However, the light in the White House make Trump look like, well...take a look for yourself.

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After the image was shared byDaily Beastcolumnist Julia Davis, it became a viral hit with people adding that the image is so perfect because it can be seen in more than one way.To counterbalance, here is a photo of Barack Obama which is almost too good to be true.

Regardless of your thoughts on Trump, he has at least done something good in the past 24 hours by, despite hundreds of thousands of people already dying from coronavirus in the US alone. Read more: The Independent »

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Doubt it .... ... I’m no fan of DT but these type of articles ensure that rags like the ‘Independent' [sic] will never be taken seriously... A group of real Chinese patriot scientists risked their lives and escaped from the CCP territory. They are working with western intelligence agencies to unveil the truth and save the world.....

Always funny when foreigners have TDS, keep it up UK! This paper once had integrity and was a credible news source, this is pathetic. There to get you idiots This photo is not perfect but it is the most accurate one!! 😁 😂 The Independent! What a beautiful example of piece of Cheap, Cheesy and utterly Clumsy Propaganda!

Yes - Perfect reflection of the actual OLE WallSt Mobboss of the Commercial building arena 🎯‼️ SirWilliamD Copy/Paste My President! No but mine is. I call it CORONA BREATH What are you 12? JokeJournalists TrumpDerangementSyndrome Not even pretending any more. I see how 'independent' you are. This not the perfect photo of Trump because he's not behind bars serving a life sentence for treason.

A clown or dunce hat would be more appropriate. Has finished the independent journalism? I dislike trump as much as the next man, but I equally dislike it when comments taken out of context to create a story. haha_agreed Shouldn't news be objective. Not perfect. Acurate yeah but I know for a fact as a key worker your sales are way down and this will always be a waste for tomorrow's chip paper. Indi Rag

Nice Sure. Clinton’s and Bush”s were angels. All those people they killed eh! The far left media are atrocious these days. The fake narratives are really old. The kids in cages images is my personal favourite. How about this one? MAGA2020 Your dictator. And keep him there. ...or this. I think this picture of him is also pretty good

What's the one picture I think of when I hear Donald Trump? indeed! There may be similar moment for everyone one, including all the mighty leaders, like Obama... like ms. Clinton... I AM LOOKING AT THE BRIGHT LIGHT OF GOD ON TOP OF HIS HEAD AND NOT SATAN THAT IS CHASING HIM AND TRYING TO TAKE HIM DOWN.😄😅😂🤣

Not today Sat... wait. The devil is deceivers like you who use any coincidence to brainwash a bit more. I guess they normally photoshop out the horns. Guess this one was missed! Better 'I thought his horns were bigger...but then..there's the issue with his hands' !... ;) Lol stop showing how desperate you are

His balls aren't big enough to be the devil. hailsatan Help ! lol good one Boss_Ansong Леееј ептен здосадивте со овој, цело време истото па истото го верглате. Perfect how? Has The Independent completely abandoned all semblance of ermmm independence, i.e. balanced journalism? I dislike Trump as much as the next man, but these childish headlines are embarrassing.

America has been under an authoritarian government for nearly 4 years with republican kangaroo courts,lawlessness,tyranny, corruption and greed. America was too silent. Yes Is that Hilary Clinton standing behind him with the ghost of Epstein? THIS is the opinion of the article’s writer Trump is going to be living in the heads of SJW weirdos for another 4 years 😂👌🏻

Imagine if that was waiting for you in the afterlife no it's not. clickbait trash article Scumbaggery LOL Why are people so determined to picture the president as a devil? He's not nearly as competent as Lucifer.

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Donald Trump wears mask in public for first time during Covid-19 pandemicPresident wears face covering during visit to military hospital as cases of coronavirus surge across the United States Improvement Trying to distract from his latest criminal act Meaning president Trump has started wearing mask

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Donald Trump finally wears a mask in public 'but it’s four months too late'The US President has finally worn a mask in public, some four months after he declared coronavirus was a national emergency in March. Excellent headline .... Trump wears a mask 🙄🙄🙄 wow that’s set me on course for a fantastic Sunday.... He was preparing his own coffin Head up his a-

Donald Trump openly wears face mask for first time during hospital visit – videoDonald Trump has worn a face mask in public for the first time. Before his visit to a military hospital, he said: ‘I’ve never been against masks, but I do believe they have a time and a place’ And conservatives praised him like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread... Trump has to be flattered or the wannabe-but-never-gonna-be King will get mad. POTUS now u r safe It was during a 'Hospital Visit'

Donald Trump finally wears facemask in publicThe US president previously said he could not see himself wearing a mask in public. After letting 132,000 die. Don't you dare praise him for this. Definitely a better look for him. Going to rub off all that makeup thou