Am İ Bisexual, How To Know İf You're Bisexual, Bisexual

Am İ Bisexual, How To Know İf You're Bisexual

Think you might be bisexual? Here's how these women figured out they were

'I’m in my late 20s and only realised I’m also into women this year.'

9/25/2021 8:32:00 PM

Think you might be attracted to people of more than one gender? Here's how IRL women figured out they were bisexual

'I’m in my late 20s and only realised I’m also into women this year.'

Stephen Zeiglerlesbianporn'. Then it progressed to, 'I'm super feminist because women are strong and beautiful and wonderful'. After that I moved to, 'Wow some women are just breathtakingly beautiful and funny and sweet'. It was only after my own self image improved that I was able to move from, 'I want to be like her' to, 'I just want her'. I guess it took from about age 14 to 19, but my own insecurities still hold me back a lot."

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3."I’m a queer cisgender female, and I started exploring my sexuality when I was 31. I’m 35 now. I honestly hadno ideathat I was capable of being sexually and romantically attracted to people other than cis/heterosexual men until I actually tried it! My first time being sexual with a non-male was at a play party where I specifically stated that I wanted to play with women. The organiser took me up on it and we made out and got busy in front of basically everyone. What an amazing first time. After that I had opportunities to have consensual, low-pressure makeouts and sex with queer folx and women at other parties. Honestly, without that chance I’m not sure I would have realised I was queer and it was okay that I didn’t know for my whole life.

"My first romantic realisation of queerness was when I started dating my (hopefully) future spouse who is non-binary AFAB [assigned female at birth]. We immediately fell hard for each other, and I had absolutely no doubt that my feelings were valid and serious. Since then I’ve also started dating a woman (we’re all polyamorous)."

[via]4."I was 17. I realised I had a crush on a coworker when I was feeling disappointed when she told me about her husband and children. I actually should have realised sooner because when I was around 10, there was this presenter on TV whose cleavage I would always check out! But I was sexually repressed until I was 18, so I guess that's why."

[via]5."I'm still not sure how or when I realised, but I was 26 before I really accepted it. I'd kind of always liked girls/women but the way I felt about them vs how I felt about boys/men felt a little different, so I just brushed it off."

[via]Zave Smith6."When I was a teenager my best friend was at my house for a sleepover, and she told me, 'I have a crush on you'. My immediate feeling was something like, 'Hey, I think I’m into that.' Making out commenced, and that is how I figured out I was bisexual."

[via]7."In retrospect, I've had crushes on girls as long as I can remember. But I always confused them for admiration or jealousy as a kid. I remember sometimes thinking randomly, 'I'm not a lesbian, I've had crushes on guys.' Didn't even consider bisexuality until I was 16, and I had a sexy dream about a girl. And I went, 'Holy shit', and things started to fall into place. I always used to think that bisexuality was just a thing straight women pretended to do to be subversive/sexy, or a stepping stone to coming out as lesbian, because that was the only way I ever saw it portrayed. I didn't know any bisexuals who were out. So I just assumed it wasn't an option for me."

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[via]8."It was sure a bumpy ride. I always had crushes on guys, though I always got too uncomfortable to even kiss a guy. So I tried kissing a random girl at a party, and figured out I liked women. I thought I was a lesbian for a couple of years, and didn't even consider guys during that time. Then I started getting crushes on guys again... So I had sex with a guy. Now I'm bisexual. Sexual orientation is very obvious to some people, but to others, not so much."

[via]9."As a teenager, I always found guys and girls attractive. I figured this was ‘normal’ for straight people. I never considered acting on any of my thoughts/feelings towards other girls. [When] I was in university, I hooked up with my housemate after a night out. Neither of us had been with a woman before. Afterwards it left me with many confusing feelings. Unfortunately she had a boyfriend, and blamed me for her cheating on him. She wouldn’t really talk to me about my feelings. It ruined our friendship.

FG Trade"A few years later I tried dating another woman, but it didn’t work. The sex was great, but romantically we didn’t work. Over time, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a heteroromantic bisexual. Sexually, I’m bisexual, and attracted to men and women. However romantically I’m only attracted to men."

[via]10."Through my teen years, I was only attracted to girls I knew in real life. But I was attracted to male characters in fiction. So that was kind of confusing, but I just rolled with it. I figured I just hadn't met any boys IRL that I was attracted to. And given that I was only attracted to like three girls out of the hundreds I knew, that didn't seem implausible. Honestly though, it helped to just adopt an attitude of, 'Well I'm attracted to whoever I'm attracted to!' and not think too much about labels."

[via]"Well I'm attracted to whoever I'm attracted to"11."Okay, so there is this thing I guess that's common knowledge that girls look at other girls and check them out, even if they're straight. So, my friends would be like, 'Wow look at her boobs,' and I'd be like, 'Whoa I was just thinking that! I'm straight, then, because they're straight, and they're thinking what I'm thinking.' Only, I didn't notice growing up that they usually finished the sentence with, 'I wish I had boobs like that!'

Whereas I would mentally finish the thought with, 'I wish she was sitting on my face.'[via]12."I always found myself gazing more at girls than boys. When I was old enough to discover porn and erotic art, I felt extremely aroused by the female images, but not the male ones. I'm bi, but I always found women a lot easier on the eyes, and have always had an easier time getting aroused thinking about women."

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[via]13."I’m in a relationship with a man, and have only dated men, but I’ve kissed girls and been into it sexually. And sometimes I masturbate to women. But I enjoy kissing and fucking dudes too, and sometimes masturbate to dudes, so it seems like the logical conclusion."

[via]MStudioImages14."I still question it sometimes. I identify as bisexual, but sometimes I feel like I’m lying because I haven’t been with a woman since I was a teen in high school. But I find myself having crushes on women, and fantasising about women, so I still identify as bisexual when someone asks. But I think I just knew."

[via]15."Just always been attracted to men and women. My upbringing from my mother was very insistent that I did not actually like women, so I learned very early to not talk about it. But it's never gone away. Since I'm married to a man, I get the typical backlash that I'm, 'not really bi' or 'will cheat some day'. Which of course is very irritating."

[via]"Since I'm married to a man, I get the typical backlash that I'm, 'not really bi'"16."I’m in my late 20s and only realised I’m also into women this year. I looked back at high school and thought, 'Huh, I think I acted so crazy and jealous because I was in love with her.' And also realised I had these really specific memories of when friends looked especially beautiful. Hot damn, I’ve always been into women, how about that?"

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