Things to get worse, PM says in letter to Britons

Coronavirus: Things will get worse, PM says in letter to Britons

3/29/2020 3:03:00 AM

Coronavirus: Things will get worse, PM says in letter to Britons

Writing to all UK households, Boris Johnson warns measures to combat coronavirus could get tougher.

The prime minister will tell the nation:"It's important for me to level with you - we know things will get worse before they get better."But we are making the right preparations, and the more we all follow the rules, the fewer lives will be lost and the sooner life can return to normal."

Coronavirus updates: UK PM faces scrutiny over senior aide row - BBC News Muslim father 'burns his daughter after she converted to Christianity' Boris Johnson refuses to launch inquiry into Dominic Cummings affair

Mr Johnson will describe the pandemic as a"moment of national emergency" , urging the public to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.He will also praise the work of doctors, nurses and other carers as well as well as the hundreds of thousands of people who have volunteered to help the most vulnerable.

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Has anyone received the letter yet, or has he not been able to pop out to the Post Box yet? Souding sad Waste of time and money.. £6m Idiots mate. I won’t even open it 🗑 Why is PM wasting such efforts and resources on letter ? A twitter or media message is more than enough. Why letters?! All that money for printing the letters, posting etc what a waste give it to the NHS for PPE and testing kits!! With all this technology what was he thinking?

The virus can live on paper.for 3 days allegedly. How.many people will touch this mail before it.drops in to our homes. Dont do it Boris BorisJohnson Shame he hadn’t reacted earlier. Even if he did something now it would be helpful! I'd rather the money (millions) went on ventilators Finish the headline... '...before they get better.' 🙄

Reminds me of the meetings High Chancellor Adam Sutler would have with his cabinet in VForVendetta. Wonder if he ends the meetings with, 'England prevails!' 🤣 £6M to send a letter to every household...really!!....surely money would be better spent on the NHS...could easily been read our numerous times on tv or emailed or text to people letterfromBoris

It is already worse since you moved to no.10 Write your response to Johnson’s woeful failure to protect NHSheroes and the population, then send it straight back. Tell the conservatives what you think of ventilatorgate, PPEShortages, TestingForCovid19 still less than a fifth of Germany’s, failure to follow WHO advice.

He looks fine to me 😂 No shit Sherlock🤨🤔 Deep down think that most people relize that this will go on far longer than predicted. 😱😱letterfromBoris £5.8m letterfromBorisVirusSpreading letterfromBorisDontTouchORopen letterfromBorisNEGLIGENT don't open or touch letterfromBorisCOVID_19 How many hands & surfaces does a letter touch in chain? BorisJohnson Potentially super spreading 10DowningStreet

Asshole. Sending letters to every household is INCOMPETENT. Does Johnson not realise: -the unnecessary burden he places on postal workers? -the blanket coverage of this virus and the way communities are rallying is bound to reach most? -people who didn't comply b4 will ditch the letter? Tony Blair's spinning in his grave

Well done, you've managed to highlight the most negative part of the PM's words. You must be so relieved. If it’s going to get worse do you think it’s wise to send everyone a letter telling them this. What are the chances of traces of the virus being on the envelope. Just a thought. Snowflakes Grow up Fair play to him I think he is doing a remarkable job and he is trying to please everyone but also doing what’s best for our country! Fair play. Get better soon Boris!

So now the PM is sending us his plague by post. Bastard will the letter be printed in english, asking for a friend. Indeed, it is just small exercise before Brexit doom. Seems We’re following a Script: lock us down now Get worse because you haven’t acted quick enough!! Get someone else to lick the stamp on mine please.

He looks rough Monumental waste of money that could be put to better use right now letterfromboris Scrap this idea immediately BorisJohnson Government under scrutiny 'reframes' the issue to deflect from why they are so bad: 'Things are going to get worse' Later government can say 'we told you that things would get worse and actually things weren't that bad were they? We got through this and lets all clap the NHS'

Who wants to touch a letter from a PM with Coronavirus? MaxHeadRoom!! Shouldn't he be sending the message via telegram? 'VIRUS BAD STOP STOP GOING OUTDOORS STOP' It’s like MaxHeadroom!! No shit Sherlock. Should have done something weeks ago then What a waste of time. Hope the paper is perforated. A letter? What is this, 1983? Why can’t he just do one of those Facebook videos he did when he was avoiding interviews before the election? And give the money to the NHS for PPE? Who’s going to read his letter? - he was the one saying we’d ‘take it on the chin’.

BBC Cannot be trusted. BBC deliberately missed off the bit ', before things get better' to change the narrative. Cancel Your TV Licence and get a refund. What are you waiting for? DO IT NOW ! DefundTheBBC RIPBBC ScrapTheLicenceFee RIP BBC Dear Mr Postman! Thanks for your risking your life everyday during this pandemic. Sorry the PM is so daft as to create more strain on system & risk for you. Note sign on door: NO JUNKMAIL! Please see envelope I left for you. It's only a fiver but by way of thanks. CoronaIdiots

Does a SINGLE person want a letter? That’s OUR money you’re wasting. Why dont the government just give everyone a tax rebate of say 10,000 which will have to last until all this is over ? Could be done almost immediately with families then being secure and financially strong throughout ! This payment would stop all neccesary work

Johnson, gladly running the risk of spreading coronavirus with a letter into people's homes. All he's doing is covering his own selfish arse for when the inevitable inquiry finally comes... Well wishes of expedient recovery! That said a few simple intellectual curiosity. 1.Why people hate Trump with passion 2. Why I like BBC so much and fell in love with it 3. Why I don't like Biden 4. Why I feel PBS NHR is antedeluvian or at times a cesspool? for its politics.

Well that is definitely one letter that will be marked 'return to sender' returntosender Thank fuck am Scottish n wont receive a letter, what? Is this really good use of that massive amount of money at a time like this when Health Boards in Wales are asking for donations of toiletries and essentials for patients on their wards via amazon wishlists wordsfailme covid19UK

Has anyone asked if his pregnant partner is safe? Brilliant tweet and message, here’s to another round of panic buying - you do know it’s your elderly relatives and the vulnerable you’re impacting the most. Boris will not be sending any letters to anyone in Scotland. We have SNP propaganda letters to come in about two weeks to say isolate for 12 weeks forgetting we will have been isolating for the last four weeks. Coronavirus is just flu no more have died than in previous years.

scarlettpeach We certinly don’t need a letter there is enough news on Covid. Money would be better spent holding up the crumblig NHS, the postal service should not be overburdened by the vanity of this man Johnson who has already caused enough harm by spreading disinformation to the public. I hope its going to say 'Things are going to get worse because your government decided early on to let the vulnerable die, people didn't seem to like that so we just moved as slowly as possible to put measures in place. We put money before lives. We were wrong, I resign' Boris.

We know things are bad just now but he shouldn't be scaremongering the nation we dont need more bas news we need some good news Colossal waste of cash. Social media adverts, tv and radio adverts would make more sense scarlettpeach How essential is this extra burden on postal workers which surely can’t be helping reduce the risk of spread? And what else could £5.8m have been spent on by our inept leaders who put politics first. Always!

STOP LETTING IN FLIGHTS FROM HIGHLY INFECTED COUNTRYS THEN!!! it will not stop completely until it happens!! This is the work of a stupid animal, sending letters to contaminate people, any person that has a gram of brains is not as ignorant as him, you really need to be a beast to do this. scarlettpeach Keep his letter. Send every household a test kit to all our NHS people then GP’s surgeries If possible every household

I pray he gets well. BorisJohnson on my postal round i touched 200+ doors and posted to 500+ addresses. Virus→door→my hand→letter→vulnerable person infected LOL, a barberic civilization can't protect their PM from getting infected and they spread lies about India! You were never civilized and will never be. coronavirusuk CoronavirusPandemic CoronaLockdown

Going straight back in the post, keep your fake concern. They have blood on their hands ........ Damage limitation not seen that figure yet 🤔 Many thanks to BoJo for making it so much worse That picture’s not on the letter is it? Wow things are going get worse, stating the f**king obvious is so helpful......twat

'Take it on the chin' didn't last long... Due to sence of entitlement a lot of brits hv & their inability to take any personal responsibility - they sld look at other countries b4 culling ours. We BIGGEST funder of vaccine research & finance help - EU simply refusing cash & help 2 members but issuing fines.

Stating the obvious because you didn't act quick enough - oh dear 🙈 My auntie possible contracted covid-19 and went missing early hours of 28.03.20.... please help share. She is an nhs nurse and under immense pressure to help those who need her. Now she needs us. This virus is ripping families apart in more than ways than possible!!!

Don’t need a letter, put the money elsewhere, most of us know what to do, those that don’t won’t change because of a letter So not such a good leader after all. We all should StayAtHomeAndStaySafe before the things get worse. COVIDIOTS Covid_19 holland_barrett Watching the news? Yet still open sellling ‘essentials’ & encouraging older & vulnerable people to visit your shops UKSaintsSinners WorkingFair any news yet MaryRobinson01 It’s gone a bit quiet!hollandbarrett BeckieS33278454

Why on earth is he writing to us. We watch the news. 🙄 Didn’t make any difference in the brexit ref; £5.8 million... That'd buy a lot of PPE. Is there anyone left out there that doesn't know? Are they going to get the letter and be all 'there's a virus!?' I doubt it. Only through your inaction and not providing the NHS the support it badly requires

So those crazy conspiracy theorists have been warning for years They surely will if people self isolating receive external contamination from someone who has been door to door... don't do this! We don’t need a letter.We need you to freeze,bills,rent,mortgage not a letter,how is a letter gone help me and millions like me ?BorisJohnson self employed money in June ?we are in April!Send me a letter how to survive till June that’s what I want to know .

I guess this is a legal step so people can't claim they weren't told about lockdown I’m sure the public understand by now. There is enough news coverage.. More workload for the Posties..😢.. RoyalMail No shit Sherlock We don’t need a letter! Don’t burden postal staff more than necessary. Use that money for more vital matters or services. Don’t waste paper. Just send us an email instead.

Let’s hope he did not lick the stamps Seems all the armchair lefties have a better policy than the the experts. Thank god Corbyn never got in. mmusJu Of course it’ll get worse BorisJohnson’s inaction, then let it run through the country nonsense, herd immunity rubbish, no testing as advised by WHO, open borders without checks or tests and not enough NHS equipment, things can only get worse. UK death rate 6.00% Germany’s 0.75%

The 'You've never had it so bad' Prime Minister If only the lying fraud had ‘fessed up to that inevitable fact before the election, or even the referendum! The moronic underclass that for some bizarre reason are enfranchised would have been saved from their own stupidity. I am not taking any junk mail , dont know what's on them either.

Cue the deranged left 👇 He means much worse as in measures to stop it spreading, so I guess that would be literally nobody allowed outside at all. Full lockdown. He'll make fcking sure it does. By a combination of stupidity, ignorance and malice he's already fcked a huge number of the populace. And this m/fxxkr and his party did fxxk all to prepare Tories destroyed NHS , end off

Wonder why 🙈🙈🙈🙈 Sowing panic? Is the only one disease around the Word! What’s behind of all of this? Fuck it, he thinks he will win the 2025 election. He has found out the gunpowder 🤦‍♀️ mmusJu I'm blocking my letterbox so the postman or postwoman can't deliver it. I don't want a letter from this goon, possibly infected. We know what we need to do, get rid of HIM and his genocidal Tory cronies.

Man self isolating with coronavirus send letter to 30m homes. What could go wrong. Glad my tax money is being spent on this crap. Noticed the cost of letters had to be dropped in 🙄 that money could have been used towards PPE, ventolaters, self employed, food banks, healthy vouchers for elderly, kids, disabled, vulnerable, low income, front line Could have done a news conference any mp could speak but NO🙄

Buckle up brexiters, you're first for the cull The moment Britain colonize the world the things are shitty Well maybe before it gets worse he need to lock down everything then That is a promise that the PM will deliver on, that things will get worse, much worse. How much worse is largely a political decision

My honor, Mr.Johnson. Your stalwart leadership in these dark hours is the embodiment of our nation’s creed: E Pluribus Unum (“Out of Many, One”). Continue to unite us and lead us, sir. We are ready, willing, and able all hail Boris 🙏🏻👊🏻 BorisJohnson admits to planning a mass murder No shit, Sherlock.

Guilty Conscience for his weeks of do nothing, eh ToryIncompetence CulpableManslaughter COVIDIOTS We know. We've been telling you that for WEEKS. But you got your little tory cheerleader, bbclaurak to tell us 'the science changed' and other bullshit. BorisResign ...he says from points unknown... Gangsta.

What a waste of money. Sending letters, what's the point of that?

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