These You season 3 fan theories are pretty chilling

Who will die next?

9/18/2021 12:45:00 PM

All the best fan theories about Netflix's You season 3

Who will die next?

:"She's definitely not his mum. I can say that." But could she be another member of Joe's long lost family?Joe’s neighbour in You.Netflix2. Joe's next victim will beBeck'sInstead of his neighbour and potential next victim being Joe's own mother, some

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Youviewers reckon it could in fact be Beck's mother. Guinevere Beck was of course Joe's first obsession in season one, whom Joe killed once she found out about his crimes - and he framed Dr Nicky for the murder.The woman on the other side of the fence is seen writing on a piece of paper, with a stack of novels next to her - and, given Beck's love of books and her writing career, viewers think this could be a huge hint that the woman is Beck's mother.

NetflixPlus, as Joe walks towards the fence, we hear a bell sound, which some viewers think is the same sound of the bell that rings at the door of Mooney’s, the bookstore where Joe first met Beck - which could be another hint that this person is linked to Beck.

Of course, we know Joe killed Beck, but it's not clear what his motivation might be to track down Beck's mum, other than to keep his obsessions in the family. Or perhaps he wants to make sure the truth about what he did to Beck never comes out.

3. Joe's new neighbour could be Beck herselfFor the same reasons that fans think Joe's new neighbour links to Beck and could potentially be her mother, they also think the links could be suggesting that the neighbour is Beck herself.Although we

thinkBeck was killed by Joe in season one, it wouldn't be totally impossible for her to somehow still be alive. Remember Joe's ex Candace? Thinking she was dead following a fight in the woods, Joe buried her in a shallow grave - only for her to reappear at the end of season one, very much alive.

So, could it be the case that Beck is actually still alive - and Joe's new neighbour - too?Unfortunately, the identity of Joe's new neighbour has been reported to be a married woman named Natalie, according to, but that's not to say she won't have any relation to Beck. Could she be Beck with a new identity, or even Beck's sister, as some fans have speculated?

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4. Joe and Love will turn against each otherWe already learnt that Love has a dark side of her own, once it was revealed that she killed her au pair (and then Delilah and Candace). So, put two murderers in a house together and who knows what will happen? Plus, remember when Joe was about to kill Love and only stopped because she was pregnant? Yep, that doesn't really point towards the pair of them having a happy life together.

NetflixPenn Badgley has even hinted towards Joe and Love becoming enemies himself. He told TVLine:"Even Joe says, pretty unequivocally, that they’re not soulmates. He’s afraid of her at the end. Basically, it’s set up for Season 3 in a way where they would be each other’s arch nemesis."

Could this end up with Joe or Love killing each other? Read more: Cosmopolitan UK »

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