These Underwear Brands Make Bras And Knickers You'll Actually Want To Wear

Behold: the brands actually catering to what women want

1/22/2021 6:41:00 PM

Behold: the brands actually catering to what women want

Where can you find comfortable underwear you'll want to wear every day? Here's the best lingerie brands from Beija to Savage x Fenty. Read more on Grazia.

2 hours agoThere comes a time when your tired old bra just won't take it anymore. This time, for me, came two days ago, leaving me in the unenviable position of suddenly needing new bras. Plural. Not only did I realise that I hadn't embarked on such a shopping trip for years, which possibly makes me a terrible example of an adult woman, it also dawned on me that such shopping can only now be done online due to our current lockdown status. Where to even begin?

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Underwear is, of course, a boring thing to have to buy. It absolutely has to be comfortable – you're wearing it every day and close to your skin, after all – and you want something that isn't hideous but also isn't made with the sexual fantasy of a 15-year old boy in mind. Until recently, that was surprisingly hard to find. The lingerie market has been dominated by sexualised advertising campaigns and product that is clearly designed more with the voyeur in mind than the wearer. Brands like Victoria's Secret have built their entire business on the male gaze, and we were all expected to enjoy that. In the last few years, however, multiple brands have emerged that are actually catering to women and their needs. Imagine!

In May of 2018, Rihanna made her next step on the path to world domination by launchingSavage x Fenty, which promised lingerie created 'for the female gaze, not the male gaze.' Like the beauty brand that came before it, Savage x Fenty set out to promote Rihanna's message of inclusivity, using images of women of different shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Bras are available in sizes 32A to 44DD, while knickers are made in sizes XS to 3ZL. 'Women should be wearing lingerie for their damn selves,' Rihanna said at the time of launch. Since then, she

has shown at New York Fashion Week, making headlines for the diversity of her model line-up. For last year's show, she rounded upLizzo, Paris Hilton and Indya Moore for a music video/catwalk show/immersive viewing experience that was streamed on Amazon Prime

. She has, in many ways, taken underwear to new heights.Another brand promoting such a message, along with the idea of sexuality on a woman's terms, isPlayful Promises. Regularly collaborating with a series of models and personalities that represent a body type other than very slim and white, the brand offers a huge variety of different styles, with bras available up to H cups and briefs up to a size 24. Similarly, British brand

Bluebellaoffers a redefined idea of sensuality, giving the power back to women. Campaign stars have included the likes of Munroe Bergdorf, herself an outspoken, powerful woman and, unsurprisingly, the company was founded by – yes, you've guessed it – a woman.

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