There is a debate to be had about BBC funding — but not to save Boris

1/18/2022 4:51:00 PM

Comment: This is absolutely not the way for an advanced democracy and G7 nation to formulate cultural and creative policy. In fact, it is a disgrace 👇

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Comment: This is absolutely not the way for an advanced democracy and G7 nation to formulate cultural and creative policy. In fact, it is a disgrace 👇

We have been here before — and not long ago. When Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries tweeted on Sunday that “[t]his licence fee announcement will be the last”, she was renewing a battle against the BBC that was last fought by the Government two years ago. Reprimanded by Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle for unveiling such an important decision on social media rather than in the Commons, Dorries softened her language a little but confirmed that the licence fee would indeed be frozen at £159 for two years as its future was discussed in detail.

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BBC Responds To 'Disappointing' Licence Fee Freeze As Nadine Dorries Faces CriticismBosses at the broadcaster have said the freeze will lead to 'tougher choices' that will have an impact on viewers. I'd be more sympathetic if, day after day, I didn't scan the TV Guide and fail to find a single BBC programme I actually wanted to watch. The Corporation needs a more radical rethink - I'd go so far as to say relaunch - than the DG seems to understand. Get rid of all peadoes there's a choice! Cut ur vip wages there's a choice!

Nadine Dorries rows back on plans to scrap licence fee amid BBC funding rowThe government has pulled back from a threat to abolish the BBC licence fee from 2028 after Tory backbenchers claimed that ministers had failed to prepare alter You didn’t need much common sense to work that one out but hey the Government is a national disgrace so wouldn’t expect anything more from them Typical strategy of distraction « don’t look here look there »

BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent in heated clash with Dominic Raab over Boris party BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent grilled Deputy PM Dominic Raab on air about lying politicians - after his boss Boris Johnson was accused of knowing about his lockdown party

Nadine Dorries plan to freeze BBC licence fee is a ‘perfectly legitimate debate to be had’, says former culture minister Nadine Dorries suggesting to freeze the BBC licence fee is a “debate to be had'. Former culture minister Lord Vaizey tells mattfrei 'we tend to support the licence fee because it's very difficult to think of a legitimate alternative.' mattfrei The Tories have always been in Murdoch's pocket, no doubt to continue his media group support? mattfrei Lordy, lordy, lordy! Wow!!!! Plugged into the mains, or what? mattfrei Let's get rid of the House of Lords first. Ed and his ermine clad gang can stand for election if they still want to govern us.

BBC licence fee could be scrapped after cost is frozen for two yearsThe annual payment, which normally changes on April 1 each year, is expected to be kept at the current rate

BBC licence fee to be reviewed as funding frozen for two yearsCulture Secretary Nadine Dorries explains why the decision has been made to freeze the BBC licence fee for the next two years. Read more about this story: Public gaining Dont think this distraction worked 🙄

The journey of The Macallan’s A Night On Earth in Scotland That onslaught upon the corporation was launched from a position of political might: the Conservatives had just won an 80-seat majority in the general election of 2019.Broadcasting House, the home of the BBC SOPA Images via Getty Images The BBC has criticised the government’s two-year freeze of the licence fee, arguing it will lead to “tougher choices” that will impact on viewers.natives.BBC Breakfast took a heated turn when presenter Sally Nugent grilled Deputy PM Dominic Raab about lying politicians.

In contrast, the offensive mounted this week by Dorries is a desperate bid to shore up a prime minister who may well be mortally wounded. Along with promises to crack down on migrants crossing the Channel and to purge No 10, her snap announcement was a transparent attempt to shift attention away from Johnson’s position and towards the “red meat” of populist measures. Advertisement Labour accused the Cabinet minister of waging a “vendetta” against the BBC, as she also confirmed a review of the licence fee’s existence in the future. In practice, Dorries’s argument that licence fee payers need to be shielded from inflation is deeply disingenuous. Sponsored will be the last ” but used less definitive language in the Commons, where she said that the BBC’s funding would be a matter of debate, adding: “It’s time to begin asking those really serious questions about the long-term funding model of the BBC. It is ludicrous to suggest that a principal worry of hard-pressed households at present is the compulsory levy on television ownership, rather than, say, rising energy bills or the cost of public transport. Advertisement She argued that the freeze was necessary to help households through “difficult times”, telling the Commons: “When it comes to monthly bills, this is one of the few direct levers that we have in our control as a Government. Meanwhile, the BBC will now have to make significant cuts over the next few years, with inevitable implications for its programming. Speaking to Raab, Sally said: "I'd like to start with a really simple question.

Second, there is indeed a debate to be had about the BBC’s future funding model as streaming services proliferate and television itself gradually ceases to be the main device used by viewers. “A freeze in the first two years of this settlement means the BBC will now have to absorb inflation,” they said. But whatever replaces the licence fee must be compulsory. If, as the Government’s own Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy envisaged last year, the BBC is to remain central to the UK’s “soft power” — its global reach — it requires a fixed and mandatory funding system that enables it to produce world-class public sector broadcasting, take creative risks and provide first-rank news services.” Advertisement. There are many options, including a household charge linked to council tax bands or utility bills. The details are complex and the nuances manifold. Sally wasn't having any of it and pressed the minister in front of her viewers.

But the problem is not insuperable. What is certain is that the answer will not be discovered by an embattled populist regime thrashing around for enemies to fight and institutions to batter, simply to buy the PM time. This is absolutely not the way for an advanced democracy and G7 nation to formulate cultural and creative policy. In fact, it is a disgrace. What do you think of plans to freeze the licence fee? Let us know in the comments below." He finally replied: "Yes".