The urgent need for clean water, at home and abroad | Letters

1/23/2022 11:56:00 PM
The urgent need for clean water, at home and abroad | Letters

The urgent need for clean water, at home and abroad | Letters

Water, Pollution

The urgent need for clean water, at home and abroad | Letters

Letters: Christine McGourty, the chief executive of Water UK, calls for collaboration between companies and regulators to improve the health of UK rivers, while Claire Seaward of WaterAid warns of the spread of drug-resistant infections through dirty water

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Letters: The Conservative Party has been hijacked by Ukip supportersLetters to the editor: our readers share their views. Please send your letters to الشعب المسيحي البناني. تعب من العبودية. والتجويع.الايام والأسابيع القريبة في لبنان. حرب دينيه. مذهبية عقائدية الدولة الوحيدة في الشرق الأوسط. مسيحية. واطماع الدول الإسلامية لاسلامة الشعب المسيحي الحر وتكون لبنان دولة تسلمين عار على الدول الغربية. ترك لبنان لوحدها

Dog who lived muzzled in crate for years searching for loving new homeAfter what he's been through, Bandit needs a gentle owner who can get him used to a normal home environment.

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Raw sewage 'pumped into River Thames at beauty spot'

Raw sewage 'pumped into River Thames at beauty spot'A group called Windrush Against Sewage Pollution monitored water quality at certain points of the Thames amid concerns water firms were not being overseen properly. Total idiots! Nothing to worry about, the govt is on to it and will sort it out in no time... 🤔

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report calls on the government, regulators, water companies, agriculture and other sectors to work together to deliver a comprehensive national plan to bring about the transformation in our rivers that we all want to see.Conservative Party is in terminal disarray with the party divided, the leadership – seemingly happy to flout the very rules they laid down for the rest of us – in chaos and presiding over an impending cost-of-living crisis that will take the country back into austerity .22 Shares Bandit was kept muzzled in a crate for years after he attacked a cat (Picture: RSPCA) A ‘sweet and lovable’ dog who was kept muzzled in a crate for at least two years is finally free after being rescued – and he’s now looking for a very special home.(Image: Getty) Dust includes tiny particles of debris and dead skin, which can make allergies worse.

The radical improvement in England’s coastal bathing waters in recent decades, with 99% passing water quality tests and more than 70% classed as “excellent”, shows what can be achieved by working together. Water companies have invested more than £160bn into an industry that was previously starved of cash and want to invest more. That’s why we’re working with the government and Ofwat to facilitate greater collaboration and investment to ensure we don’t waste this critical decade. ‘He’s a big dog but was underweight and had suffered significant hair loss around his backend as well as poor muscle tone, possibly caused by long-term malnutrition. Christine McGourty Water UK The news that antimicrobial resistance is a leading cause of death worldwide is another warning sign about current, and future, health crises ( Antimicrobial resistance now a leading cause of death worldwide, study finds, 20 January ). Antimicrobial resistance is a silent killer of millions across the globe, but the double tragedy is that many people could be saved by the basics of clean water, sanitation and good hygiene, which are critical to prevent and control the spread of drug-resistant infections.

Governments must take urgent action against this often-overlooked emergency and invest in the basics in the poorest countries – especially in healthcare centres – to stop the spread of preventable infections in the first place. RSPCA staff addressed his health issues, which included poor muscle tone and eye problems (Picture: RSPCA) She explained: ‘He’d had a really tough and restricted life, having spent at least two years living in a muzzle and shut in a crate following an incident in which he attacked the resident cat. Covid-19 and Ebola have been stark warnings. The failure to learn and to act on them will make pandemics the new norm, and will effectively sign the death warrant of millions of men, women and children for generations to come. Claire Seaward .5kg to 42.