The trailer for Ozark season 4 is here and we’re all still in a state of shock

We’ve finally got a release date and an ominous trailer for the fourth season of Ozark.

10/23/2021 2:33:00 PM

The first trailer for OzarkSeason4 has dropped and it's safe to say, we're all still in a state of shock:

We’ve finally got a release date and an ominous trailer for the fourth season of Ozark.

You may also likeIs there a trailer forOzarkYes, and in trueOzarkfashion, it doesn’t give much away. The mini trailer was released yesterday on 19 October and is full of ominous shots of well-known settings in the series. Bateman can be heard narrating “money is, at its essence, that measure of a man’s choices” and while we know this could signal his new working relationship with Navarro, there’s no telling what it could imply later in the series.

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The trailer can be found here:You may also likeIs there an official release date forOzark?Yes! The trailer states that part one of the new series will be available to stream on Netflix on 21 January 2022. This new series will follow a different format to its previous seasons and will be released in two mini series’ rather than one. Each part will comprise of seven episodes each.

There isn’t currently an official release date for the second part but it will most probably be announced after the fourth season premiere.You may also likeHas Netflix released anything else aboutOzark?You’re in luck as Netflix seems to be treating us here as they’ve also released a “first look” at the new series. We’re plunged into yet another tense scene that takes off right where we left Marty and Wendy in season three.

You can watch it for yourself here:You may also likeIs this the final season ofOzark?Unfortunately, yes. Netflix has confirmed that this will be the last season of the hit series but that’s not to say it won’t go out without a bang.Although showrunner Chris Mundy has stated that “it could be four [seasons], it could be seven,” this is indeed the last series of the drama.

Felix Solis who plays Omar Navarro in the series told: “All good things must come to an end. This was a good job that must come to an end. We don’t want to wait until it’s not good for it to end.”You may also likeSign up for the latest news and must-read features from Stylist, so you don't miss out on the conversation.

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