The Tories’ ‘angry white men’ act is desperate and dangerous | Aditya Chakrabortty

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The modernising days of David Cameron feel a long time ago. Today’s Conservatives are more like frothing Republicans, says Guardian columnist Aditya Chakrabortty

In his just-published memoirs, David Cameron describes how in 2010 he finally broke New Labour’s grip on power to become prime minister. “We had changed the Conservative party, making it appeal once more to Middle England and making people in urban, liberal Britain feel that they could vote for us.”


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I’m waiting for the tweets from David Lammy. I’m sure he will be disgusted by this tone of journalism coming from oh sorry it’s only white people. That don’t count.

Left wing shit paper

ZoeZebedee Tories are full of angry white women too you know, roughly half of them are

The Guardian's hatred for white men is clear for all to see.

Such rubbish (as usual nowadays). It's always the white men at fault. And the vitriol from the left is conveniently forgotten. All the fawning comments underneath the article are just screaming 'echo chamber'... it's almost like the Guardian is massively biased.

She always has to mention skin colour and gender! Chips on get shoulders

robevansgdn Ha ha! What happens when people comment on an article they haven't read...

It’s not ‘an act’.

Ooooh, could imagine the Guardians outrage. If in a headline had read a lot of angry black men aren't. 3 of the cabinet coloured or are they implying only the white ones make the big decisions in cabinet shocking 🤔

I know right? Why can't these angry white men just chill out like David Lammy or Dawn Buttler.

chakrabortty Awesome analysis! I don't think it's just about white men though One of the most repugnant of all patel4witham illustrates the point Lust for power has no skin tone

Pls stick your race baiting headlines up your sorry ase . Ta .

Isn't focus on negative connotations of race and gender lazy, racist and sexist?

When is the Guardian going to do a piece about 'angry brown men' such as David Lammy and Clive Lewis for balance?

Class, not race, is the key to everything, but The Guardian still persists with its imported narrative of divisiveness. Having a name like a Booker nominee is all you need to chime in with a skin tone shaming opinion piece that aims to send shock waves through Primrose Hill.

It's an odd behaviour of conservatives the world over; they're always at their angriest when in power. Maybe it's the frustration of having no one to blame for their mistakes. So they try to create real enemies from their worst nightmares.

Tories are now the English National Party with a Germany 1933 tone about them... Johnson with the use of Brexit has succeeded where Mosley & Powell failed.

These are the words of a racist! But Aditya Chakrabortt will not be responsible! But, if white said it: “evil yellow people, they are desperately dangerous!”, A good lawyer will not help him! Moreover, bullying will begin in all social networks and the media!

More anti white racism from the left

Guardian: White men aren't allowed to be angry. Everyone else should be outraged that they are.

The only people i see playing the 'R' card today are the left. To them, I can only be a dark skinned minority. sorry I'm a lot more than that and none of my white friends see me as one.

Soros funded rag!

Guardian, you're just as racist as those you point to. getsboring

For guys who hate Europe so much, they're sitting at a Dutch angle.

She sounds like an angry brown woman

Guardian resorting to outright racism when they’ve lost the argument. I’m sure most of your readers and shareholders are angry white people!

Guardian publishing nazi race categorists as usual.

It’s a shame you have to bring race and gender into it, it’s not helpful, unnecessary and divisive.

Curious about why mentioning one's race in a pejorative sense is only acceptable when talking about whites?

Your articles in the last 24hrs are colour obsessed. Why?

everything is about colour again ! really ? time to change gear Aditya there are other shades in the world

Had a look who's Chancellor and Home Secretary recently?

But it’s the new reality if left of center politicians appeal to the left-wing over the center. Don’t repeat what we in America have done since the late 1960s where we’ve had mostly reactionary politicians lead a liberal culture and little productive has occurred.

Bit racist that don't you think? Imagine a headline saying 'angry black men' scenes... don't be a hypocrite.

Where as Labour has ‘angry white men and women’. The Guardian is a joke.

Says angry brown leftie man!

Classic liberals being racist towards white people

Sounds like trump and his supporters

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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