The Science of Kindness

6/28/2022 11:00:00 PM

The Science of Kindness #WellnessWeek #KindnessMatters #BeKind #MentalHealthMatters

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The Science of Kindness WellnessWeek KindnessMatters BeKind MentalHealthMatters

Kindness and compassion are considered to be instrumental buffers for the negative effects of stress, thought to be perpetuated by strengthening positive interpersonal connections.

Play What is Kindness? Kindness is considered to be a form of positive social connection which is shown to buffer stress via multifactorial mechanisms. Positive interpersonal connexion is produced as a consequence of pro-social behavior, for example, donations, volunteerism, and providing social support. alternative descriptions of kindness include compassion, generosity, and care, among other related terms. Through engagement in pro-social behavior, happiness is induced, which in turn, can reinforce continued pro-social behavior.

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Sc.Reviewed by Emily Henderson, B. The couple reached out on social media and Salford-born Jason answered the call, personally donating £250 to their appeal, which was more than the original target.Sc. "Sir Alex Ferguson asked me to come down to his house and I had dinner with him and we drank too much and sang lots of Scottish songs until the wee hours," said Sir David. Several studies have demonstrated these effects in the clinical setting, with kindness being shown to elicit elevation in mood, increase in altruism, and the promotion of connection to others. The couple's daughter, Lennon, was born happy and healthy on June 9. Play What is Kindness? Kindness is considered to be a form of positive social connection which is shown to buffer stress via multifactorial mechanisms.

Positive interpersonal connexion is produced as a consequence of pro-social behavior, for example, donations, volunteerism, and providing social support. Pulling out could have dashed their dream of ever becoming parents. "I couldn't answer, I was too busy crying. alternative descriptions of kindness include compassion, generosity, and care, among other related terms. Through engagement in pro-social behavior, happiness is induced, which in turn, can reinforce continued pro-social behavior. In a now viral message to Jason on Twitter, Mairi, 26, wrote: "Meet Lennon, the little girl you donated money towards for our IVF that made me a mummy. As part of the effect of prosocial behavior, is the induction of other-praising moral emotion, a term which describes the feelings of positivity generated when witnessing authors engage in virtuous acts such as generosity, selflessness, love, and kindness." He said his parents would have "absolutely loved" seeing their son being knighted. Uplifting feelings physical sensations, including warmth and tearfulness." In a subsequent message Mairi thanked all those who donated, saying: "Thank you so much Everyone for your kindness.

The Acute Impact of Viewing Kindness Media an Emotional Response and Generosity A study published in 2021 examined by the kindness media could affect viewers of this material in a real-world pediatric healthcare setting. Both parents and staff were randomized to view kindness media or standard televised children programming; participants were then asked to complete self-rated emotions in a survey before watching the media and subsequently complete this survey after 8 minutes of viewing. We wouldn’t have our Lennon Arabella Purdie had we struggled to travel to and from the hospital. "As soon as we found out about the money myself and my wife decided instantly we were definitely giving it to a good cause," he told BBC Scotland. Read about the effects social media has on mental health here. Participants were informed of the receipt of a gift card for participation and after they completed the survey, asked whether they wanted to keep the gift card or donate it. "It really made us see how much of a difference it can make when you get recognised and taken seriously. Among the 50 participants surveyed, those who watched kindness media reported significantly greater feelings of happiness, calmness, gratefulness, and reduction in irritation. "There's so much talent that is potentially there that could come to the fore.

Moreover, kindness media caused participants to feel inspired, touched, or moved. This helped us travel to the hospital in Edinburgh and Lennon was born on June 9 as a result of this. In addition, those who watched the media were more generous, with 85% donating their gift card, compared to 54% of those who viewed the standard media. Overall, kindness was concluded to increase positive emotions and promote generosity – though these findings were limited to a healthcare setting. Some weeks we are at the hospital three times a week and we just can't afford it after we both lost our jobs because of Covid. Discussions have already begun with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and his work has inspired similar discussions in the US. The Impact of Acts of Kindness on Wellbeing In a study conducted in 2019, researchers investigated the effects of a seven-day kindness activity intervention on changes in subjective happiness in participants. The study sought to determine whether different manifestations of kindness, as narrated by the type of activity prescribed, could produce differential effects on happiness." Mairi said she and Jamie, 28, applied for IVF in 2019 and were put on a waiting list, which they were warned 'could take years'.

This study supplemented an earlier systematic review and meta-analysis of the psychological effects of kindness that revealed that performing these acts boosts happiness and an overall sense of well-being. "All these Scottish people who now live in the States and other countries are contacting us and they are now donating to this fund. To determine differential effects of kindness, researchers compared acts of kindness to strong social ties, novel acts of self-kindness, weak social ties, and observing kindness, as compared to a control group who were not assigned any acts of kindness. However in January this year, just a month into the process, Jamie, a warehouse worker, lost his regular agency job when the company he was working for dropped agency staff as they tried to claw back losses due to Covid. Overall, results demonstrated that performing kindness activities for a week increased happiness. In addition, there was a strong positive correlation between the number of kind acts and an increase in feelings of happiness. Disaster, however, struck again in April last year when Starbucks worker Mairi also lost her job as a result of the pressures of the pandemic. School was an 'unbelievable foundation' Last week the University of Glasgow awarded him an honorary doctorate, more than 30 years after he first graduated from there. Interestingly, the effect did not differ across the different types of experimental groups, which suggested that kindness to strong and weak ties, kindness to self, and simply observing active kindness all equally induce positive effects on happiness.

Image Credit: i_photos/Shutterstock. "I have been trying to sell my clothes and handbags and things that might make us some money and I have been making jewellery to sell as well, in the hopes that it will pay for trains and buses," said Mairi last The Effect of Kindness on Pain Management Related StoriesIt has long been known that mental processes can exert influence over pain intensity as compared to physiological processes. "That's what I view as unbelievably important for me growing up in Scotland. In keeping with this knowledge, the use of psychological treatments more generally, as well as specific interventions that are based on active self-kindness, such as mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy, have been used, on shown, to be beneficial for those suffering from long term pain. We just don't know how we can keep paying out these travel costs. Compassion-focused therapy (CFT), a form of psychotherapy that integrates techniques from CBT as well as concepts from evolutionary, social, developmental, and Buddhist psychology, as well as neuroscience, is designed to teach compassion. CFT is particularly useful for those who suffer from high levels of self-criticism and shame, which subsequently results in difficulty feeling warmth toward and being kind to, themselves or their peers." But thanks to comic Jason - and other generous friends and strangers - they did raise the money and are now enjoying little Lennon. Instead of keeping it in a safe, he now takes his gold medal with him on visits to let youngsters hold it.

A study that used interventions based on compassion and loving-kindness investigated how this affected conceptualization of persistent pain. Loving-kindness is an accessible way to develop soothing systems which may be relatively underdeveloped in some people do too everyday precious or past difficulties.E. Compassion-focused exercises focused on helping participants look for occurrences of patterns playing out in their experiences in a safe space, intending to emphasize that the patterns observed how cool is by natural responses, and should not be attributed to weaknesses, mistakes, or as a result of personal failure The study took place in a routine clinical setting, in an uncontrolled, unpowered study. Participants were asked to complete a survey both pre and post-intervention.: "We ended up raising £1,146 and this went towards the travel and some baby essentials His kindness has really helped us have faith in the world. This revealed that patients who engaged in the intervention so reasonable improvements in pain distress and intensity, anxiety, self-efficacy, and depression.

Patients further noted that they experience changes in the categories of feeling different, doing things differently. George's generosity helped bring Lynette Gillard, from Westhoughton, Bolton, something that she never dared believe could be possible - Seth, who's now turning five. Therefore, researchers concluded that interventions based on compassion, which include mindfulness and loving-kindness exercises can potentially have clinical use in routine pain management strategies. The feelings elicited by kindness include pleasant feelings and rewarding effects; that is, a general reporting of a positive state, our reliance on neurobiological processes, and molecular principles. READ NEXT:. These processes involve the limbic motivation and reward circuits in the brain which are autoregulated. Specifically, oxytocin and vasopressin are two major hormones that are produced.

Oxytocin is associated with stress reduction; it achieves this by inhibiting sympathoadrenal and stress response activity, which includes preventing the release of adrenal corticoids. It acts both on the psychological level, increasing bond formation, as well as on the physiological level, via inhibiting stress hormone release and producing opiate-like effects and/or the release of nitric oxide. In addition to oxytocin, catecholamines, e.g., norepinephrine and dopamine, are released, and these are involved in pair bond formation.

Dopamine antagonists which induce reward and pleasure, release oxytocin, and interactions between oxytocin and dopamine have been reported in rats, as well as humans. Interactions between oxytocin in catecholamines are thought to provide a mechanism for rewarding or reinforcing pair bonding. Furthermore, catecholamines may be required to activate or reward behaviors, such as arousal and selective attention, as well as the effect of oxytocin and vasopressin in the CNS. The Effect of Kindness on the Common Cold Alongside the well-being effects, kindness can also reduce the incidence of the common cold. This comes from evidence sourced from a randomized controlled trial in which patients who rated their clinicians as showing greater empathy demonstrated a reduction in common cold severity and duration, as well as increases in immune response levels.

Kindness, whatever form it takes, appears to induce physiological and psychological responses in beneficial participants. Early results from randomized controlled trials are promising and indicate that kindness-focused interventions alright all tangible fields of exploration with regards to pain management, mental health, and in the context of being a protective factor against physical illness such as the cold. The effect of kindness is also scalable, as they induce feeding and responses in the individual as well as recipients. References Further ReadingMore..

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