'The rage is growing': Beirut braces itself for protests on first anniversary of port explosion

'The rage is growing': Beirut braces itself for protests on first anniversary of port explosion

8/4/2021 5:57:00 AM

'The rage is growing': Beirut braces itself for protests on first anniversary of port explosion

Protesters say senior political and security figures are responsible for the tragedy but they are frustrated at the lack of accountability.

Image:Beirut will mark the first anniversary of the blast this weekMr Naggear added:"What justice means for us is that all the criminals, the ruling mafia, are held accountable: behind bars or worse."We are hoping to take our country back because part of justice for us is to live in a safe country, progressive, democratic country.

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"We can't live here if these criminals are still in power. It's part of our fight and what we hope for is to get rid of them."It is a view shared by many ordinary Lebanese people who are struggling with the country's economic collapse and feel worn down by decades of corruption and political incompetence.

Nationwide protests in the autumn of 2019 had briefly offered some hope that the decades old political system, based on antiquated sectarian quotas, could be overturned.However by early 2020, Lebanon's economic decline, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, deepened and street protests subsided. headtopics.com

The events of last summer led to an outpouring of popular anger and forced the resignation of the government.A year on, political infighting has meant that a replacement government still hasn't been formed, as millions of people contend with rising unemployment, fuel and medicine shortages, and rolling power cuts.

Families of the victims and thousands across the country are now demanding an independent investigation into who was responsible for the port explosion. Human Rights Watch is urging the United Nations to intervene.Aya Majzoub, Lebanon researcher at Human Rights Watch, told Sky News:"A host of Lebanese government, security and judicial officials were not only aware of the ammonium nitrate in hangar 12 of Beirut's port but were aware of the dangers posed by the ammonium nitrate to public safety.

"Yet, none of them took the appropriate actions to remove the threat and protect the public."There is no doubt that the 4 August explosion was allowed to happen due to the sheer corruption, mismanagement and incompetence in Beirut's port as well as within Lebanese institutions."

Calls for an international investigation have gained traction in recent months with Lebanon's political leadership accused of a cover-up.The judge leading the local investigation was removed from his position in February after he charged a series of former prime ministers with criminal negligence. His successor has been prevented from lifting the immunity of senior politicians so they can face questioning. headtopics.com

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