Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, The Brexit Party

Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel

The only way to get Brexit done now is for Boris to back no deal

The war of words with Brussels shows no sign of abating.

10/10/2019 8:00:00 AM

'For Leavers, the most popular option by far now is a clean break Brexit,' writes Nigel_Farage

The war of words with Brussels shows no sign of abating.

The proposals put forward by Boris Johnson that have led Britain to this point were an improvement on the previous surrender treaty, but they were never going to be accepted in full by the EU. For one thing, the next few years would have relied entirely on the good faith of Brussels – something that has been in short supply since 2016.

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I understand why Johnson set off on this rocky road. Keeping his split party together and possibly gaining a majority in parliament are undeniably important. But, frankly, I am pleased that this latest proposed deal is now all but dead. In fact, I’m feeling more optimistic about Brexit than I have for a long time. The choice is looking clearer. Either we leave the bloc, or we remain in it.

This week, something else caught my attention. The incoming EU foreign policy boss at the EU Commission, Josep Borrell, said that the EU army needed to be expanded from 35,000 troops to 60,000 troops and must be “more operational”. In 2014, I had a TV debate with Nick Clegg in which I stated that I didn’t want the UK to be part of an EU army or an expansionist EU foreign policy. Clegg tried to ridicule this, calling my words “a dangerous fantasy that is simply not true”.

His outrageous smear encapsulates so much of what the EU establishment has always done and still does to silence dissenting voices. They try like crazy to frame the debate solely in economic terms. Yet, as Borrell has confirmed, the EU is a political project. It is an empire that seeks to expand and use force. Most of us want no part of it.

As has been clear for some time, the Remainers in our country will sink to any level to stop Brexit from happening. Just yesterday, European Parliament President David Sassoli revealed he had met with Speaker Bercow to prevent a clean break Brexit. All rules of impartiality and decency are being abandoned by our political class.

For Leavers, the most popular option by far now is a clean break Brexit, with no political attachments to the European courts or any EU institutions. Leaving is about regaining Britain’s independence and democracy. And in economic terms, it is about becoming competitive, something that Barnier and his team fear deeply.

Soon, I hope, there will be a long overdue general election in which the choices should be clear. Recent Downing Street briefings suggest that as talks with the EU collapse, the Tories will fight the next poll on a clean break ticket. I suppose they have no option. Their repeated promise of leaving the EU by 31 October is highly unlikely to be fulfilled.

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The Tories’ target, dare I say it their obsession, is to try and take ground from the Brexit Party. Rightly, they are worried about voters abandoning them following yet another Conservative failure to deliver Brexit. But even if they did fight the next election on this ticket, why on earth would anybody trust them? In so many recent Tory manifestos, pledges have been made without any intention to deliver them. The public is beginning to realise that.

The fact is that were it not for the existence of the Brexit Party, the government’s current Brexit position would be considerably softer than it is today. There will not be a meaningful Brexit unless there is strong and engaged Brexit Party. I welcome the Prime Minister standing up to German bullying and showing genuine determination to get Brexit done. But I don’t trust his party, at all, on this issue.

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Nigel_Farage We had nothing else to vote on so it just simply means leave the EU. The End!! Nigel_Farage Haye to repeat myself, but there’s no such thing as a clean break Brexit! Nigel_Farage Fantasising Nigel_Farage It's not clean break Brexit. Surely its a whole heap of mess Brexit. No deal means we have nothing. We'll have hiked tariffs as we need to make trade deals we already have in EU. Its not clean break, it's a whole load of years negotiating with no real clout. It's scary

Nigel_Farage Good job they’re a minority then. If you don’t like it, well Leave. Nigel_Farage I'm more resolved than ever we should have a clean brake, why should we give up democracy to trade goods it's like saying to another trader have my building if you let me sell to you Nigel_Farage So say most of us!

Nigel_Farage You are irresponsible garbage purporting as news. Nigel_Farage This has got to happen we voted to leave. There is no law . All these people getting in from France and thousands allowed to remain . Nigel_Farage Hi Nigel can you truthfully describe the consequences of your clean brexit to the majority of people and the full effect on their lives.

Nigel_Farage Describing brexit in this terms is like talking about a clean nuclear explosion. They have both a lot in common. We can call them clean as much as we like, even though everyone knows they will be messy with numerous casualties. Was Hiroshima bombing clean end of WWII for US? Nigel_Farage

Nigel_Farage 🤣 he’s on a losing wicket Nigel_Farage Weird huh! Coburn4Brexit Nigel_Farage MKemp4 with you Nigel 100% BrexitPress Nigel_Farage JOIN OUR LOCAL CAMPAIGN THIS SAT IN ERITH AND THAMESMEAD Nigel_Farage Among all other lies, this one is actually quite laughable. Nigel_Farage Unfortunately the sane & imformed disagree!

Nigel_Farage The Tories have defiled the purity of Brexit with their double standard threat of making a treaty with the EU. We leave on Oct 31st. Nigel_Farage So Leavers are the only people who get a say now? When you said 'Remainers should accept the result' you meant be in permanent hostage to whatever Leavers want?

Nigel_Farage If Boris has made a deal with Leo. He can kiss the Conservative Party goodbye... Nigel_Farage I'm a Brit living in Europe , hard to understand the anti EU sentiment. Just returned from a trip to the UK I'm amazed that refugees risk drowning to leave Europe to get there .Brit policies that make benefits easy to get are the problem, not the EU.

Nigel_Farage Did you tell him there’s no such thing? Nigel_Farage Nigel_Farage It won't be a crash out... WINWIN Nigel_Farage Liar Nigel_Farage Must be true if honest nigel says it. That's nigel who campaigned for a Norway type deal (free movement and paying in). If he can change his mind why cant we PeoplesVote

Nigel_Farage From the traitor who voted against enacting EU law to curb Russian meddling in elections. Nigel_Farage Fortunately, clearer heads are in the majority and wish to remain. Brexit no longer is the will of the people! Nigel_Farage Source? Stats? Independent figures? Thought not. Would expect it from Nige, but surely a 'Newspaper' checks these things?

Nigel_Farage He knows how to write!!!! Nigel_Farage Translation: We still don't have a clue how to achieve the thing we said was so easy. Instead we want to cause chaos and risk lives for no reason. Nigel_Farage So a man who has never won a parliamentary election in the UK lectures us on a clean break solution. That must be hi go to solution like when he left the Conservatives, then left UKIP. clean break with Farage would be my choice. 😊💔👍

Nigel_Farage Short the Pound, Nigel. BraisbyI Nigel_Farage 100 % any deal would involve another 2 or 3 years trying over turn the ‘deal’ and try to get the UK to vote again. Clean break all day long and then we can really negotiate. BrexitPress Nigel_Farage It's what I voted for Nigel. Nigel_Farage Or Boris' plan - either way we're out by October 31st! :)

Nigel_Farage Clean amputation Nigel_Farage Exactly who would that benefit and how? Nigel_Farage Love it. When this madness is over, Farage Ing with Boris need to be tried for treason. For knowing the damage NoDealBrexit would cause and pursuing it regardless. I'm ready with stones. Nigel_Farage More lies from toad man. No deal IS NOT A “CLEAN BREAK”. It merely means months of misery while trying to negotiate trade deals from a significantly weaker position.

Nigel_Farage Nigel_Farage Send most popular option is frontal lobotomy.... RevokeA50 Nigel_Farage Nigel_Farage By keep repeating this tripe won't make it true. Nigel_Farage There is no such thing as a clean break. It’s just a messy break and then a messy beginning, starting years of wrangling sector by sector over trading the meantime ‘joe bloggs’ suffers with bureaucracy and hurdles put up by both sides..

Nigel_Farage I know something I'd like to give a clean break ! and it's not the EU you either get a good deal or revoke Nigel_Farage Absolutely. Nigel_Farage That’s not true though is it? A - no such thing as a clean break brexit. B - it only satisfies hardliners and those standing to make a fortune from it. C - there is a majority (from amalgamated polls) for anything but no deal Brexit. Untruths again.

Nigel_Farage Sooo.. Among the 52% you've finally decided what the most popular option is, does that mean the majority have spoken? Nigel_Farage Let him write all he likes. We don’t have to listen to him then. Nigel_Farage Even if Leave were ahead in the polls, no one voted for a 'clean break Brexit' because in 2016 it was Project Fear. The fact that a majority of a minority might fancy something new is a mandate for sweet FA.

Nigel_Farage It’s the only option for them. It’s the final solution. Look out everybody here come Hitler 2 The Sequel Nigel_Farage Utterly deluded! Only 1 out of 8 polls show people now want Brexit and you can guess who ran that one poll ... Nigel_Farage Can you prove this? I’m guessing not. Nigel_Farage Nigel Do you really know what is going on. Take the blinkers of. Your poll rating is going south

Nigel_Farage AGREED. It was always going to be the way. Nothing to do with Ireland. EU would always have to save face by not offering any deal that makes leaving the EU look attractive. Leave, then deal. The EU will then work quickly to save the remaining economies of nett contributors. Nigel_Farage So this shows he recognizes there were different options -crash out or deal - and that people change their minds. The words ‘most popular’ though suggests he’s still in fantasy land.

Nigel_Farage I just love the way everything has improved, especially how “Crash out with No Deal” has now become a “Clean Break”, that’s so much more positive. Seems that “believing” more is working. Nigel_Farage But that would be illegal Nigel if you are referring to no deal..........? Nigel_Farage Is that the final word on that solution

Nigel_Farage Yep I will agree with that. BritishIndependence JohnArthurBetts Nigel_Farage Come on Telegraph wake up! Nigel_Farage What about for the country as a whole? Or are Leavers the only people who matter these days? Nigel_Farage Nigel_Farage Farage=💩💩💩 Nigel_Farage Nigel_Farage Nigel_Farage REPEAT AFTER ME. There is no such thing as a clean break.

Nigel_Farage '204 out of 226 polls since July 2017 have shown Remain ahead, with just seven for Leave, and 15 ties.' Or the minority as it’s now known. Nigel_Farage I wonder if he chose that photo thinking it made him look intelligent and statesmanlike? In reality it makes him look confused and constipated.

Nigel_Farage We are with you Nigel_Farage You have my greatest respect and I want to bring my children home to Britain to again be the greatest country. Defying UKLabour History shall not be written in the blood of the defeated because as English Men & women we are not defeated. Nigel_Farage No-one cares what xenophobes want.

Nigel_Farage Nigel_Farage 👍👍👍👍👍 Nigel_Farage Farage talks out of his arse Nigel_Farage “Clean” 😂😂😂 Nigel_Farage Yeah... Nahhhh. Unless you think we should never have a future trade deal with the EU (lol) then the idea of leaving without a deal is abject nonsense. Nigel_Farage It is just a shame that Leavers don’t have the final say on what Brexit means. Just because the Leave vote won in 2016, does not mean only the 17.4m people who voted for that get to determine what Brexit looks like.

Nigel_Farage Will there be a GE or a second referendum now? Nigel_Farage Every single poll [excluding loony tunes Breitbart] says otherwise... Nigel Haw Haw Farage is getting desperate in his claims... But then he has a lot of very rich people targeting his back 🤔 Nigel_Farage There is no other option. The remoaners have guaranteed the EU will not negotiate in good faith.

Nigel_Farage WHAT. A. LIE. Farage spinning propaganda to make his rich friends richer and everyone else poorer + not to mention leaving an utterly diminished and divided country in their wake... 👎👎 Nigel_Farage Yup 110% Nigel_Farage Yes. Run and don't look back. Nigel_Farage As opposed to voting for an extension, Nigel?

Nigel_Farage There is no such thing as a clean break. It means years of brexit negotiations and trade deals to be done from the weakest position possible. Nigel_Farage But as they are now a about respecting the wishes of the majority? Nigel_Farage I doubt that you back a no-deal; YOU GET HANDED a no deal.

Nigel_Farage Is that a clean break as in, we break relations, trade and possibly lots of industries and then come crawling back for a deal later when we realise that we need to trade with the EU. That looks like a fantastic idea. A bit like hitting yourself in the head with a cricket bat. Nigel_Farage A clean break by England from both the UK and EU would be the preferred option.

DagenhamMKIII Nigel_Farage What even is that? Norway? A no clue Brexit does the same thing Brexit did in 2016. It means whatever people want it to mean and allows people to not think! It only delays the inevitable con that the destination isn’t agreed by people in that same group! Nigel_Farage Chaos Brexit

Nigel_Farage Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he? It probably holds for true beleavers; but how many of those are there out there? A confirmatory referendum would tell us. Nigel_Farage No such thing as A clean break brexit RevokeArticle50 CountrybeforeParty RevokeRemainRebuild Nigel_Farage Nigel_Farage So according to the opinion polls, that Nigel refers to, not all brexiteers want no deal and the majority of the population now want to remain. The vast majority of the country do not want no deal.

Nigel_Farage How can you allow this fascist racist liar to publish articles in your paper, you should be ashamed. Clearly if Farage wants this, then it's bad for Britain, don't think any deeper comment is necessary. StopBrexit Nigel_Farage I’d agree with that Nigel_Farage No such thing. It’ll be chaos.

Nigel_Farage Apart from the fact that doesn’t exist. Nigel_Farage There is no such thing as a “clean break” brexit. This is a soundbite for the utterly stupid. Nigel_Farage Leavers aren’t in a majority, and most people just want this finished. This is another play in the capture of the Tory party by the ultras. Along with false briefings about the negotiations and Merkel. An attempt to create chaos to boost the fortunes of their sponsors.

Nigel_Farage I agree. I believe, EU has negotiated in bad faith in an effort to keep the UK in the EU. It is time to leave the EU with No Deal. BorisJohnson guyverhofstadt eucopresident JunckerEU Nigel_Farage Clean break and return the very next day and talk about the same stuff. Where is your mandate for no deal? Go and get your mandate. It looks like you are now the enemies of the people you traitors

Nigel_Farage No one voted for that. It's not going to happen because of the devastation it will cause. Con artist. Nigel_Farage Specious spiv garbage. Nigel_Farage Please ignore Nigel. He stands for nothing. Nigel_Farage Absolute rubbish There is no such thing as 'clean break Brexit' Leave campaign promised an easily obtained deal with EU and economic prosperity for all People actually waking up to the leave lies

Nigel_Farage Thats like 'Big macs the most preferred' by Ronald MaCdonald Nigel_Farage There's no such thing as a 'clean break' Brexit.

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Boris Johnson ready to give up on Brexit dealNo 10 source says agreement looks ‘essentially impossible not just now but ever’ Who'd have thunk? ‘Give up’? What source?

Brexit deal 'overwhelmingly unlikely,' Angela Merkel tells Boris JohnsonBREAKING: Angela Merkel tells BorisJohnson a Brexit deal is 'overwhelmingly unlikely'. A Number 10 source said the pair concluded 'a deal is essentially impossible not just now but ever'. Sky's KateEMcCann has the latest. Read the full story here: BorisJohnson KateEMcCann Yes, great, goodbye then, we're sick of European countries trying to tell us what to do, at times like this, public and mp's loyalty more to Europe than. The UK, shocking really. nodealBrexit BorisJohnson KateEMcCann Thanks to twiddling thumbs Bojo BorisJohnson KateEMcCann Good we leave without one then, she will feel it more than us, 👌👌 getbrexitdelivered

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