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6/12/2020 11:04:00 PM

Four people who died after police contact in the UK.


The week of George Floyd's funeral, TheNextEpisode podcast speaks to the families of Kingsley, Edson, Cherry and Joy who died after police contact in the UK Listen on bbcsounds

Four people who died after police contact in the UK.

Kingsley, Edson, Cherry and Joy

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BBCSounds A d the findings were? The only BAME person killed by police in the last year was a terrorist in a bridge! Put your stories into context with reality! defundBBC pressliesmatter BBCSounds The BBC inciting the mob on the eve of a tense weekend in London. DefundTheBBC BBCSounds Nyugodjanak békében!

BBCSounds Yet again two mouthy black protestors given a platform on news to share there offence and tell us how we must remove everything they find offensive, camera pans to weird African dancing, which I find offensive- not my culture - police stop them !!!😂 BBCSounds He was a scumbag BBCSounds BBC news is dividing and inciting weekend trouble with their negative proactive new feeds! Media scum of the earth!

BBCSounds BBCSounds How about a conversation with the 200+ devastated black families in London who had sons killed by other black men in the last 2 years. Yes 200 !!!!!! Where’s your perspective ffs ? Black Violence Matters BBCSounds DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO IF: 1.) You're not an African born and raised abroad And, 2.) If you're not open minded Here's The Video ↓↓ Let's Discuss.

BBCSounds I've stopped watching the BBC it doesn't represent British values anymore BBCSounds What about this? Why have you never questioned the integrity of neilferguson?

The Luminaries is the next big book-to-TV adaptation we’ll all be watchingThe Luminaries is the next big book-to-TV adaptation we’ll all be watching later this month I don’t know if I can. I loved the book so much. It’s brilliant!

BBCSounds Utterly irresponsible BBCSounds THE MEDIA IS THE VIRUS 🙄 BBCSounds He’s not dead BBCSounds If that Bastard George Floyd hadn’t tried to pass off a forged $20 bill these Communist BLM Terrorists would be quietly sitting in their sewers passing Covid 19 on, high on drugs & stabbing each other. That Floyd has a lot to answer for in Hell 🔥

BBCSounds Bore off BBCSounds Don’t watch don’t believe anything they tell you. It’s all left wing bias. mediascum BBCSounds BBCSounds My sister in law’s teenage brother was murdered the same day as Stephen Lawrence. ...never so much as mentioned in the local rag, nevermind national attention every year since... justsaying fridaymorning

BBCSounds Truly there is no more you could have done to stir up racial unrest here for a killing 4,000 miles away in a different country on a different continent. Bravo, you’ve earned the licence fee we’re forced to pay for you to invest in hating us.

Weather maps could help predict where the next wave of coronavirus will hitWEATHER maps could help predict where the next wave of coronavirus will hit, a new scientific study suggests. In the study, researchers found that areas affected early on in the outbreak were on a … Yes, I belive that the noval corona virus transmission is affected much by temperature and humidity. Stop peddling this misinformation. The Coronavirus was a population control exercise, and people now realise it was a hoax from the start. COVID19 worldsgonemad Plandemic

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Isle of Man removes social distancing restrictions for public next weekIsland takes step after 22 consecutive days without a new coronavirus case

Kingsley, Edson, Cherry and Joy Kingsley, Edson, Cherry and Joy Released On .is based on Eleanor Catton’s 2013 Man Booker Prize-winning novel.: 12 Jun 2020, 7:22 WEATHER maps could help predict where the next wave of coronavirus will hit, a new scientific study suggests.The Folded Roof House in Musk, Sweden, by Claesson Koivisto Rune, featured in Nordic Houses by Dominic Bradbury and published by Thames and Hudson.