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1/11/2022 3:01:00 PM

Symptomless people who get a positive result on their lateral flow test won't need a PCR test to begin self-isolation. Here's why the changes have been made. | ITV National News

Covid testing rules across the UK have been adjusted and you no longer need to get a PCR test if you test positive on a lateral flow test and have no symptoms. Here's everything you need to know, including when you should still do a PCR test

Symptomless people who get a positive result on their lateral flow test won't need a PCR test to begin self-isolation. Here's why the changes have been made. | ITV National News

Tuesday 11 January 2022, 11:50am By ITV News Content Producer Jocelyn Evans across the UK have been adjusted to reduce disruption to businesses caused by staff self-isolating, as the country continues to report high numbers of daily cases due to the spread of Omicron.A man enters a walk-in NHS testing centre in Camberley, Surrey Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Some asymptomatic people will still need to take a PCR test: People who have a positive day two test result after they arrive in England from abroad.Announcing the temporary halting of follow-up PCR tests on Wednesday, the UKHSA said lateral flows were more than 80% effective "at finding people with high viral loads who are most infectious".Will we thank Boris Johnson for muddling through on Omicron? Director of Public Health Dr Rupert Suckling said: "The transmission of Covid-19 in Doncaster is currently soaring and these are rates we have not seen anything like at any other point in the pandemic.

What are the existing rules? Up recently, people without symptoms who test positive on a lateral flow had been asked to take a PCR test and only begin their isolation period when they receive a positive result of that, meaning they could quarantine for more than the minimum of seven days as they should isolate from their positive lateral flow result and seven days after their positive PCR one.This only applied to people who were fully vaccinated and test negative on lateral flows on days six and seven of their isolation are then released - if not, it's the full 10 days of quarantine.Anyone who is taking lateral flow tests as part of research.Boris Johnson is also said to be considering reducing the isolation period to five days in order to help ease staff absences across the economy and public services.Those who test positive on a lateral flow but have no symptoms must still self-isolate for up to 10 days, but they can end quarantine if they receive two negative lateral flow test results, 24 hours apart, on days six and seven.The prime minister's official spokesperson said “if it is possible to go further then we will do so”.With Covid cases high, we can confidently say lateral flow tests can be used to indicate Covid-19 without the need for PCR confirmation.Shifting from PCR to lateral flow testing is the ‘right move’, scientist says What are the new rules? The news rules mean symptomless people who get an initial positive result on their lateral flow test now don't need a PCR test to begin their period of self-isolation.4.

In theory it will allow people to get back to work earlier, having begun their period of quarantine as soon as they received one positive result.Listen to ITV News' podcast - Coronavirus: What you need to know “It also remains really important that anyone experiencing Covid-19 symptoms self-isolates and takes a PCR test via gov.Image caption, Lateral flow tests can be done at home, and show results in 20-30 minutes.The government has said that people who have one of the three main Covid symptoms - high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to the sense of smell or taste - must still get a PCR test.Test and trace will still operate in the same way so long as people register their result.“I’m really grateful to the public and all of our critical workers who continue to test regularly and self-isolate when necessary, along with other practical and important behaviours to limit transmission of the virus, as this is the most effective way of stopping the spread of infection and keeping our friends, families and communities safe.People eligible for the £500 Test and Trace Support Payment will still need to do a PCR to access the financial support, as will those involved in research studies and those at risk of becoming seriously ill with the virus.People who receive Test and Trace financial support, those taking part in Covid research studies and about one million people in England eligible for new NHS treatments for Covid will all be asked to take a follow-up PCR.People in that vulnerable group will be sent a PCR kit by mid-January in case they develop symptoms at any point.

The measure is likely to be temporary.

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I agree not a good move at all, so many testing negative LF and then having a positive PCR ? How is this working in kerbing the virus ? Problem is, LFTs negative and no symptoms. Work routine PCR positive. So if it wasn’t for a routine work PCR would be going around blissfully unaware LFT PCRtest COVID19

Or as it's otherwise known how to get a week off work. (Might be the cynic in me but I suspect this new rule is going to be abused). If you test positive on a LFT you must be a bloody genius bcos it's almost impossible to do. Ive just seen a report saying thats not true. If you test positive you do need to test.

Asymptomatic people with positive Covid test on lateral flow no longer need PCR | ITV NewsThe new rules come into force in England from today, and are already in place across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. | ITV National News

Covid PCR tests end for asymptomatic cases in EnglandA positive lateral flow result can now be taken as a first and final confirmation that you have Covid.

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