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The national interest lies in MPs on all sides working to stop no deal | Keir Starmer

The national interest lies in MPs on all sides working to stop no deal | Keir Starmer


The national interest lies in MPs on all sides working to stop no deal | Keir Starmer

It is time for rebel Tories to join the responsible majority and block Boris Johnson ’s ‘do or die’ pledge

Johnson has boxed himself in. He does not want to work with parliament to break the impasse, he wants to silence it. In a rallying cry to the extreme Brexiteers in his party, he vows to leave the EU on 31 October “do or die”. That means, by Wednesday afternoon, no deal is likely to be official government policy for the first time.

The government’s own economic watchdog has warned that crashing out of the EU would tip the economy into recession. I have spent the past three years travelling across the country talking to businesses and all of them have warned me about the dangers of rupturing our trading relationship with the EU overnight.

Every tool in our armoury must be deployed: amending legislation, forcing emergency debates and triggering no-confidence votes. The majority in parliament must act – and that will involve coordinated work across all political parties.

On Tuesday morning, some ministers will sit around the cabinet table for the last time. They know very well the dangers of no deal. They will have been briefed about what it would mean for jobs, the economy, our public services and the union. They will have seen the advice and read the evidence.

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Why would you want to sabotage Brexit again? Not had enough of it yet? There are plenty of deals to be had with those willing to negotiate on trade only Give it a rest with ya pro EU bull shit Brexit does not clearly make sense to me here in the United States. If the UK was a founding nation that created the EU, please explain why it makes sense to break away from it?

if some kind of deal isn’t found we’ll be heading for the tories propped up by the DUP and the Brexit penalty after the next general election then the nightmares begins 🤔 Keir_Starmer RemainAlliance

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