Uk Coronavirus Lockdown, Coronavirus

Uk Coronavirus Lockdown, Coronavirus

The lack of evidence lockdowns actually worked is a world scandal

There is still not a shred of real proof that the planet's reckless stay-at-home experiment made any difference

5/29/2020 6:46:00 PM

'We have detonated the global economy to pursue a lockdown experiment that may not have worked' writes Sherelle_E_J

There is still not a shred of real proof that the planet's reckless stay-at-home experiment made any difference

The broadcast media is more interested in scalping lockdown flouters than questioning whether shutdowns have served any useful purpose. World-class studies that suggest lockdown did not alter the pandemic’s course are mysteriously vanishing into internet obscurity on first contact with the official narrative. Our greatest minds have resorted to unpicking the issue on offbeat YouTube webinars. No global NGO or lockdown country has launched an investigation into their impact.

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This is a scandal so overwhelming that there is only one good place to start: the evidence as it stands. In accordance with pro-lockdown theory, if stay at home orders worked, you might have expected to see daily deaths spike 3-4 weeks after such measures were implemented. (Studies estimate Covid has a symptom-free incubation period of rougly five days, and fatalities typically die 2-3 weeks after showing symptoms.) But, in Britain, infections may have peaked a week before lockdown, according to Prof Carl Heneghan of Oxford University, with daily deaths in hospitals plateauing a fortnight after it was introduced. We are not an anomaly: peak dates across Europe also seem to confound the official theory.

Don’t just take my word for it. A University of the East Anglia study posits that Europe's “stay-at-home policies” were not effective. A JP Morgan investigation suggests the virus “likely has its own dynamics” which are “unrelated to often inconsistent lockdown measures”. But such insights have failed to induce even the vaguest quiver of serious mainstream debate.

Nobel prize-winning bio-physicist Michael Levitt has fared little better, despite his valiant one-man effort to expose the inconvenient truth about Covid numbers. He has claimed, sensationally, that the modelling that justified lockdown made the fatally incorrect assumption that Covid-19’s spread is continuously exponential. In fact, his research has found an uncanny pattern across numerous countries whereby the virus grows exponentially for two weeks, before slowing seemingly irrespective of lockdown and social distancing measures.

In a more sensible world, such findings might stir thoughtful debate about whether Covid was burning out naturally before lockdowns began. It might also prompt a global effort to put other pieces of the puzzle together – for example, establishing whether there is a correlation between countries with high death rates and countries that failed to protect care homes. (They make up half of fatalities in Belgium, which has suffered the worst Covid death toll per capita).

But as the holes in Project Lockdown multiply, its advocates flap incoherently to keep their theory afloat. Not least in Britain, where the goal of lockdown lurches from “flattening the curve” to staving off a “second wave” – to, apparently, averting the first wave’s “second peak”. But if the UK’s hunger for second wave speculation has proved insatiable, the raw data is disappointingly bland: with countries across Asia, Europe and beyond opening up, the only countries experiencing material second waves are... Iran and Djibouti, where data lacks reliability to say the least.

The poorest look set to pay the highest price for lockdown hysteria: while half of people on £10 per hour face the sack, deprived areas in the North are predicted to be the worst hit by soaring joblessness. Meanwhile, in Italy, industrial jobs collapse and Spain’s endemic poverty spirals into an existential calamity.

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Such too is the tragic arc of Covid-19’s story in the global south, where following in the West’s footsteps could yet ravage the vulnerable. Take Brazil. Western media’s relentless narrative that the country is gripped by an unprecedented coronavirus catastrophe because President Bolsonaro has been belligerently sceptical of lockdown is misleading. In fact, with deaths per million still five times lower than in Britain, and an economy weeks from total collapse, there is perhaps time yet for the West to lead a humanitarian effort to help Brazil and other Latin American countries.

We should be doing everything we can to help them isolate their vulnerable, placing them in Covid-free facilities if necessary, while the healthy carry on. Instead the WHO, in its disgraceful 25 May press conference, effectively sold poorer countries a defeatist half-truth: in the absence of “tremendous capacities” for measures like track and trace, their only hope is full-scale lockdown.

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Sherelle_E_J This luddite lock down was a waste of money Sherelle_E_J Our political class have handed over power to public health culture which is the most nanny state culture of all and has little regard to economics or personal liberty. Sherelle_E_J We detonated in 2016 when we decided to leave the EU

Sherelle_E_J Will it was pretty apparent that not locking down wasn't bringing us the greatest of success! Sherelle_E_J Governments have a moral responsibility to safeguard their population as best as they can. From the information available they are doing the best they can given the magnitude of the problem. The fact they have sacrificed their countries growth and economy’s should be applauded.

NEWS_MAKER Sherelle_E_J Wuhan brought in 40 incinerators. Sherelle_E_J Evidence of lockdown working are the low infection rates and death rates in countries who locked down early like New Zealand etc. Also look at previous pandemics like the 1918 Spanish Flu to see how big the disaster could be. Sherelle_E_J Or we could have detonated casualties into many millions to pursue an economic experiment that didn't work instead

Sherelle_E_J This is almost FlatEarth in its foolishness. I remember when the Telegraph wasn't just a barmy propoganda rag. Sherelle_E_J Today the UK comes out of Lockdown with high infection rates and without a working Test, Trace, Isolate and Support infrastructure in place. It never made a proper concerted effort to stop the virus. The Lockdown was all about appeasing the mood. BorisHasFailedUK

Sherelle_E_J You’re alive aren’t you. Proof enough

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Sherelle_E_J Well, maybe we are all wrong, but perharps an worse experiment would be to act like nothing was going on, or lock the elderly down. It seems to me that after the pandemic worst moment it's easy to point fingers. In the next pandemic I believe we might use what we've learned. Sherelle_E_J

RaymondArroyo Sherelle_E_J Once we realized that we manufactured 100,000 too many ventilators we should have also realized that the modeling was wrong. Sherelle_E_J So, the UK just became the country with the highest daily death rate in the world? Sherelle_E_J 2 weeks too late is what you mean. Critical. Killed thousands. Not me saying it, but y'know, experts!

Sherelle_E_J Time to raise the bridges to! Can anyone explain how rioters who were on foot trashing NE MLK the other night manage to cross the bridges in mass to riot and loot downtown the other night and then go back again across the bridges carrying their loot? Sherelle_E_J Yet more psychotic trash

Sherelle_E_J What about Sweden vs Norway? Sherelle_E_J It's an interesting possibility that is gaining some traction, especially when you consider even in the UK the peak for infections came before the lockdown. And in other countries the rate of infections has decreased after easing. Sherelle_E_J

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Sherelle_E_J Is she a doctor/scientist? If not, I don't want to read a single word she writes. Sherelle_E_J Evidence is to the contrary, unless you view people as disposal. Sherelle_E_J So... Sweden is right? Sherelle_E_J It didn't work and it was idiotic, obviously🤒 But, the thing is not eradicated and if it turns out that it comes back during the flu season, together with regular flu and colds, many countries (the UK surely!) will become irrational and paranoid and will lock down again

Sherelle_E_J It's 50/50! Sherelle_E_J The 'experiment' has saved countless lives, A estimated two thirds of lives lost could have been saved if the UK had shutdown just a week earlier, this is propaganda gutter trash journalism keeptheschoolsclosed Sherelle_E_J It depends if you value share holder profits over human lives?

Sherelle_E_J I know you ditched experts in 2016...but I didn't realise we'd completely abandoned facts and evidence.

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