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Unemployment, Gig Economy

The Guardian view on full employment: fiction not fact | Editorial

The Guardian view on full employment: fiction not fact | Editorial


The Guardian view on full employment: fiction not fact | Editorial

Editorial: The country followed a rabbit down the austerity hole, but there’s no Brexit wonderland for Britain’s workers

The “employment miracle” hailed by ministers is in fact a symptom of a British disease of economic insecurity. Unstable, precarious, low-paying and temporary jobs have become the norm for too many. The number of part-timers who can’t find full-time jobs is rising by 18,000 a month. In the middle of 2018, there were 781,000 people on zero-hours contracts. There are now 974,000. Then there is the growth in self-employment. In 2000 around 11.7% of those employed set up businesses on their own, where they earn considerably less than those with full-time jobs. That number is now 15.2%, the highest on record.

David Blanchflower, professor of economics at Dartmouth College, says in a forthcoming paper that “there is little evidence … that [the UK labour market is] anywhere close to full employment and [hasn’t] been … since the onset of the Great Recession”. The Guardian cannot see why he is wrong. A lack of well-paying jobs has a big cost for society: people are less happy and they worry more. One can be accused of being too gloomy and told that Britain has a bright future ahead. No doubt somewhere a hatter is holding a tea party with a dormouse in the teapot.

Is there any sign that Boris Johnson understands that monetary policy has failed and there needs to be fiscal intervention to bolster demand for proper jobs? Not much. Just increasing the fiscal deficit won’t help – in the US Donald Trump is spending 4.6% of GDP more than he takes in taxes (the comparable UK figure is about 2%). However, most of the cash flows via tax cuts to the richest, who do not spend it. Mr Johnson promises infrastructure spending in Labour areas that voted Tory. The economic returns from such spending won’t materialise for a decade – not in time to impress anyone who lent the Tories their votes. Mr Johnson might opt for broader tax cuts, but the cash is likely to be used by firms and households to reduce high debt levels. If Mr Johnson wanted to spend for sustainable prosperity, he’d be looking at shovel-ready projects in distressed areas. Instead the PM is eyeing a vote to restore the power of governments to time elections to suit their partisan purposes. That may be a bigger clue to the nature of Mr Johnson’s fiscal stimulus than anything in next month’s budget.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

zero hour contracts offer young people no hope - no future - they are just casual labour - may suit some but not proper jobs Uberisation of work. More people work but with lower wages which makes them poor workers. Great for the statistics but actually... What's kept wages low, answer is EU migrants. 25 years ago I left McDonald's and got a job in a warehouse and the hourly was double that at McDonald's. Now warehouses are mainly staffed by EU workers and the wages are you he same as Mcd's.

Are the same at McDonald's.

The Guardian view on Boris Johnson’s government: eugenicists not wanted | EditorialEditorial: The press – and opponents within and without the Tory party – have brought Dominic Cummings to heel. But his mission remains the pursuit of polarising politics. 'No Arab is superior to a non Arab, No white is over a black and no black is over a white except in piety and good actions Remember one day you will stand infront of God and answer for your actions. So do not stray from righteousness after I am gone. - Muhammad God's messenger Might I suggest he be chemically castrated What does the Guardian want to happen to him now? What will satisfy you?

BBC sack pundit Craig Ramage over criticism of Derby County's 'young black lads'The BBC has cut ties with football pundit Craig Ramage after he singled out Derby County's 'young black lads' for criticism Identity politics in 2020 people Would there be this much outrage if a black pundit said ‘young white lads’

Average UK wages rise above pre-financial crisis levelsAbout 180,000 more people are in work – taking employment level to 32.9 million Boy look at the damage Brexit has done to our wag- wait. I don't know about you, but I'm starting to think that Project Fear was nothing more than a mendacious propaganda campaign... 😏 Just in time for another financial crisis

Employment numbers up despite broader economic slowdownThe number of people in work in Britain increased by 180,000 in the last three months of 2019, according to the Office for National Statistics. Oh dear. More good news for the msm to have to deliver. Dom:'Oh - Coffee'! Ther:'Sir, yes sir - Raspy' Dom:'Employment rates?' Ther:'?' Dom:'Need to think outside the box - Coffee' Ther:'?' Dom:'Dead JSA's?' Ther:'Gulp!' Dom:'Superforecasting lateral thinking wise' Ther:'Weird?' Dom:'Pushing-up the daisies' Ther:'Ah - Employed then!'

Andrew Sabisky: minister urges review of No 10 hiring processKwasi Kwarteng says views of Johnson ex-adviser are ‘racist, offensive and objectionable’ Does Kwasi not know about the views of our PM? 😳 How long do you think he will keep his job?

'Unlike migrants at the border, we are inseparable': Fake wedding registry website mocks alleged white nationalist Stephen Miller's weddingFull Frontal with Samantha Bee creates registry to donate items to immigrant organisations alleged? The wedding band... Show

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