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The Government's 'assurances’ to Nissan pose as many questions as answers

Back in October 2016 Brexit was still young.

2/5/2019 2:20:00 PM

Government 'assurances’ to Nissan pose as many questions as answers Sunderland

Back in October 2016 Brexit was still young.

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The self-styled QAnon 'shaman' was one of the suspects the FBI had been looking for.

Justice league 'assurances’ to Nissan pose as many questions as answers Sunderland Nissan shouldn't be given any bribes or subsidies to stay in the UK. If they want to leave then they can leave. The words “backstop” hadn’t yet been heard That is true The Leave campaign talked of many solutions to the NI border The rest of the article is desperate pathetic bullshit

Brexit is the wrong answer to the wrong question | LettersLetters: We need an honest discussion about the causes of rising poverty and how leaving the EU would make matters worse, writes Dr Dominic Horne, while Dr Richard Milne provides a useful analogy Specially after Russia ran a propaganda campaign to influence the outcome. 🐂 💩 It's not about money, it's about freedom.

Answers to your most-asked snow questionsHow should I drive in the snow? Why does salt melt ice? How can I boost my immune system? When you have a snow ball in your hand, how many balls you have left on your body Can you really eat yellow snow? Don't eat the yellow or brown stuff 👍🏼

Answers to your most-asked snow questionsHow do I de-ice my car? 🚗 How can I boost my immune system? 🤒 Why does salt melt ice? ❄️ Your questions about the freezing weather, answered Not in kent it’s raining we in Russia know it all very well - we have it every winter Birmingham has not had a single flake of snow since the weather warnings. ⛄️ ❄️ wastedmymoneyonasledge

Government 'may pull multi-million pound support for Nissan'Staff at the Sunderland plant are to hold talks with trade union Unite as the factory will no longer make Nissan 's X-Trail model. Is may similar to could? Government should claim back all that money they have spent for pulling out on a deal. They are quick enough to send the bailiffs round to vulnerable people, for a £60 fine Thats a good way to get all the jobs gone as quickly as possible

Government 'pledged £80m to Nissan'The cash depended on now-abandoned plans to make the X-Trail model in the UK, the FT says. Why does the government g need all these cars what are they planning. They are going to overthrow the will of the people's with cars. 80m save that can now go to the NHS. Where is all this bribe money coming from? We've been told for 10 years that our NHS, police forces, social care, education has all suffered because of the need to make cuts.

Government letter to Nissan reveals Brexit promise to carmarkers Business secretary vowed to maintain manufacturers’ capacity to trade with EU We can't buy a FTA with a letter. The EU has one with Japan. We have Liam Fox. Wasn't UK money supposed to go to the NHS after Brexit? Come on, we all knew there was a sweetener deal to keep Nissan in the UK. They saw their market access disappearing, put their hopes in an FTA with the EU, got it, shut up shop. It's what I would have done. Reapply for the remaining £61m? Why, they don't need it.

Brexiter MPs unmoved by EU hint at legal assurance on backstopCross-party group unable to tell EU official that MPs would back deal with added protocol Why can no one understand that nothing short of no deal will ever be enough for these people they are fanatics

Transport secretary refusing to answer questions about handing no-deal Brexit contract to ferry firm with no ships, say MPsChris Grayling also declines to explicitly reject allegations that he acted illegally - because there was no open tender Sounds like BREXIT is similar to Trumpland. Lots of shady deals, winky-winks, and odd government contracts to unqualified people. Is this why they harping on and on about Free Trade. As in free to do what they like without any accountability or scrutiny ? Is he allowed to refuse?

Kendall Jenner Instagram: Kardashian star poses completely NAKED in jaw-dropping shootKendall Jenner tells fans 'I can help you, and it's ok, I understand you and I'm going to try to connect with you'. She says this as she is named as the new face of Proactiv skincare.

World War 3 WARNING: Trump INF treaty withdrawal poses 'new military THREAT' claims expertUS PRESIDENT Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from a key nuclear treaty with Russia on Friday represents a significant 'long-term' threat to NATO and its European allies, a former US official argued last night.