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Coronavirus Outbreak, European Union

The government fails to fix testing problem: Politics Weekly podcast

The government fails to fix testing problem: Politics Weekly podcast

4/1/2020 3:40:00 PM

The government fails to fix testing problem: Politics Weekly podcast

Rowena Mason chats to Kate Proctor, Andrew Fisher, and Jennifer Rankin about what’s happening in politics this week

12.56 BSTThe Guardian’s deputy political editor, Rowena Mason, is joined by Kate Proctor to talk about how theare doing in his absence as he self-isolates in a flat above No 11 Downing Street. Read more: The Guardian »

Testing rate Germany: 350.000 / week You make my brain ache It is becoming very clear that not one country had a game-plan for such a huge problem. What are all those think-tanks doing, besides costing and collecting $$$/€€€€. Prove to me that testing saves lives. Then is dishonest about it it’s nonsensical at the moment but these lot of the old Guard ministers including Borris will be gone in the next few years the tories won’t want them to be the face of an election campaign in 4 years time especially with the mishandling of this crisis becomes apparent

The Government fails. That would have been sufficient. Quando la propaganda è essenziale alla sopravvivenza politica è supera i contenuti

UK ministers accused of overstating scale of coronavirus testingGovernment around 3,000 tests short of meeting claimed target of 10,000 a day

UK must go 'further, faster' on virus testingUK must go 'further, faster' to ramp up coronavirus testing capacity, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove says BBCPolitics Where are we on a. Vaccine b. Treatment c. Cure BBCPolitics Very boring hearing the same thing daily when nothing has changed. Stop talking about ramping up and be honest about what you can actually do. BBCPolitics Must go = should have gone.

UK coronavirus live: government under pressure to boost testing of NHS staffAll the day’s developments in the UK Covid-19 crisis Key workers who can't stay at home need to be monitored with testing. We can't afford absenteeism due to possible cases. Those hospitalised with symptoms need testing. Those who die need testing. Those locked down at home do not need (antigen) testing for the virus.

MPs' fury over Government's decision to order ventilators from ChinaThe Government has asked China to supply ventilators to the NHS after a number of British companies were rejected for failing to meet the specifications, The Telegraph has learned. The Chinese government should provide enough ventilators, free of charge. While on there i phone which is made in China! Time for a reckoning!

Hospitals urged to use lab space to test NHS staffThe advice comes as the government faces growing criticism over a lack of testing for frontline staff. In all fairness the NHS only had three months to prepare for this. Seriously, are any NHS staff at home self diagnosed and self isolating going to go there with the prospect of being tested negative and then being immediately sent to the front line. Instead of being home with a 'cold' and watching Netflix? So there know going to blame the hospitals for not doing the tests on staff.

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