The funniest reactions to this photo of Joe Biden and Boris Johnson

The funniest reactions to this photo of Joe Biden and Boris Johnson

6/13/2021 7:30:00 AM

The funniest reactions to this photo of Joe Biden and Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson and Joe Biden met on Thursday for the first time for photo ops discussions at the G7 summit, ranging from climate change to international relations.

Some people thought the body language in the pic revealed that Biden regarded himself as more important or powerful than Johnson:Others didn’t delve as deeply into the photo and just thought it was funny, and came up with some brilliant captions:The G7 summit is being held in Carbis Bay in Cornwall. Today, leaders of wealthy nations were put under pressure to do more to share the burden of protecting the world from the virus. Tonight, they will relax over a fancy dinner attended by the Queen which will be sure to bring about more great photos.

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FFS leftardation Those were 'the funniest'? You obviously didn't look too far outside your own bubble, weirdos. Go and put your trunks on and swim out there as far as you can

Try harder, Boris – here's what I'd have given Biden at the G7 summit'This felt like a missed opportunity to celebrate a particular area’s extraordinary, and sometimes underappreciated, contribution to art. Cornwall is a county with more artists than pasties' | Writes TATFS

Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden share a moment after G7 leaders' photo – videoBoris Johnson was left lingering with Angela Merkel as he waited for the pair to catch up UK has a bad variant going around. Even vax...wear mask. Discussing a wife swap that evening ❤️Macron

Joe Biden ‘a breath of fresh air’, says Boris Johnson as pair push Brexit tensions to backgroundPrime Minister and US president put on a show of unity ahead of the G7 summit, with talks described as ‘fantastic’ and ‘productive’

Is Joe Biden sleeping in my bed?👀 'The G7 leaders are staying in the hotel where I had my last summer holiday. I’m sure they’re enjoying it – but I have one piece of advice'

Joe and Jill Biden greet G7 leaders on the beach in CornwallJoe Biden and Jill Biden greeted G7 leaders on the beach in Cornwall Friday for the official start of the summit to rebuild relationships that were 'frayed' during four years of President Donald Trump Baby trump trying to get all the attention Just so we know who is really in charge in UK

No joint press conference for Joe Biden and Vladimir PutinPresident Joe Biden will hold a solo press conference after his meeting with Vladimir Putin next week, denying the Russian president the opportunity to stand by him. Trump would stand for hours doing questions. Sleepy Joe stumbles through his autocue then departs with a laugh and a smile!!!!. Much like his VP who just laughs at everything… Feel sorry for the citizens of the US. How can he stand “after” the talks “next week”? Wouldn’t it be refused and before the talks OR “will refuse”? Where do you get your information from? It’s NOT true.