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The EU has negotiated in bad faith all along

The EU has negotiated in bad faith all along | @MPIainDS

10/9/2019 9:30:00 AM

The EU has negotiated in bad faith all along | MPIainDS

It is beyond obvious now that the only way for the UK to strike a deal is from the outside

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MPIainDS Rubbish! The EU have never wavered. The bad faithless with the xenophobes pushing Brexit for whom being out of the EU, matters more than any otherconsideration. They are liars plain and simple. MPIainDS La liberté ça se prend sans demander l’avis du geôlier ! MPIainDS They haven't negotiated in bad faith because they haven't negotiated!

MPIainDS The hideous Daily Obscurer, is beyond belief. MPIainDS I’ll not be renewing my subscription to the Telegraph. The conservatives own this expensive mess. Brexit is a total disaster that’s ripped the country apart. MPIainDS Ridiculous. We have only ourselves to blame for this mess MPIainDS I think MPIainDS is misunderstanding the 🇮🇪 position. If they believe any checks will be seen as a betrayal of the spirit of the GFA they cannot agree to them. If they are imposed due to the actions of the 🇬🇧. Different kettle of fish.

MPIainDS So says the bogeyman MPIainDS FailingTelegraph dishonestly massages its click rate by publishing loads of shite and pish to enrage peeps and then tells Stairlift & prune juice advertisers 'Tarquin is making leaps and bounds with our digital market-share!' MPIainDS Bore_us some more... MPIainDS I think it 'negotiated' on the assurance that Brexit was to be in name only. I don't blame them for looking after their interests, I blame our quislings.

MPIainDS MPIainDS How hard is it to understand? The EU with defend Ireland, Boris put forward a bad plan that was not intended to be acceptable MPIainDS The EU has followed EU rules which Britain grip to form and now wants to change them to suit themselves MPIainDS What was that £350m a week on a side of a bus then? Good faith? 🤣🤣🤣 The Telegraph seriously needs a pill for their Orange Grove Syndrome 😂

MPIainDS MPIainDS More nonsense from the BorisJohnson fanzine. And people are expected to pay to read this stuff. MPIainDS please explain. A lot of talk about the 'new deal' but it seems to be the 'old deal' with a backstop fudge - so it is still remain NI has a 'Veto' every 4 years so the EU are sure that they are not going to allow border options to be found

MPIainDS They are scared to death of us because we will be better than them, always have been and always will MPIainDS What a bunch of nonsense! ... and you call yourself reporters? Do you actually do any reporting or just make up stories in a meeting room? You really shouldnt peddle lies to an increasingly informed public.

MPIainDS LeoVaradkar is the one to blame, he is obsessed with unification issue, Ireland will suffer considerably if there is no deal MPIainDS FakeNews MPIainDS Whereas Johnson hasn’t bothered until the 11th hour MPIainDS The telegraph has pushed the us vs them narrative and failed to cover that the govt can't come to a unified position. And EU has duty to its members not the member leaving.

MPIainDS Indeed they have. Our plan was to have our cake and eat it, and when we presented it to them, they intractably stuck to their “fundamental freedoms”. Clearly they didn’t realise we were serious. MPIainDS The Daily Torygraph rag is not even pretending to be balanced, objective or fair. MPIainDS The telegraph Tory paper

MPIainDS They agreed terms of brexit with the UK. It's the UK that shifted the goalposts MPIainDS And our negotiations were based on lies, mistruths and placating the ERG and DUP. Laughable! BorisJohnson duponline jeremycorbyn joswinson Anna_Soubry CarolineLucas NicolaSturgeon RoryStewartUK DavidLammy DavidGauke

MPIainDS MPIainDS Ah the Tory Pravda with its usual wrong take MPIainDS Desperation kicks in. MPIainDS Headlines: ☑️ Boris to be called to answer for late submission to the LondonAssembly JenniferArcuri ☑️ 60% of electorate want a 2ndRef ☑️ Boris doubles our national debt which today stands at £3 trillion ☑️ We are sorry but we are run by a Cummings fanatic

MPIainDS Even Brexiteers can see this is propaganda. There is no bad faith- right at the start the EU said there could be no ‘cherry picking’. 🍒🍒The EU has been consistent. This level of accusation and unfounded rhetoric is going to backfire on the ‘Leave’ argument.

Brexit LIVE: Boris Johnson warns Macron ‘don’t be lured into belief UK will Remain in EU’

Grant Shapps warns of grave 'consequences' as UK prepares to 'punish' EU over Brexit delayGRANT SHAPPS warned that both the EU and UK could see consequences if the UK punishes EU nations in favour of a Brexit extension. Good luck with that Grant. Yeah sure Grant, a mess of your own making, good luck with that

No 10 blames EU as Johnson's Brexit plan fails to make progressSpokesman says PM is waiting for EU27 to engage with proposals after muted response so far And that's news? Hello_world There_are_people_Making Revolution_now_in_iraq ! Show_your_support_for_the right_of_Iraq_people_to protest_peacefully Save_the_Iraqi_people HELP_Iraq saveIraqipeople Should we remind the Dick Head in charge...the EU didn't force us to have a referendum, or for us to trigger Article 50. It was our own stupidity.

BBC's Katya Adler says EU nations on brink of defying Barnier to break Brexit deadlockEUROPEAN UNION member states are soon to intervene directly to put an end to the Brexit deadlock between the bloc and the UK, BBC Europe editor Katya Adler claimed. Katya is one of the very best in understanding the workings within Brussels. I hope she's right in her analysis again this time. This is not what she says.

Brexit: EU decision on Boris Johnson's deal could happen by 'end of the week'.BorisJohnson was urged by EmmanuelMacron to 'engage in discussions swiftly' so that a decision can be made this week about the latest Brexit proposals BorisJohnson EmmanuelMacron EU puppet speaks no one listens sort your own country out pip squeak BorisJohnson EmmanuelMacron Giving the DUP the ability to create a hard border, after forcing EU Guarantee never to put infrastructure on any EU exit point to protect the single market has to go. Once again the DUP is the No. 1 problem with Deal. Giving them a chance to break with an all Ire economy is mad BorisJohnson EmmanuelMacron Macron will say 'A deal can be done, but not at the EU summit, therefore more time is needed with an extention'

Leaked Brexit planning memo offers no new guidance for departing EUPlanners exasperated over lack of detail in confidential document sent on 26 September We are STAYING There seems to be plenty of preparation for retaliatory action AGAINST Ireland if they don’t toe the British line. Not surprised. If you watch the Brexit adverts from the government, one of he advice given is to check the passport that it is valid to travel to the EU. Explain to me how, BorisJohnson , when details of what visa requirements there will be has not been negotiated yet 🤦🏼‍♀️