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Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care as his virus symptoms worsen.

4/7/2020 2:04:00 AM

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms 'worsened' CoronavirusNewscast’s bbclaurak jamestgallagher and adamfleming have the latest on the PM's condition

Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care as his virus symptoms worsen.

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JamesTGallagher bbclaurak adamfleming Can we be sure we're not being lied to? Are there any guarantees the PM & team around him aren't lying? People ask if CV19 tests are flawed/showing negatives when people are positive? But no one is asking if all CV19 tests show up as positive? Why? JamesTGallagher bbclaurak adamfleming Hi James. On 14 March you wrote a piece for BBC website about corona virus. There’s a photo with the title “a patient being treated with an ECMO machine”. 1) the machine is for dialysis not ECMO 2) the patient is not ventilated - they must be, to be on ECMO

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Absolutely no one cares. Have yall seen TigerKing ? bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Dear BBC news can you stop the endless moronic speculation about Johnson a waste of air time! Regular bulletins of actual fact please! bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Anyone else getting fed up of BBC's profit of doom Laura Kuesenburg she seems to be revelling in it all any need to be dressed in all white to stand out against the dark background and why doesn't she stay inside!!

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Amazing how boris will suddenly be remembered as a 'really great guy etc'. The hypocrisy of people astounds me. In my opinion we all know that there was a good chance that he would have joined the SS faster than he could shout 'Heil Hitler'! bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Can you explain what happens if Dominic Raab becomes unwell and can't undertake PM deputising duties please

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Hopefully, he will battle it and come through. bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Speedy recovery Mr Boris Johnson. bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Wish him a speedy recovery 🙏. Get well soon BorisJohnson bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Get well to British legend Boris Johnson!

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming “A wretched soul, bruised with adversity, We bid be quiet when we hear it cry; But were we burdened with light weight of pain, As much or more we should ourselves complain” Shakespeare BorisJohnson NHS bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming ''YUMUSCHAK G = ( Ğ )'' = ''JUMUSCHAK G = ( Ğ )'' :

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Get well soon BorisJohnson bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Can't say I like the man, but praying for his and everyone infected's recovery. bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Got this word of encouragement 4 fantastic PM Johnson: God is strongly behind him at this perhaps most critical moment of his life. He may be walking through the valley of the shallow of death, yet he has got no reason to be petrified because God has promised to see him through.

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming So thats him into his almost 14days!!!? WTF this virus !!! The bit thats scares me is not to be able to breath properly , but still we have to be thankful that we still alive , healthy and fortunate to have a place to stay& be safe , Covid_19 BorisJohnson StayHome

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Not a fan of Boris, but I wish him and everyone else with this nasty virus speedy recovery! Maybe we will have learnt something from it... bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Sending best wishes and positive vibes for a speedy recovery. bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming 10DowningStreet BritishArmy RoyalFamily There's advice for surviving pneumonia symptoms in my 'Manual - Virus Total Control Theory & Supplementals' (search 'clove') : *

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming no one cares but BorisJohnson cares for us. For over 500000 undocumented people’s, We work day and night for cheap, some bosses taking advantage on us. We are living here just to survive. He is the first to ask amnesty for us we pray for you BJ🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming clapforboris 8pm tuesday fantastic pm human being and father to be. Clap! bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming We wish you a speedy recovery Boris Johnson bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Is worsened a word? Even if it is it doesn’t sound like it should be

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Isn't that only a flu? Now maybe he will take it seriously. COVID19 meanwhile death toll and confirmed cases still on a steep curve. And people keep going out everyday. StayAtHome bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming oh, my,,,, hope he gets a speedy recovery. from 🎌

BBCPolitics bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming So sorry to read this. I hope he recovers soon and wish him well. bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming He's not gonna die , take it easy.. bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Why you reporting same thing over and over again! bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming It’s sad to see some low lives making nasty comments! Hope Boris comes out roaring like a lion! PrayForBoris

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming I pray quick recovery Wish you a speedy recovery. & come back to number 10 downing street so you can help the UK fight this Coronavirus Covid19 I believe in you can do this because your a fighter not just gone give up like this on the UK you have done so much ready. Boris Johnson

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming This is awful, someone wake me up from this nightmare bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Bless the man. bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Wishing for a speedy recovery Boris! bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming PrinceHarry and Megan to be stripped of their 'Du...

bbclaurak JamesTGallagher adamfleming Coronavirus COVID 19 Statistiques du début au 6 avril 2020 Records : Décès = Italie 15362 morts | Contaminés = USA 273808 personnes

The Coronavirus Newscast - PM admitted to hospital - BBC Sounds🚨 EMERGENCY NEWSCAST! 🚨 • The PM is admitted to hospital for tests • Scotland’s chief medical officer resigns • The Queen addresses the nation WOW Boris discovers that Herdimmunity sounds less cool, suddenly Anti science in full display, and its consequences Chill🙄 Calm the F down will ya..

Coronavirus pandemic - all you need to know as Boris taken to intensive careThe Prime Minister has been taken to intensive care after his condition worsened with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab deputising after he earlier told the daily press conference that the peak may not be the end of this week and it's too soon to discuss the end of lockdown measures Praying for you, Sir. May God grant you healing and ease your suffering. 🙏🙏🙏 Get well soon Boris 💐 😥😥😥

Boris Johnson in intensive care - all we know as PM battles coronavirusThe Prime Minister was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit at St Thomas' Hospital in London after his breathing worsened. He had been admitted on Sunday night due to 'persistent' Covid-19 symptoms Sending prayers and positive thoughts Prompt rétablissement Boris my bro come on we need you to lead us during this pandemic period,God bless you. Hope to see you and hear again on daily pandemic update.

Boris Johnson moved to intensive care after testing positive for coronavirus'The prime minister is receiving excellent care,' a spokesperson says

Coronavirus updates: Boris Johnson in intensive care - BBC NewsBuckingham Palace spokesman says the Queen is being been kept informed by Downing Street about Boris Johnson’s condition after he was admitted to intensive care PRAYING for the fast recovery and complete Healing of the Prime Minister.👼👼👼👼👼 Praying for the Safety of the Queen...👼👼👼👼👼👼👼👼 'LONG LIVE THE QUEEN' Sir/Madam, I have corona drugs. I tried very hard to reach even the government but failed. That is why they are sending this message. Thanks. Shrinivas Ramdas Gone. My Mobile No. +919552844619 +917385376599 This is not news.

Coronavirus: Why is Boris Johnson in intensive care and what treatment will he get?A microbiologist has said it is likely the prime minister will be receiving oxygen to help his breathing. If he dies it's not going to be good for people from China residing in Britain it won't be good at all Hopefully the same treatment as every other citizen that lives in this country Praying a lot For prime minister May allah give you health 🙏