The Brain Drain That Is Killing America's Economy

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'The war on terror lasted twenty years. The war for talent should be America’s main mission for the next twenty,' writes paragkhanna

Demographic forecasting is a generational exercise, and America’s shrinking youth base is the result not only of lower fertility and rising economic uncertainty, but also because the country has failed to maintain what used to be a huge edge in attracting young talent from around the world. America launched the “War on Terror” over twenty years ago, invading Afghanistan and soon after Iraq.

Now comes the remote revolution. COVID-19 has been a “great reset” in our lifestyles, workplace habits, and other aspects of social and professional life. It will be for global talent migration as well. According to research firm IDC, more than forty percent of the global workforce—at least 1.5 billion people—is “location independent.” The capacity for remote work has graduated from latent to actual.

A generational shift has occurred that Boomers and even older Gen-X don’t quite grasp: Today’s young professionals don’t identify themselves by their nationality—they identify as talent. Millennial and Gen-Z are content with portfolio careers and working abnormal hours, even for less pay, in exchange for less work and more time for travel and passion projects.

Corporate executives may no longer control where employees want to be, but still determine who gets to rise to the top. Executives cluster near headquarters, and human resource departments are starting to emphasize longitude to avoid the inefficiencies of asynchronous coordination. For the same reason, venture capital funds will often have board members in two out of the three—America, Europe, or Asia—but rarely all three.


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As Americans on the right embrace the anti-intellectualism movement of the GOP this issue exacerbates. The end of America as a leader in democratic values (and as the world’s top economy) is within reach of this generation

keep letting chinese in so they can steal and then run back to china

That one’s fairly obvious

The brain drain that is killing America's economy:

Solve this, what does Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia mean.

paragkhanna It's been over a year & no action yet to address 100yrs+ GCBacklog, 15 mo+ EAD delays & self-deportation of H4 kids. No wonder Indian immigrants now prefer Canada. House provisions 60002,3,4 reg GC recapture etc have not even been sent to SP by .SenatorDurbin. Can you ask him?

paragkhanna BRAIN DRAIN FROM AMERICA? TO WHERE? More like Brain Infarct from Republicancholesterolemia.

paragkhanna The New Rome Is Falling

paragkhanna It would help if education didn’t saddle those pursuing higher degrees with crippling debt.

paragkhanna Sure, by denying Asian and White American's places in top universities and giving their places to people who scored much lower to fulfil racial quotas. According to research 66% of those quota students drop out so it's just waste. War for talent my behind 🤡

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paragkhanna 戦争を避ける努力は知恵と布施行だろう。

paragkhanna A lot to unpack here. Initial thought, nearly 20% of the Am. workforce in what is considered the professional category are foreigners on visa. Yet, qualified & deserving Ams. are in less senior positions. Unsurprisingly, many of those are Americans of color.


paragkhanna US face brain drain caused by many factor. One of them is restriction of freedom of thought in the name of political correctness, woke culture, false anti racism, multiculturalism, delusional cultural diversity

paragkhanna Our education system strives for equal opportunity for all, meaning everyone gets pushed to the middle. Children with exceptional potential do not have the chance to reach it.

paragkhanna It is not a war on terror, it is a war of aggression!

paragkhanna BTW college/university here in Germany is FREE - even for non-nationals! ...and quite a few courses are 100% in English 😎

paragkhanna Isn't the war on terror a cover so the government can grow heroin for their state sponsored terrorist organizations so government can expand their power?

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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