The best ready-made cocktails for the more-fun-less-faff life

Easy, breezy and boozy

9/25/2021 10:05:00 PM

Easy, breezy and boozy

Easy, breezy and boozy

kocktail.co.ukBuy nowVodka, coffee liqueur, espresso — for something so simple, this serve can be tricky to get right. Thankfully Kocktail has perfected it using quality ingredients and just the right dash of sweetness for our delicate palates. Just don’t blame us if you don’t get any beauty sleep!

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2Best espresso martini for groupsLiberation Cocktails Espresso Martini 75cl, 10% ABVmasterofmalt.comBuy nowWhat can we say, we bloody love an espresso martini, so we won’t make any apologies for having two versions on this list. What sets this one apart is the wine bottle size, making it great for groups. Honestly, try making seven serves in a cocktail shaker and thank us later.

3Harvey Nichols Mai Tai Cocktail 125ml, 15% ABVharveynichols.comBuy nowFor those of you who still haven’t come to terms with this year’s total lack of summer, allow us to introduce the most tropical cocktail we ever did taste. With rum, pineapple, orange and almond, it’s the next best thing to being on a desert island (minus the covid tests). This is the most luxe tinny we’ve come across and we’re here for it. headtopics.com

4Black Cow Vodka Negroni 50cl, 24% ABVmasterofmalt.comBuy nowNegroni, but not as you know it. This one uses creamy Black Cow vodka as a base (which is made from real milk — yes, really!), instead of the traditional gin. It’s just as bitter as its gin counterpart though, with juicy blood orange and zesty grapefruit too. The ultimate lazy-hun pre-dinner serve.

5Mr Lyan's Diamond Rickey 50cl, 21.8% ABV Read more: Cosmopolitan UK »

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The best ready-made cocktails for the more-fun-less-faff lifeEasy, breezy and boozy