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That’s why we left! EU's English language ban exposes shameful ‘anti-Anglo prejudice’

That’s why we left! EU's English language ban exposes shameful ‘anti-Anglo prejudice’ #EuropeanUnion #Brexit #RejoinEU @bowgroup

1/22/2021 8:44:00 PM

That’s why we left! EU's English language ban exposes shameful ‘anti-Anglo prejudice’ EuropeanUnion Brexit RejoinEU bowgroup

EU efforts to ban the English language from Brussels are indicative of deep-seated anti-Anglo prejudice, and underline precisely why the UK needed to quit the bloc in the first place, a think tank boss has said.

(Image: GETTY)Ray Bassett has suggested a move away for English would be bad news for Ireland(Image: Yale)“Stop 'Globish' and long live the languages of our nations including the beautiful language of Moliere!“Since the British departure, the language of Shakespeare has become the official language only of Ireland and Malta.

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“Brexit means that English has moved from the 3rd to the 17th language spoken in the EU while more than 70 percent of the documents still produced in the institutions are in English. This is no longer acceptable."Brexit timeline(Image: Express)She added: “Despite the departure of the United Kingdom, English remains the language of the EU, worse, the European institutions are expanding its influence.

“We will also notice that European texts are translated less and less or later, that interpreters are less available during debates, and that the EU seems to no longer recognise French as one of its official languages.“Does the Commission intend to uphold the EU's motto ‘united in diversity’ and finally put an end to an attitude which allows English to take over the functioning of the European institutions in a hegemonic way?”

Also speaking earlier this week, Ray Bassett, Ireland’s former ambassador to Canada, Jamaica and the Bahamas, said moves to marginalise English had specific implications for his country.Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister who took the UK out of the EU

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Petty Macron. Laughable. Pretty much every European I know is bilingual, many speak three languages. The Brits on the other hand... 😂😂😂 Really? Was that the real reason the Daily Express have made up anti EU stories for over 40 years just because they don't want to use the English Language. I don't think so.

I'm the best Anglican citizen in the British Isles. bowgroup The Daily Express. Where the truth goes to die. bowgroup 👋