Texas school shooting: 'Wrong decision' not to storm classroom where gunman was holed up killing children, official admits

When asked what he had to say to the grieving parents, the official said 'I don't have anything to say to them'.

5/28/2022 9:20:00 AM

It was the 'wrong decision' not to storm the classroom where a gunman was holed up killing primary school children, a Texas official admitted. Read more:

When asked what he had to say to the grieving parents, the official said 'I don't have anything to say to them'.

'Not here to defend what happened'He replied:"What do I have to say to the parents? I don't have anything to say to the parents, other than what has happened.One reporter pushed further, and asked if the parents were owed an apology, because not everything was done that could have been.

"Any firing afterwards was sporadic, it was at the door.Gunman Salvador Ramos who was eventually shot dead by policeBut on Friday he said the information he was given"turned out in part to be inaccurate" and said it was"inexcusable" the families may have suffered because of this.

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Massive understatement Lets blame the police for everything. If they do there job right a city might get burned down or they might be put in prison. It's a damned if you do and damned if you don't job. The democrats have effectively screwed our police. Those shit houses that decided to not storm the classroom want jail time !! If that was my kid in there and people did nothing then heads would roll

Shocking why would you not storm the classroom It was a racially motivated decision. The killers committing these atrocious have read the police and school systems, and pretty much know they'll have free reign. Until that changes, it'll keep happening. It's heartbreaking. These cops are the type of people who will claim they need guns for this type of situation, then coward and hid when the moment was presented. Shame on them all.

monty_chadha They locked him up with kids inside ? segment material ​hand Bottled it basically. In the Land of the Free they value guns more than their own children 🔥🇺🇸

Texas police admit ‘wrong not to storm class’ where children killedNearly 20 officers were in a hallway outside classrooms at a Texas primary school for more than 45 minutes before agents used a master key to open a door and confront the gunman, authorities revealed on Friday. Useless Police and Useless Republicans who forever will say nothing against NRA as they fund themselves!!!

So fucking angry and thousands of miles away I think we've run out of sympathy.. Texas 'Don't take our guns' Those guns are taking your children.

Texas Official Admits 'Wrong Decision' by Police Not to Confront Gunman Sooner“Obviously, based on the information we have, there were children in that classroom that were still at risk,” McCraw said. “From the benefit of hind sight, where I’m sitting now, of course it was not the right decision. It was the wrong decision. Period.”

Live Updates: Texas Official Says Decision to Stand by ‘Wrong'; Kids Begged 911 for HelpWATCH LIVE: Safety officials in Texas are giving a briefing on the deadly school shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers.

Texas police admit it was ‘wrong decision’ not to enter classroom sooner\n\t\t\tKeep abreast of significant corporate, financial and political developments around the world.\n\t\t\tStay informed and spot emerging risks and opportunities with independent global reporting, expert\n\t\t\tcommentary and analysis you can trust.\n\t\t I bet Walker would have gone in Texas DPS Official: we assumed they were all illegals. We rarely help them kind in Texas. Wow. Wrong decision eh?

Dad who lost daughter in Texas massacre urged 'unprepared' cops to storm schoolA heartbroken father who lost his daughter in the Texas school massacre says he wanted to charge into the building himself after police allegedly ‘weren’t doing anything like they are supposed to’.

Moment frantic parents urge cops to storm Texas schoolFootage from outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, shows parents screaming at law enforcement to enter the building. It is unclear when the footage was shot, and if the gunman was dead. so there was armed cops on the scene. there goes the „a good guy with a gun..“ myth.