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Texas bill mandates trans athletes compete as their biological sex

Texas Governor Greg Abbott bans transgender student athletes from competing as the gender they identify with in school sports

10/27/2021 5:30:00 AM

Texas Governor Greg Abbott bans transgender student athletes from competing as the gender they identify with in school sports

Transgender athletes in Texas must compete as their assigned sex at birth according to a law Governor Greg Abbott signed Monday.

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PC Andrew Harper: Widow warns criminals 'we won't stand for this' amid law change for killing emergency service workers

The police officer's family were prompted to act when the 28-year-old was killed while responding to a call about a stolen quad bike in Berkshire on 15 August 2019.

Finally someone standing up to all this absolutely rubbish. Good, they're bloody cheats. Transgender my foot. Good Good decision. Good man. Correct decision. Finally a actual intelligent person. Bravo!!! Good decision. We need more people who will stand up for fairness rather than pandering to pressure groups. Good luck to him though, he'll need it.

He’ll be cancelled! Good You mean he band men from stealing girls’ dreams?

Texas: Three abandoned children and skeletal remains found at Houston apartmentsNBC News , via affiliate network KPRC, reports that the children were found during a welfare check at an apartment. good Texas doesn't care about kids

Conservatives seem obsessed with the idea that teens might be dressing in drag to win high school sports championships. Grow up. A win for common sense? Let them compete in 'weirdos/freaks' category He's literally half a man Why would anyone live in a state with a Nazi controlling it, wake up! Texans. This is a heinous animal

Texas: Three abandoned children and skeletal remains of nine-year-old boy found at Houston apartmentThree abandoned children have been found near the skeletal remains of their nine-year-old brother at a block of flats in Texas Lost for words 💔💔👿

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Dave Chappelle says he ‘won’t be bending to anyone’s demands’ and slams Hannah GadsbyChappelle has been heavily criticised for his remarks about trans people in his latest Netflix special 👏👏👏 'Slams Hannah Gadsby' relax... Who are Dan Levy and Jill Soloway? As a fan of stand up, I feel like, I have to know them, but 🤷🏾‍♂️

Anti-vaxx marchers shut down Brooklyn Bridge to protest vaccine mandateProtesters waved signs saying ‘My body my choice,’ ‘Recognize natural immunity,’ and ‘Do not f*** with us’ was there not some law passed during 'the former guys' rein about protesters blocking roads? Were any of them plowed down by angry motorists? You had them in one place..... All you had to was to block both exists of the bridge and vaccinate/chip them all!

Anti-vaxxer puts her life at risk by blocking a tram in protest to jab mandatesAn anti-vaxxer has gone viral after she was filmed risking her life by sitting on a tram truck in protest against the vaccine mandate in Australia. Nikki Grahame is back. Darwinism at work.