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Texas anti-abortion law shows ‘terrifying’ fragility of women’s rights, say activists

Texas anti-abortion law shows ‘terrifying’ fragility of women’s rights, say activists

9/18/2021 12:56:00 PM

Texas anti-abortion law shows ‘terrifying’ fragility of women’s rights, say activists

Campaigners fear ban emboldens anti-choice governments as more aggressive opposition, better organised and funded, spreads from US

, said: “Even though we have seen little gains here and there, in some places, we can never, ever be complacent because we’re only ever really hanging on to these rights by the skin of our teeth.”She said the Texas law was “really terrifying” because of the emboldening message it sent to other anti-choice governments and organisations, with the fact it had happened in the US giving it “a huge weight and legitimacy”.

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“This is all happening in the context of a rising, much more aggressive, much better organised, better funded and much more legitimised opposition movement than we’ve ever seen before,” Shaw said.Pro-choice campaigners say they have faced increasingly vocal opposition from organisations that started on the US religious right but have spread to other countries, such as 40 Days for Life, a group that

distributes graphic and misleading leafletsto women outside UK abortion clinics.Heartbeat International, a conservative US Christian federation, funds and coordinates a network of anti-abortion “pregnancy resource” centres, many of them in sub-Saharan

Africa, to provide women with what it calls “true reproductive help”.“It’s a transnational movement now,” said Shaw. “What we’re seeing is them [US organisations] exporting their playbooks and their money overseas.”‘Green wave’ abortion-rights activists in Buenos Aires celebrate as Argentina’s Congress voted to legalise elective abortion last December.

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Considering they outlawed abortion because 'unborn humans dying is bad' while ignoring how many women die in the weeks after giving birth in Texas, is anyone surprised that this 'shows terrifying fragility of women's rights'? Prevention is better than abortion?! Take some responsibility for your sexual conduct 🤷‍♂️

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