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Tesla owners can now choose untested 'full self-driving' software

Tesla owners can now choose 'full self-driving' software at the press of a button for the first time

9/26/2021 5:30:00 AM

Tesla owners can now choose 'full self-driving' software at the press of a button for the first time

Tesla has rolled out software update that allows customers to request access to its controversial, Full Self-Driving program despite ongoing investigations into a series of U.S. crashes.

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Sir David Amess: Boris Johnson pays tribute to MP who was killed - BBC News

Conservative MP Sir David Amess was stabbed to death while meeting constituents in Essex.

If you crash into a pedestrian and they are killed will Elon Musk go to prison

Full list of petrol stations with £30 fuel limit for customersDRIVERS will find a limit in place at hundreds of petrol stations across the country when filling up at the pumps. EG Group, which runs around 400 fuel stops under the BP, Esso and Texaco brand has… does this include the £50 takeaway at most rising supermarkets Mugs There was no issues until you reported there was.

Holly Willoughby’s styling tips from a full Spanx suit to zip lubeHolly Willoughby never looks less than perfect, so we were thrilled to hear all of her stylist’s top tips for keeping her looks in check…

What energy companies have collapsed and what to do if your firm goes bust - full listENERGY prices are on the rise as a result of a worldwide increase in demand which has limited supply and caused an electricity and gas price crunch. But what energy companies have collapsed so far and what should you do if your energy company goes bust?

Have ‘full fat’ dairy products been better for us all along?🥛 Many dietitians now advise clients that the question of whether or not a food contains fat is not the most important one – more pertinent is the type of fat it contains The difference between trans / saturated fats and mono / poly fats has been understood for years and years Further, we are also aware of the impact of heating and frying with certain fats and oils and how this changes the health qualities of the fats (eg don't fry olive oil).

Unlikely England will go into ‘full blown lockdown’ this winter, says Neil FergusonEpidemiologist ‘moderately optimistic’ as country yet to see back-to-school surge in Covid-19 infections Who is interested in a single thing this man has to say 😴😴😴😴

Drivers urged to keep tank quarter full as petrol stations close amid shortagesBP and Esso have had to close some of their forecourts as the petrol industry is hit by the lorry driver shortage That’s Shell