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Tesco sets 300% sales target for plant-based alternatives to meat

Tesco sets 300% sales target for plant-based alternatives to meat

9/29/2020 2:18:00 AM

Tesco sets 300% sales target for plant-based alternatives to meat

In UK first, supermarket’s five-year commitment aims to offer more sustainable options

The UK’s largest supermarket will on Tuesday commit to boosting sales of meat alternatives by 300% within five years, by 2025. Over the past year, demand for chilled meat-free foods – the most popular line including burger, sausage and mince substitutes – has increased by almost 50%, the retailer said. As a result, it is expanding into more categories and creating larger “centrepiece” dishes for two people as well as family-sized portions.

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The target is part of a wider package of sustainability measures developed with its charity partner the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to try to halve the environmental impact of the average UK shopping basket.Dave Lewis, who steps down as Tesco chief executive on Wednesday, said: “We know from tackling food waste that transparency and ambitious targets are the first steps towards becoming a more sustainable business.”

The trend reflects people paying closer attention to their diet during the Covid-19 lockdown and increasingly adopting “flexitarian” diets – cutting down on meat and dairy while eating more plant-based foods.Global demand for plant-based protein – dominated by the US giants Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat – is predicted to be £4.1bn this year, from £2.9bn in 2015.

In January 2018, Tesco was the first UK retailer to launch an own-label plant-based range, Wicked Kitchen, initially showcasing 20 plant-based meals, sandwiches and salads. It will now expand meat alternatives in all its stores, across 20 different categories including ready meals, party and frozen food.

Among 11 new plant-based foods going on sale at Tesco this week are centrepiece dishes using the wheat protein favourite seitan as a meat substitute, including a beef-free joint and hunter’s chicken-free traybake. Turkey-free crowns and vegan mince pies are launching in time for Christmas.

Meanwhile, the Leeds-based meat-free brand Meatless Farm has raised £24m to support expansion plans in the UK, Europe, US and Asia as global markets emerge from lockdown. Its founder, Morten Toft Bech, said: “We are seeing strong demand for our plant-based burgers, sausages and mince and see opportunities to grow the brand rapidly as people look to eat more healthily and sustainably.”

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Not for me thanks - stay with Sainsbury’s Unlike most respondents here, I would like to buy more 'plant-based' convenience foods. But when I check the ingredients, they all contain onion, which makes me ill. That includes every new Tesco plant-based meal I've looked at. That headline makes absolutely no sense. It means absolutely nothing. The Guardian really must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel for reporters and editors.

Can we stop using the word sustainable when referring to those products Tesco and other supermarkets sell? They are heavily wrapped in plastic, usually also in plastic trays. Nothing sustainable about that. When Tesco goes zero waste then we can talk. Only die hard meat eaters think vegiterians exist only by eating pretend meat.

It will exceed that 💕 So 30 packs annually instead of 10? They want to sell 300% of it? Crummy headline for crumby food 👎 Plant based alternative to meats are really bad for your system. Too many additives. Good, as demand for meat drops so will the price and I and many others will be able to afford to eat more of it. The Vegans don't understand how economics works.

Tesco is going to be out of business soon enough...🌻 But if all that grease is caught in the cover, it is still not good. Fried food should be avoided. I guess that explains why they expanded the frozen area. Even though the sales aren't there to warrant it. 300% of what? Cut down on meat, cut down on milk, buy free range eggs and buy less of them too... Ideally go plant based. Its healthier. Live longer. Smell better. Feel better.

That deep-fried dog’s dinner looks like a heart attack waiting to happen. 🤮 Veganism is another plot by the Chinese and globalists to emasculate our men to make us weaker ! No thank you Who are we serving? God or $? Global?

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Panic buying sweeps country AGAIN clearing Tesco, Asda & Morrisons' shelvesPANIC buying has swept the country again as supermarket shelves have been cleared out despite some shops rationing products. Images show bare shelves, which are reminiscent of what happened in Marc… I blame all this palarva with the government scare mongering people as we are back to like war times once again as trying to shop online is no better. And making money is what people will be doing again soon selling things fir extreme prices as its what people wants People are fucking idiots....STOP PANIC BUYING....bellends... Love the fact that they are panic buying bottled water 😂😂😂

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