Ten arrested ahead of London climate protests

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Extinction Rebellion: 10 arrested ahead of climate protests

Extinction rebellion said police had seized tents, toilets and disabled access equipment, claiming they were"the very things that would make the international rebellion in London safe, clean and accessible to all".

"This escalation of pre-emptive tactics by the government and police is a sign that we are being heard and acknowledged as a significant movement," it added.


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Arrest more please, they're doing more harm than good


Great news, these anti social anarchists need sorting

Good police.

Arrest more please supporting our police grat job don't allow them there own way

BBCPolitics Maybe this should have been mentioned on marr? Seems v high handed for peaceful protests. Was it even lawful? But I bet XRebellionUK has lawyers looking into this: so much support from so many different people, including professional groups ExtinctionRebellion

Jail them,wake them every morning with an ice Cold hosing down, hard labour for 12 hours every day, no internet , no tv but they can have books to read.



BBCPolitics This has got the vile PritPatel & here GREED DRIVEN CONservatives backer's fingerprints all over it.. 'treat environmental protestors like terrorist..' Get use to it, things are only going to get worse. ExtinctionRebellion NoDemocracy dictatorship

those heavy people are out to get me

These terrorists have had free rein for far too long. They think they have the right to do as they wish and disrupt the lives of law abiding people going about their daily business. Any action to prevent them is fine by me.


BBCPolitics I heard 4 policemen stabbed in Paris... any news on that?

It’s about time the police became pro active with these yobs.

BBCPolitics At last - Action!

Would be good if the corrupt police had as much effort to fight real crime than chasing people under a democratic right to protest. Police as usual turn a blind eye on real crime while chasing the easy targets

You know these youngsters who complain about the environment? Well they could start by washing their babies shitty nappies instead of causing a plastic mountain, they must have contributed a load of them growing up!

BBCPolitics No punishment waste tax payers money

We have 18 months to save world, Prince Charles warns Commonwealth leaders -

The problem with extinction rebellion is i believe it's an inside job. like most protest groups these days. New laws will be made to curb protest. This lot have been arrested to prevent a crime they might commit. HumanRights PoliceState dystopian dystopia Thoughtpolice

BBCPolitics Police carried out a pre-emptive strike and confiscated some bikes and disabled access equipment...? Obviously ExtinctionRebelion are a very British terrorist group - no stock piled of ak47s, Semtex or rycin for them, just disabled ramps and push bikes! FFS


BBCPolitics Officers also took wheelie bins, solar panels, hot water bottles, cooking urns and flasks, the group said. Really fucking dangerous stuff then. What a great use of police time. Ffs!

BBCPolitics Future crimes.. How Orwellian

'It came after the European Court of Human Rights ruled police could preventatively detain people, even if they have no specific intelligence linking the individual to the crime.' HumanRights ExtinctionRebellion PoliceState freedom

well i cannot stand extinction rebellion but they have been arrested by police for 'conspiracy' & I thought 'conspiracys' were for paranoid theorists only. confused ExtinctionRebellion

Won't be arresting BorisJohnson before he pushes a no deal even though that's supposedly against the law!

Absolutely. Oldthinkers unbellyfeel Ingsoc. Climate activists are surely agents of Goldsrein!

BBCPolitics Total nanny state - treating them like terrorists. ClimateChange is a MAJOR issue and they are trying in their way to show this! ClimateEmergency

Time to break them financially with huge fines and hours of community service. Smug scumbags

Give them a free airline ticket to China so they can protest at the real culprits. I wonder how many would take up that gesture

Any protest that prevents others in any way going about their legal business should be brought to book. So should anyone causing damage. A few days away from their workplaces wouldn't serve them well ..oh wait ....

BBCPolitics Extreme reaction

Is this the best the police can be doing in London. Murders. Knifings. Burglaries. Muggings. Car theft etc.... you'd think they had better things to do than confiscate toilets and tents. Nice to know the tax payers money is being so well spent. What a farce.

Well done coppers..!! Keep on doing the good work and stop this cock and bull story about climate which is all nonsense for now.Let's Extinct these idle roaming rebellions. People have more important things to worry about like wages, houses , rents , food and bills to pay.!!

Great news about bloody time

The earth melting will be more of an inconvenience than a protest I suspect

And people talk about the possibility of China going into Hong Kong because of the riots. We are no better. This is capitalism and climate change denying at work. The super rich do not only want to take FOM off you they want the power to kill the planet for profit.

I bet the police drove there as well. Just to rub salt into the wounds.

Good, only 10 though.. 🤔

Who would the police arrest if the climate problems were classed as a 'public nuisance' ?

I guess that's a whole lot easier than doing anything about the causes of the climate problem itself.

Ah. They committed a pre-crime. Or a thought crime. This is like China.

Fantastic news. Why wasn’t a firmer hand taken against Extinction Rebellion before?

In our behavior, actions and words is the present and future of the life. Blessings.

Have the blood spraying fire engine nutters been arrested yet?

Worrying when people are arrested for what they might do. What next, re-education for dissidents?

Good, bloody terrorists..

About time 👍

First world countries are so democratic and superior No wonder they support far right dictators in the world 😑

Only 10? .. More plz

some good news today

Good. These are sanctimonious fanatics with no concern for anyone or anything but their own self-righteous, hysterical, extremist dogmatism. Throw the book at the bastards.

no keep them locked up for 6 months

Good to hear, protesters can protest but laws on how apply

If this was to stop peaceful protests, then this needs to be reviewed. If this was to stop criminal damage, then that needs to be clarified. The equipment seized doesn't seem like it could damage property (unlike the ill-fated beet cannon disaster).

Socialists bankrolling foolish people who have swallowed the fallacy of CO2 driven climate change. There is no existential threat from carbon.


Got to be a spare island somewhere we can off load these tree huggers wrecking our routes to our place of work,if you want to protest don't piss the average worker off we are trying to earn a living.

good, scruffy little tramps!

also... weirdly high of bots supporting thug-action on this string.

I thought the Brits believed in free speech and civil rights. 'Preventive detainment' all comes down to who the current government officials see as a problem. If this continues... It Will Not End Well.

wtf is a 'public nuisance' — and why can you preemptively be arrested for it?

Well done metpoliceuk . Now how about buying back those water cannons 😸😸 banextinctionrebellion

Throw away the key

Unbelievable that those that wish to save the planet are seen as the enemy.

Arrest the lot of them, troublemakers!

Arrest as many as possible.

Great news. About time the police started taking action to round these loonies up and lock them up before they can cause trouble.

Wats the crime? Not washing

Send them to moon or Mars where they can settle and preserve the atmosphere from very beginning. Too much drama with it, if they really want to make a mark, then go to China,India, Australia, Indonesia or USA to shut down coal fired power stations or go to Brazil to save Amazon!

Should be arresting Boris and his crew.

Free them now!!!

It's about time these spoilt, misanthropic, Malthusian private school bullies were prevented from inconveniencing their fellow man.

Certainly not nicked for stealing bars of soap 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

So AaronBastani and novaramedia this police action is deemed lawful and correct by the European Court of Human Rights. Probably because they are thinking of the rights of the millions of people the actions of these loonies would have abused. Quite right.

Always takes time to get our establishment working.

Let’s hope plod have got plenty of tear gas & baton rounds in stock for these terrorist acts in the next couple of weeks


Men in jackboots scared of people with gazebos

about bloody time

Only 10?

Stupid lot! Iceage came and went without humans?

Arrested for a GazeboInAVan and PinkPillows! BringAPillow to the rebellion! GazeboGate

such a shame climate change has become an excuse to act like idiots.


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