Tell us what you think about 'associate citizenship'

European Union

Tell us what you think about 'associate citizenship'

European Union


Tell us what you think about 'associate citizenship'

Sadiq Khan is to ask EU negotiators to offer Britons continued freedom of movement if they want it. We want to hear your thoughts

During a trip to Brussels, Sadiq Khan plans to ask EU negotiators to be open to the idea of continued free movement for Britons through ‘associate citizenship’. The idea was first mentioned in 2016 by former prime minister of Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt, who backs Khan asking for such rights. Share your thoughts We want to know what you think about the idea of ‘associate citizenship’. Is it something you would like to see implemented, or not? What would it mean for you? How likely do you think EU negotiators would be to agreeing to it? You can get in touch by filling in the encrypted form below. Only the Guardian will see your responses and one of our journalists may be in touch for more information. If you’re having trouble using the form, click here. Read terms of service here. Topics Read more: The Guardian

Brilliant idea! I guess it's like being Scottish Can EU membership stretch out to M25 area. Is this the first opportunity to be citizens of the European federation, as I thought it was a trading union? How can you be a citizen of that? Will the 27 nations provide you the same rights as their own citizens?

The cheek of this guy!! Khan- STAY IN YOUR LANE! You’re the elected head of LONDON NOT THE UK! You DON’T have the authority to talk for the rest of Britain ffs! You need to know your place in the grand scheme of things- you’re overstepping your authority- FOCUS ON YOUR F-G JOB!! I am ready Khan seems to have appointed himself Anywhere chief in the Anywhere echo chamber and to the vast majority of Somewheres we look away because frankly it’s deeply uncomfortable to watch that detached fanatical desperation. It’s time to move on !

Just let me know how to apply Sounds a decent idea. Let's see....the people voted for Brexit primarily because of immigration and this nitwit wants freedom of movement. What could go wrong with that? The EU wouldn't want quid pro quo. Of course not. Seems like a good idea. I would support this.

Sadiq Khan urges EU to offer Britons 'associate citizenship'Guy Verhofstadt’s idea would give continued freedom of movement to those who wanted it That picture is a goddamn HORROR After the obnoxious display Nigel Ferage demonstrated on leaving Europe, the EU should give the UK a stiff middle finger. What?

Does it enable joining the EU army? It’ll sink An EU associate citizenship for 66 million British citizens BUT ONLY IN EXCHANGE for a British associate citizenship for the 461 million EEA+Swiss nationals WITH IDENTICAL RIGHTS is only fair. But, it's not what the Brexiteers, the Tories and the UK voted for. Out is out!

Part-Time Communists Already been suggested back in September last year by Guy Verhofstadt, European Parliament's chief Brexit negotiator. Pipe dream! This is currently illegal and won’t be accepted due to EU’s current legislation. To accept it means 27 EU members must accept to rewrite their treaties which is impossible and unfeasible. This is just a PR stunt by SadiqKhan ahead of his re-election. london

Brilliant idea. Means an escape route from the brexiteer bollocks. It doesn’t exist and is something that will be negotiated but not by Sadie khan I like the idea - but applicants must be vetted: - Speak an EU language - Specific educational attainment - Self-funding - Didn't vote for brexit Hope this happens. Will keep the idiots out of France and Spain. Bliss.

brexit EU citizenship should only be offered this way: FOR BRITS ALREADY IN EU27: - Lifetime access - At no €£ cost - With no tests FOR BRITS IN UK: - Must be renewed every few years - At a €£ cost - Upon successful payment and completion of an EU culture / language test -

Londoners should be allowed to keep EU citizenship, insists Sadiq KhanThe Mayor of London is set to discuss the option of Londoners retaining their citizenship in Brussels today Sad Khant Yes this sounds good to me, don’t care what non Londoners have to say on this.

What ? drug smugglers...&...racist football hooligans.... ....People who want to get off a soggy sinking island ? Whaaaat? Why can I not have dual UK/EU citizenship? And why should 'Brexit' take my EU citizenship from me without my consent? If there are decisive moral and legal objections to these propositions, I should be glad to hear them. But I cannot think of any myself.

Anything, anything is better than being inward-looking and insular NO I'd rather have proper citizenship, but that's been stolen from me. EU need to control immigration, British nationals are welcome when they meet conditions for work permits and other types of immigrant visas. Anything backed by Guy Verhofstadt is something probably worth rejecting. Not interested.

Think it would be great Nice idea but no way will it receive sufficient support by the 27 countries, especially since their citizens will no longer have free movement into the UK. A non-starter, sadly.

Sadiq Khan sets up £50m fund to reduce emissions in LondonMayor, who is up for re-election, promises to make the capital carbon neutral by 2030 Cue the Tory troll bots claiming it's a waste of money. London is suffering because of this Mayor. Vote him out couldn't he first make it stabby neutral?

Who wouldn’t want the privilege of being able to work and live in other European countries without restrictions? I want my kids to enjoy the same privileges as their peers in EU member states. But I can’t see it happening now. Well Khan has got zero authority in this so that’s that really If the EU offers it without preconditions that in any way fight against Brexit, sure. But that's not what Sad Dick has in mind, is it now ?

Sigh. Maybe just apply for a visa as necessary as one does for most of the rest of the world. Non runner! SadiqKhan cannot negotiate with the EU. He needs to concentrate on stopping knife crime. Electioneering. Sadiq Khrime avoiding the job he is paid to do. I like Sadiq Khan but I am stunned he would suggest this. England voted to close the door to “keep the foreigners out”. To now ask for the EU to give you all freedom of movement is really galling.

The irony is that once the benefits of associate citizenship are recognised, we will find ourselves with the majority of people who voted to leave the EU applying for it! Hello friend we give free e-Book to make aware our society educated. We give a lot of e books just free people who can't buy books and want reading book.😊😊 So, visit our page and keep supporting us🙏🙏

It would be prudent to not dismiss the idea out of hand. It may be on the table and seriously considered if future agreed trade talks are disruptive to a point that it impacts the UK economy to levels not seen before. For now, let the guys in the big chairs do the work I guess.

Sadiq Khan spoke out in favour of trans rights and people are dividedSadiq Khan has waded into the biggest debate currently happening within the Labour Party, stating unequivocally that he supports trans rights. In a tweet posted yesterday, the Mayor of London said Will Sadiq Kahn also compel his mosque in accepting Muslim women, identifying as men, being allowed to pray with men? Most people disagree with him.

ESO SI, QUE NO SE LE OCURRA A NINGUN CROATA , VASCO O ITALIANO PASEAR POR LAS BRITANIAS , SOLAMENTE SERAN ADMITIDOS SI VIENEN ACOMPAÑADOS POR SUS BISABUELOS It’s a pipe dream. It's delusional nonsense. If you want Freedom of Movement, you're going to have to fight for it to be reciprocal. For a second or so I thought this was Phil Schofield.

No chance, unfortunately. Freedom of movement is why they voted to leave. Plus Boris won't even consider it. If I can't be a full EU citizen, I absolutely want to be an associate citizen: as a freelancer in the performing industry it would be a life-line, as much of my work is connected with companies across the Channel. London is closer to Paris than it is to Newcastle, after all.

London is part of the UK not the EU. The End. All the whiny Guardian remoaners could have associate citizenship of Ireland. Can I have associate membership of the world? As long as I can go to RoI I couldn't care less.

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Sign me up now. I have a European passport and I'd like to keep it even if that means applying, paying a small fee and actively distancing myself from a future blue passport. Anything that keeps the door open. And then a leader emerges among the ants to lead the nest to fresh food, guaranteed survival for another week

British exceptionalism unfortunately. Why should we be offered associate citizenship when we're not offering the same to EU citizens living here? When they're not offering associate citizenship to say, Turks or Ukrainians or Belarusians? Khan is not a statesman. He's a publicity seeking virtue signaller.

If it involves Khan and the Guardian you know its shite! It’s Bollox Amazing YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES! You know things are bad when the mayor of London looks like that.

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Why is this the mayor of London’s issue? Tell us what you think about stopping knife crime SadiqKhan

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