Tell us: is your family divided over attitudes to the Covid-19 vaccine?

Tell us: is your family divided over attitudes to the Covid-19 vaccine?

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12/2/2021 12:34:00 PM

Tell us: is your family divided over attitudes to the Covid-19 vaccine?

We would like to hear from people whose relatives refuse to have the Covid-19 vaccine, and how this is affecting Christmas plans

Photograph: Simon Reddy/AlamyAre you still planning to meet up with your family for Christmas?Photograph: Simon Reddy/AlamyWed 1 Dec 2021 16.13 GMTLast modified on Wed 1 Dec 2021 16.14 GMTWe would like to hear from people whose relatives have not had the Covid-19 vaccine, and how this is affecting your Christmas plans. As cases of the Covid Omicron

, perhaps their decision has caused conflict within your family.Are you still planning to meet up or will you avoid each other? How willbe different this year if you do meet up?

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Nope. We are all in agreement. Nope! Apparently, what you deserve after working on the NHS frontline during a major pandemic , is to be called a Nazi, a murderer and be unfriended and blocked because you vaccinate people. Putting forward scientific facts is pointless and just gets you more abuse Nope. We are more divided over the english that keep on voting for Conservatives....

Well yes, there’s the Tory voting, “gets news from Facebook memes” thickos & then there’s the part of the family that reads books. Na minha família NÃO há BolsoMínions 🐮. Todos vacinados💉! BolsonaroNaCadeia Nope, we all support getting fully vaxxed. It’s the best way to keep ourselves safe against the coronavirus.

It all started with a word to try something new. My first payment came after 3 days when I invested $1000 and since then I have received countless payment, he's Worthy to be recommended Geoffreypreud No The vaxed are now standing in solidarity with the unvaxed they only realised it now that they were duped that were lied to that they were used as genea pigs and it is spreading like wild fire on YouTube Instagram Facebook twitter and tiktok and the media is in overdrive mode.

95% no. The rest of em... honestly, they alienated themselves long before COVID. And it's great cause we don't need unvaccinated people congregating anyways.

Game of Thrones actor hospitalised with Covid-19Coleman, who is also Labour Rother District Councillor for Sidley in East Sussex and the youngest member of the council, had to have oxygen and be treated with a CPAP machine. Cool 350 distinctions ceo 😎 I highlighted a problem of accessibility cool to have vision of title of architect was part of background of distinction as a academic background, I'm universal credit now, you never treat...that kind of.....

Nope Aye that's right we're just going to have dinner n argue about covid and the vaccine geez peace Nope! Who would be mad enough to tell you? No, thankfully we’re all responsible people who got vaccinated Not at all. There are no covidiots in my family. We’re all jabbed up.

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