Tell us how giving birth changed your body

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We want to know the most unexpected thing that has happened to your body as a result of pregnancy or birth

We all know about the bizarre cravings for pickles to overcome morning sickness, or the frantic panic to rearrange cupboards as a due date looms, but the impact that pregnancy and birth has on women’s bodies differs greatly and can be defining of early parenthood.


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It didn't affect me at all. Or were you not addressing that question to men?

My mum said when she was pregnant with me, age 42, her hair turned grey and her teeth fell out. I don't think she ever forgave me.

Trampolines are a no no

Obviously not a mother, but I am a new father. I'm sure my wife wouldn't mind me saying that the problem is more the psychological effects of a complicated birth, than how she feels about her body. I love her body as it reminds me of how lucky we are.

Before my wife gave birth to our first child I looked like Colin Farrell, by the time she give birth to our third child I looked like Brendan Gleeson. It’s been a journey...

Two kids body never changed a bit afterwards. Breastfeeding and baby walking in carriage works wonders. Women that have children live longer shouldn’t that be the conversation?

It didn’t. I gained little weight, had healthy babies and then lost it quickly through breastfeeding. In Ireland I have known lots of women have large families and remain slim and shapely so women really shouldn’t worry about this, mother nature designed us very well!

Freaking love my kids! But, the 36G’s are an issue now. Not a lot of running after that.

I feel tired all the time, dirty, fat and disheveled. And I’m the dad. 😬

4 boys,oldest just turned 18 and bio oil lie x

What, you really want to know how the dozens of stitches, deep, mid & surface changed my body? Really don't think you do.

my mother says she felt heaven in every atom of her body and mind: worthwhile living only for that!

I held up cue cards to the camera and the wife punched me in the eye.

I really don’t want to go there’s, so depressing 😬 but I suppose the end results are worth it ♥️

i dont support babies and never had to, and don't carry any human information, not even humans being disowned in definition. im 100% animal compliant in nature, and so is parenting by definition of parenting. lots of love, ultra

It's not how birth changes your body that's important. It's how it changes your mind. The way you think and the way you feel.

After 3 goodpushes came the baby- then right after the amnoitic sac, which apparently contained my metabolism ( and patience) lol

Never felt more feminine after giving birth. Changed my body from a girls into a woman’s, no complaints here


Belly area bigger.Impossible to be reduced.Muscles have disappeared!!😱

Why would I do that?

Developed hypothyroidism postnatally which is apparently quite common and am on medication for the rest of my life!

Fucked it. Uretic injury, infection, hysterectomy, menopause, weight gain, PTSD. All while bringing up a baby/toddler.

I was lucky, I had a caesarean so I’m still as tight as a nun 👍🏻

Nearly broke my goddamn hand.

Interesting subject: do women have to keep suffering in silence through society’s perceived bliss of pregnancy ? Why do women have to sacrifice their bodies and health? We have the means to improve pregnancy and child birth process !

I now have a hip joint that pops in and out of place, stretch marks, Ab muscles are torn. I love my kids, but to be honest, not so much the state I was left in after.

It made me miserable, pee myself everytime I cough or walk, and can suck up air everytime I walk!! Amazing isn't it! Just call me dyson

Diastasis recti, so permanent pooch, despite being skinny. Stretch marks all over my belly, post-partum hairloss, and you can kiss pert tits goodbye. And a sudden obsession with your pelvic floor.

Triggered hypothyroidism that became hyperthyroidism that became Grave’s disease. Currently in remission. Nightmare autoimmune rollercoaster ride whilst bringing up Bebe

None of your business really.

Cut off blood circulation to multiple vertebrae and THEY DIED.

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I'm fat.

It has more of my respect.

I drink more coffee, I put on weight, I sleep like shit, I don't go out, I joined twitter, and I fall out with my Girlfriend more often... probably forgot stuff be here you go. Oh yeah and I drink way more


Gorillaz - Kids With Guns

Broadened my ribs; gave me stretch marks and loose skin; and I developed terrible varicose veins. And it doesn’t matter!

It triggered high blood pressure that never went back down.

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