'Teetotal' mum says she didn't realise she was naming kids after booze

Mum who named kids Tiamarie and Jackdaniel claims she’s ‘teetotal’ and didn’t know they were alcoholic drinks


Mum who named kids Tiamarie and Jackdaniel claims she’s ‘teetotal’ and didn’t know they were alcoholic drinks

A ‘TEETOTAL’ mum who named her kids Tiamarie and Jackdaniel says she didn’t know they were alcoholic drinks at the time. Sarah Mennell, 35, from Hull, claims she came up with thei…

Sarah - also mum to Sydney, ten, Princess, six, and Albert, four - came up with Jackdaniel's name after his difficult pregnancy.

She felt pressured to explain her name choices because of the mocking comments she's read online.

The children's names came to light when she defended the cost of school uniforms in a local newspaper amid a campaign to reduce them.

Others accused Sarah, of Hull, of “seeking attention” and “child cruelty”.

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Sarah said: "The kids have middle names double barrelled so it's up to them what name they would like to be called.

Mum-of-five Sarah Mennel says her kids are ' are well used to any negativity on their names'

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SueHutchings6 😂😂😂 That’s not even news.... other than being child abuse She got her 5 mins of fame and looks stupid in the process 😂 The dogs called prosecco I call bullshit on this one! Why not chlamydia and prostatic Jack Daniel Yes, Tiamarie no.

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You mean she put her make up on herself sober? All my kids are tenants super. Won’t fucking move out. Same here, I’m teetotal and my children are called Ouzo and Bloodymary Going by that picture of her id say she was drunk whilst saying it 😂😂😂yes. Right 😂😂😂 ok. 😂😂😂 Is there anyone called Peroni. Now thats a drink.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 That Bloody Mary ..

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Bollocks.....next Yea yea I'm teetotal and knew that they were alcoholic drinks I called my dog Bow after Strongbow, she’s turned out nuts. No ones that thick surely A real Harvey wall banger Some forehead on here but not much inside.

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Fair enough I knew someone who called there’s aligna and charly No one is ever that stupid? Bet she didn't And pigs fly Shut the front door.... or does she just use the back door!! 🤓 Uncle Carl Sberg and Auntie Chardonnay said they also weren’t named after alcohol and love their names. This has caused a family feud between sister Stella and brother Jim Beam who think alcohol names are stupid.

That makes it worse

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I suppose she has to tell social services something...🤔 What a dumb thing to do. That will follow round for the rest of their lives. I'd use another name if I was them! Yh right, is she their 'Fosters' mum Her bigger crime was not knowing she was naming her daughter Auntie Mary My daughter is called whiskey.. she's named after a cake whisk ..

So she’s just an idiot then? And momma defo not name me after a T Bag!!! robin_douglas10 and you think my baby names are weird I predict deed poll changes!

Bull and 💩 Didn't realise it was April 1st My dog is called stella, also t total This is getting interesting now. Weezykid celtickev our kids corona and peroni are not named after beer either!! It’s true you Know, Just ask her dad party 7 Says Chardonnay 😂 🙄 Bollocks! JonWrank 😂

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